The Road to Fuji by Peter Stewart
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A chilly and snowy afternoon at Saiko Iyashi-no-sato. This traditional Japanese style village with it’s thatched roof houses, sits overlooking Mt Fuji and Lake Saiko. Follow my latest updates on: Facebook | Google+ | Instagram | Twitter For image licensing or print enquiries, please contact me at:


West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village, Suffolk, England

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“West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village is both an archaeological site and an open-air museum. Evidence for intermittent human habitation at the site stretches from the Mesolithic through the Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age and Romano-British period, but it is best known for the small village that existed on the site between the mid-5th century and the early 7th century CE, during the early Anglo-Saxon period. During this time, around 70 sunken-featured buildings were constructed on the site.”

I truly enjoy learning about sites such as these. I find them to be a pleasant and eye-opening way to show how life was in some corner of our past. I particularly enjoy discovering about such a site because it truly gives a small window - although not a perfect one - on the ways of life from before our time.

Has anyone noticed that the internet is like one big village?

I mean, seriously think about it. Celebrities are royalty, trolls are fools or jesters, sites are like careers, flame wars are angry mobs, Dark and weird parts are like that one forest everyone is encouraged to avoid but some delinquents hang out in, social media could be a personal billboard for all villagers, the list goes on and there’s so much you could do with this idea. Why you could turn it into a whole other world where seperate villages revolve around different fandoms and communities.


Snow in Seoul von m_travels
Bukchon Hanok Village, Seoul, South Korea