She clung to him even tighter, and he whispered her name before murmuring something muffled into her hair.
    “W-what did you say, Vilkas?” Her voice trembled and breath hitched as she pulled away to look up at him. The bitter chill of the water went unnoticed as the heat between them surpassed even dragon fire.  As the full moon encircled behind him like a sort of silver crown only surpassed by the gleam of his eyes, Vilkas looked down at Avamir before pressing their foreheads together.
    “You are my sky…”
     Her eyes slowly closed as she let his soft words wash over her, and they stayed standing in their sky, in their silent reverie while the calm water around them reflected the entirety of Skyrim’s night sky. Each star twinkled and danced around the great moon that enveloped them, with the deep blue of the landscape that blanketed them completely with a night that was only for Avamir and Vilkas.

Skyrim commission of Avamir and Vilkas done by the lovely isbjorg

Sketch of the chapter 2’s cover!

Will be selling the print of Border Control chapter 2 in Desucon’s artist alley this weekend, on Saturday at table 5. Come say hi if you’re in the neighborhood!

Сегодня я хвастунишка :) но это от того, что счастье переполняет, делюсь и делюсь красотой ))) @vilka_by люблю тебя:)


Встали поздно, кушали вкусно, гуляли среди маленьких немецких домиков, слушали на площади концерт и ели вафли, ужинали у Алинкиной мамы, пили домашнее вино. Есть моменты, когда слова лишние. Я хочу, чтобы мама с папой жили здесь.

А у Vilkaby заработала мастерская санты))) и с бандерольками феи отправляют маленький подарок с паролем: “все это джаз и рождество”
С наступающим🎅хо хо хо ⛄️
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