За два месяца в которые мой кот отсутствовал на страничке блога, он пережил множество проблем. В их числе выпадение шерсти из за некачественных кормов, различные кошачьи болячки и даже попадание под машину с последующим сотрясение мозга, вывихом челюсти и отсутствием передних зубов. Что сказать… У меня очень невезучий кот, который обладает бешенным желанием жить. После каждой беды он моментально идёт на поправку и снова и снова лезет в объектив камеры.

The moon has the sun and the sun has the moon,
A knife has a fork and a fork has a spoon.
The grass has the trees and the trees have the grass,
Yet here I stand, alone on this path.
The waves have the sea and the sea has the sand,
A rose has a thorn and a palm has a hand.
An apple has a pie, a pecan a tart,
Yet here i stand, alone with no heart.
The wind has a whistle and a bird has a tweet,
An eye has an eye and the cold has the heat.
Silver has gold and a coin has a toss,
Yet here I stand, no soul, forever lost.


Alone I am Lost

Saffron T


Graphic - Valentina Brostean

Despite the loss of her legs, Li Juhong has been a doctor in her Chinese village since 2001.

Li lost her legs when she was 4 years old, on her way to preschool. She ran into the road and got caught under the wheels of a truck.

Since her accident she has been determined to remain mobile, and she learned to walk again using wooden stools. Growing up, Li had always wanted to be a doctor, so she left her village to get a degree in medicine, graduated from college, and was hired at the village clinic a year later.

She later married a man named Xing from her hometown. He quit his job to help around the house, and he carries Li to jobs when she isn’t able to travel by herself. Xing even carries Li on his back to neighboring villages so she can check up on the elderly or people who are unable to travel to her.

“I just did what I felt I had to do. Even if I’m not honored for my work, I would still continue to do my job as a rural doctor.”

h/t and photos: Daily Mail