Masky tribute by Vilena Nymph

The Perfect Drug | Vilena.

Helena hadn’t exactly been having a great week. The apocalypse and whatnot for one, losing a decent bit of skin to some sleepers for two, and possibly the worst part of her week? Finding herself face to face with the man she’d tried so hard to avoid for so fucking long. Vincent. They’d had a little bit of a falling out. A long time ago they were closer than anyone could be, too close obviously because after a very in depth conversation (which, unbeknownst to her, she’d completely misunderstood) about how they were nothing but friends and would be nothing but, she left. Yes, she’d gone about it all wrong, but Helena’s heart broke, and she didn’t know how to handle it. So ran. From him, from feelings, and she tried to stay gone. But no, here he was… bringing it all back.

How they’d become trapped in the underground room was beyond her. A basement lined with corpses that a sinner had probably claimed as his den; she’d gone down to free the poor souls trapped in the long since dead bodies and found her elder there. It wasn’t a nice reunion, but she put on the mask and did what she could; then it all came crashing down… Literally. Some giant stupid sinner managed to crash be building above them. For hours she’d tried to dig through the endless sea of rubble, but to no avail. She, like him, was stuck until she was called. Hopefully someone would need her soon… fucking if only. But of course, being the god damn Rapture she wasn’t called on often, hadn’t been for a fucking week. Sadly she wasn’t a demon, she couldn’t smoke out and fade off. No she had to be fucking called. OH DEATH, IF YOU HAVE A FUCKING LINK TO ME, JUST CALL ME NOW. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY. She was even screaming at herself inside her own mind. He frustrated her so terribly…

“What the fuck is your problem.” she shook her head, sitting on the stairs that lead to the blocked exit. “I mean fuck, honestly. I know I left, I was there. And I’m sorry if that ruined your fucking friendship with me and shit.” she threw her arms up, a little over dramatic, as always. “But fucks sake, Vinny. I’m asking you what’s wrong.” she pushed up off the stairs, moving toward him. “I know you’re fucking made of ice and shit, no feelings for anyone but yourself… I mean fuck that is if you can even feel shit FOR yourself.” She was offended, and Lena wasn’t very nice normally, but even less when she was angry.  Honestly, deep down under all the bitch and the mean cruel surface, Helena was nothing more than a broken girl that didn’t know how to handle her emotions. Fuck, she didn’t even want to admit she had emotions… Especially not for Vincent.

“OF COURSE I HAD A REASONS!” she screamed, turning away from him, starting to pace. This wasn’t a situation she wanted to be in. After all that happened between them? Fuck, seeing that slut Alyria hovering him like a god damn vulture. The idea of him fucking her? So, she was so hurt, and she was scared… Thus she got hostile. It was defense… “But what do you care. When did you ever care.” she was seething. Just wanted to leave, never come back. Let all the feelings fade. A thousand years and she loved him just as much. She’d never admit it, but she did. And it was only getting worse. Normally she could suppress it, ignore it, leave it behind. But not with him here… Not so close. “FUCK.” she leaned against a wall and glared daggers at him, waiting for him to talk.