villa poppaea


→ Poppea’s Villa, Oplontis/Torre Annunziata, Italy

The so-called Villa Poppaea is an ancient Roman seaside villa (villa maritima) situated between Naples and Sorrento, in southern Italy. It is also referred to as the Villa Oplontis, or more precisely as Villa A by modern archaeologists. The villa itself is a large structure situated in the ancient Roman town of Oplontis (the modern Torre Annunziata), about ten meters below the modern ground level. Evidence suggests that it was owned by the Emperor Nero, and believed to have been used by his second and rather notorious wife, Poppaea Sabina, as her main residence when she was not in Rome. [x]


TORRE ANNUNZIATA-Oplontis-Villa of the Poppaea-This Roman villa was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. Only half has been excavated due to lack of funds. The villa belonged to the people of Pompei and was used for health purposes-it consisted of a pool, baths, and various other activities. Skeletal remains have never been found at this archaeological site, as it was still undergoing repairs from the 62 A.D. earthquake, and was not inhabited. This is a unique site as it only consists of one single villa-a magnificent one!