villa vacations

Concept: the walls of my villa on a tropical island are crowded with lush green vines. The sun is shining bright. My lover feeds me grapes while fanning me with a banana leaf. I wear a Grecian style white dress that compliments my brown skin perfectly. I feel rested and calm.

G-dragon owns a luxury vacation-villa that is open for tourists to rent. The said villa is run by GD’s parents. Also each room in the villa is named and designed after Bigbang’s most popular songs such as Heaven, Blue, Lies, Cafe, Haru, This Love, Love Song, Love Dust, Tonight and Butterfly. Room rates ranges from 400 USD to 1000USD depending on the season.


Where To Stay In St. Barth This Winter

Plenty of people will tell you that the only way to do St. Barth is to rent a private villa—and a couple top-notch agencies handle some gorgeous properties. But for people holidaying a deux, or for those of us who simply like hotel comforts, services and social life, the island has an impressive array of options. Read more >