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Her Garden - Babygirllydiaa

babygirllydiaa I hope its not too gruesome tbh

Stiles collapsed on the floor with her, blood was everywhere. He almost felt himself breaking down in tears with her. Their child was dead and on the floor, not even having gotten to the five month mark. Her beautiful porcelain skin was covered in her own blood. Her hands gripped his arms and her tears stained his shirt. And the pain of her grip was almost nothing to his completely shattered heart. His wife, no, the love of his life, was in pain and hurting and they had nothing. 

Absolutely nothing. 

“Lydia, Lydia look at me. We’re going to be okay. We can always try again…” His voice cracked and he didn’t know, the garden that circled her tea table outside had three other ones buried beneath it and this one would join, completing the semi circle.