#GetWokeADA26: Disabled People of Color Speak Out, Part 1

#GetWokeADA26: Disabled People of Color Speak Out, Part 1

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#GetWokeADA26:  Disabled People of Color Speak Out, Part One
by Vilissa Thompson and Alice Wong


On July 5th, we published the #GetWokeADA26 Call for Stories, asking for disabled people to share how the Americans with Disabilities Act has impacted their life experiences, gaps in the mandate that fail to support the unique challenges of disabled people or color, and the need for…

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Black Girls Talking Episode 63:  #DISABILITYTOOWHITE: On Disability and Representation

Fatima, Krystal and Vilissa get into representations of people with disabilities in media, beginning with the new film Me Before You, and discuss #DISABILITYTOOWHITE, the GOAT Muhammad Ali and more.



Don’t pity Muhammad Ali: Tributes are no place for ableism