Character profiles for a short webcomic I’m working on
The story will be based on events from MNOG II (Mata Nui Online Game II)

Hopefully, I’ll have the first 5 pages posted before the new year :)

Credit and Acknowledgements:

Bionicle was created by the LEGO Group;
“The Halfway” story, characters, concepts, and adaptations were inspired by the original Bionicle series.

All humanized concepts were created by me.  


Old House Gulmit is believed to be over 350 years old. The traditional house stands as a symbol of the ancient Wakhi culture. The house has now been turned into a carpet weaving center where women artisans make beautiful carpets from goat, sheep and yak wools.

Gulmit, Hunza. (Instagram: aabbiidd)

Please remember that witchcraft is all about intent

Stop overthinking it. You don’t need fancy tools or to find the perfect spell. You can try to memorize what all the crystals do, what all the herbs are good for, what each moon phase corresponds with, but if it doesn’t ring true to you then it will have no effect.

So make sure you give everything your own interpretation that makes sense to you. You can decide that labradorite supports inner beauty because the hidden flashes of color, that thyme helps you have time to appreciate the small things or that the waxing moon encourages plant growth as the moon grows larger.

Deciding what feels right to you and infusing your intention into it’s use will be much more beneficial than half heartedly regurgitating something because it’s “correct”.