Country cottage in Ashbury village Oxfordshire by Ian Clark

Roelands Village Caretaker Dave’s axe, near the ‘Big Blue’ building, where you can stay for $25 a night. Roelands Mission, near Bunbury in South Western Australia was once one of the many places where the Australian government housed indigenous Australian and Torres Strait Islander children, in enacting its atrocious displacement policies of removing them from their families and creating what is widely known as the Stolen Generation.

Today, grown up survivors have reclaimed some of the land in the beautiful Seven Hills area and are endeavouring to create a sustainable place that engages the schools and public of the West Australian region, designated to cultural healing, learning of nearly forgotten native Australian tradition, skills and language and an overall beautiful camping retreat.


Warning: A gas “bomb” precariously carried home

This is absolutely not a new variety of balloons for children, but instead it is a huge plastic bag containing natural gas. What is frightening is that this huge bag could explode at any minute if it came in contact with the tiniest of sparks.

Many villagers have been spotted using some 6-meter-long plastic bags to transport natural gas to their homes near Lijin county, Dongying city, east China’s Shandong Province on Monday, according to a report by

The behavior is obviously seen as being really dangerous by passersby who feel worried about the possible blast and damage that could be done as the bag could explode by a mere lit cigarette, the report said.

It has been well-documented that villagers commonly use this simple, easy and economical way to carry the flammable and explosive gas home from the oil wells nearby.

Sadly, lack of awareness of safety not only brings hidden dangers to the villagers themselves and those nearby, but also leads to a waste of resources.