Village and winter sun reflections | landscape photography

The beautiful little village baths in the warm last traces of the winter sun. Glass reflects the sunlight, glass is well known for being quite self-reflective. The clouds have already gone home for today, there was nothing particular any more to do for them.

Date : February 03, 2015
Location : Aigen im Mühlkreis / Schlägl, Upper Austria, Austria, Europe
Hiking trail : W1 Wanderweg Große Mühl / Laufstrecke 1


I went to a archaeological reconstructed celtic village called “Gabreta” in the Bavarian Forest. They celebrated “Beltane”, which is celebrated in honour and glory of Belenus, one of the main gods in the celtic pantheon. So I took a few pictures and here you can see the “whole” village, which consits of six full reconstructed buildings dating from ~1000B.C. to around 300B.C.
The first picture shows the so called “House of the Chief”, which has a very detailed wallpainting with different animal figures etc.
© Konstantin Frey aka
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