villa rotunda

Edgemont, the home of Col. James Powell Cocke, was designed by Thomas Jefferson, and based on the villa Rotunda design of Palladio, Albemarle County Virginia.


The Vicenza Post

So this is what i was doing the week before the last. I went to Vicenza in Italy with my studio to look at historic classical Palladio buildings and survey our next design site. 

The city was quite… empty? there was hardly anything going on, no buzz, just cafes and people walking their dogs and old ancient buildings. Im sure it would be a lovely place to stay in the summer but while we were there is was raining all the time and I think we just expected a bit more, at least for the accommodation we spent £200 on. I would put a photo of our room but it was ugly. it was really small and they had children sized beds and the bathroom was shared amongst everyone on the floor.

over the days we actually got used to it. it was nice walking around saying goodmorning to your friends brushing their teeth and having chats with everyone before we slept and “staying over” at each others rooms. I think we all got to know eachother better and like eachother more. at the start we hardly talked, and not just me. but now we are all quite comfortable with one another and its really nice and it feel like we could work better and enjoy studio more now. the girls actually really got to bond. i thought we would get split into social circle groups, but we ended up splitting into gender groups lol, mostly because it seems like the boys in our class don’t know how to organize an outing. we found our own places to eat and hang, it was really nice :) i enjoyed that aspect of it and getting closer to some people was nice too. 

SIDE NOTE: ITALIAN FOOD IN ITALY IS HORRIBLE! no offence to italian tumblr-ers… but seriously i wanted to cry everytime i left a restaurant. I even paid £20/+ for meals, in hopes of tasting something yummy, but FO SHAME :( but the icecream and chocolates were great :D

talking about money, i experienced the desperation of being broke for the first time and i really didnt like it so I’m going to try to look for a job now. they made us pay quite a lot to visit places and the money my mum tried to transfer to me didnt go through :s

also, there were a bunch of times where i felt really uncomfortable and i would just be silent and down for hours. i know why. but i dont feel like explaining it, but the whole italy experience for me taught me a bit about people. certain people, and how to/ who to get close to. as general pointers

architecturally, EVERYTHING WAS SO HUGE! it really makes you feel lazy and insignificant standing next to those amazing hand painted/ crafted building/ interior. some of the buildings and views were actually breathtaking. but it would have been nicer if our tutor explained the buildings to us more, cuz it felt like a bit of a waste sitting in a place and not knowing anything about it or what to look at. the trip was poorly organized i felt, but i made the most of it :)

and im glad that semester is behind us now and am ready for a fresh start and new ways :) 


Day 24: Wednesday

Early morning in studio. I’m getting used to having a cappuccino and brioche for breakfast! Spent all day snacking on cookies with nutella and banana slices though! I snack 1000 times harder here than I ever have before! After lunch the studio went up to Palladio’s Villa Rotunda and whipped out some sketches. After dinner we started the most hilarious series of photos. I can’t wait until it’s complete so I can let you all in on the secret! Hitting the sack early tonight, we have to be at the train station at 7am tomorrow to head to Venezia!