I was scrolling down my tumblr feed, as i seen a thing about Micheal Jacksons skin condition. That gave me a idea to share stuff about myself.

 I am 18 years young. i developed vilitigo around age 12. I used to hate my spots. They always made me feel terrible about myself. Until i just stopped caring about what others thought. I embraced them.. Yeahh its not fun to have. But im so thankful i grew up and realized that im still beautiful even with random white spots on my body.

 The only thing that sucks is kids asking about them.. They don’t really understand that there are conditions and sickness.. and since a lot of people do not have vilitigo kids do not get taught about it. Ive have friends be so harsh and say stuff like i couldn’t handle that kind of thing. or people that are not even friends.. they’re just like that’s gross. Friends think i should stand up and say something about that. But i don’t have to. If I can handle it, if my feelings don’t get hurt by what people think. why should I say anything to anyone?

Alll i’m trying to say is i love my body (for the most part) i’m comfortable with my spots. (:

I hope everyone with this condition can accept them. 

By the way i can’t even pronounce this word. so don’t hate me if i’ve been spelling it wrong.