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Ramirez, drawn in PS. 

Dad’s Christmas gift (I draw him a pirate every year). I’ve been posting progress shots on my personal blog, so thanks for the cheerleading over there because dang those feathers were tough. <3

[Caption: A realistic digital painting of Ramirez from Highlander. Portrait is from the waist up. He’s wearing a red velvet jerkin and a matching red cavalier hat. A peacock feather cape is draped over his shoulders. The background is soft pink and orange clouds.]




Joy Villa’s sales on Amazon for her album I Make The Statix have GONE UP OVER 54 MILLION PERCENT.

BAHAHAHAHAHA. SHE’S CURRENTLY DEMOLISHING BOTH BEYONCE AND LADY GAGA, AMAZING. See, people who go out and vote are the kind of people who really show their support.

Oh, the absolute salt over this is going to be amazing. Conservatism is the new punk, fuckers, get hype.


Given straight to Paul Scholes - what about that! What about that! 


Top Photo taken in Grindelwald, Switzerland and Bottom Photo taken in Algarve, Portugal. Both photos I took a photo of using my phone. They can be found in Gary Wright’s memoir, “Dream Weaver:  Music, Meditation And My Friendship With George Harrison.” Gary Wright states in the book that both were taken circa 1971. From the way George wears his hair, I am going to surmise they were taken more towards 1973 instead. Gary states this vacation was taken in the early 70′s.

“Our first holiday was in the Algarve, in the southern part of Portugal, where George rented a villa. I flew down from London with my wife, Christina, and our son, Justin. George drove all the way from the UK through France and Spain to Portugal, getting lost several times along the way. Not speaking any of the language made the trip even more difficult for him when he needed direction from locals. He finally arrived at the villa in the middle of the night . I heard his car pull up in the driveway . his voice timidly call out, “Gary?”.

‘I’m up here George’ I quickly answered.

‘Thank God’ he replied ‘What a trip that was, getting lost in the Pyrenees Mountains for hours. I had to use sign language, waving my arms and shouting to be understood. They must have thought I was a loony.’ He was so relieved to finally be at the villa.”

“We spent several weeks in the Algarve and then left for Switzerland, flying privately to avoid being accosted by fans at airports. In the gardens at Friar Park was a small scale replica of the famous Matterhorn in the Alps, as well as the ice caves of Grindelwald. George wanted to get a first hand view of both of these natural wonders, in case he had to make modifications on what he had at home. Interestingly,powdered marble dust created the illusion of snow in the Friar Park version of the Matterhorn— and it looked quite real. “

-Excerpts from Gary Wright’s memoir “Dream Weaver : Music, Meditation And My Friendship With George Harrison” from the chapter, “Vacations, Reformations And Frustrations” pages 102. 106


One of the highlight of my trip in Sicily was my visit to the Villa Romana del Casale. This roman imperial villa built in the 3rd and 4th century A.D. is absolutely breathtaking. The gem of the villa resides in the preservation of the mosaics floors which cover 3500 square meters. Mosaics that tells the story of of the Roman Imperial Age in Sicily with its traditions and legends.
A real treasure of history and art. 

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Aye you see Joy Villas trump dress I had no idea who she was before the grammys tbh.

i think that was the point but know she made sure a lotta people didn’t know who she was and didn’t feel like finding out. 



HOLLYWOOD, CA – Joy Villa, the singer who made headlines after making a pro-Trump fashion statement at Sunday night’s Grammy’s show, has reaped some unexpected rewards as a result of her patriotic threads.

Villa’s “I Make the Static” LP has jumped to the top of Amazon’s paid albums chart ( and reached number seven on the iTunes top album charts since her red carpet appearance just last night.

In direct contrast to her anti-Trump, show business colleagues, Villa arrived on the red carpet in a red, white and blue gown with “Make America Great Again” and had “Trump” spelled out in sparkly letters across the front and back.

Facing backlash from the liberal left, Villa defended her patriotic fashion on Twitter and on Instagram. “Go big or go home,” wrote Villa. “You can either stand for what you believe or fall for what you don’t. Above all make a choice for tolerance and love. Agree to disagree.“

The dress’ designer, Andre Soriano, who is himself an immigrant, said on Instagram the gown is a "tribute [to] OUR President Of The United States Of America” adding the hashtag #MAGA.

Is she worried about push back from left leaning Hollywood? Nope, says Villa.

“I am 100 percent a Trump supporter. I believe in his message, I believe he will run this country like he runs his life, successfully,” Villa told Fox News. “I stand as a proud American and I stand for a unified America that is tolerant of each other no matter who we voted for. I stand behind our President because that’s the American thing to do. I believe in love, above all.”

Get a Room Pt.1

Chrismd X Reader

Summary: You and Chris decide to join the sidemen and some other friends on a trip to France.

So when I wrote this it was way longer than expected it to be so I split it into two parts. There isn’t really any drama it’s just a fluffy story tbh. Also because it ended up being so long there are quite few time skips, especially in the second part. Hope you enjoy!


“How’s it going guys? We made it out of the airport and we are in the taxi right now on the way to our villa. I’m here with Chris, Cal (Freezy), Harry and Simon!” You explained while panning around the car so that your viewers could see everyone. You, the sidemen and a few others (including your boyfriend Chris) were taking a couple weeks off in France, everyone was super excited as you went to the first villa as they were getting a proper holiday, so they didn’t have to work at all if they didn’t want to. You were staying in Paris for the first week and then Cannes the second.

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