“Great fics with less than 500 kudos” Edition - Part 1

(Note: This rec list is sort of a response to a couple of asks I received on my blog from fic writers/readers pointing out that there are so many fics that don’t get the recognition they deserve. So I’ve scoured the depths of ao3 to bring you this list (I missed Love Up Fic Writers Month so hopefully this makes up for it). I read… so many fics oMG. I’m SURE there is something for everyone here. Happy reading!)


Letters to Erebor by serenbach. 12.5k. epistolary post-botfa. 

Many Paths by flakedice. time loop, “groundhog’s day au”

The Two Weddings of Bilbo Baggins and Thorin Oakenshield by sailingonstardust. 5.5k. what is says on the tin. shire + erebor post-botfa.

Two-Heart Sound by MistressKat. 2.2k. ptsd, reunion.


Written on his Skin by serenbach. 1.7k. bilbo’s scars. erebor post-botfa.

Red Lines in Dark Stone by Elenothar. 4.3k. tw: self harm, guilt, h/c. erebor post-botfa.

But If My Love Be Clad In Blue by PsychicPineapple. ficlet. consort bilbo.

Your Own Faithful Land by 61Below. 9k. frodo-centric fluff and happiness.

At the Hands of a Hobbit by fae_of_the_rose. 2.5k. smut, light dom/sub, bottom thorin.

these little wars of words by fideliant. 9k. When in doubt, don’t let Thorin navigate.

To sail away with you by Frodo_sHeart. 5.3k. old married couple, erebor post-lotr.

A Heart Will Always Stay by lacking. 7.5k. fluff. 

All Is Forgiven by mistymountainking. 13k. flirty bilbo, contrite thorin.

A Kingly Gift by HildyJ. 1k. fluff.


Thorin and Bilbo, All Is Well by these_thousand_words. series. smut, bottom!bilbo, retired in the shire.

Old Men of the Meadow by TheBookshelfDweller. 3.3k. old sappy husbands.

Over Hill and Under Tree by Filin prinsessa (ErinacchiLove). 5.7k. fluffy fluff. + frodo, + kili/tauriel.

Some Sort Of Queen by nuclearjessels. 2.4k. +frodo.

A Kind Gift by darkfire75. 1k. fluffy fluff. 

Mister Baggins of Bag End by darth_stitch. 1.3k. light angst, humor.


As Everything Dims by figsoclock. 1.4k. bilbo dies, thorin joins the fellowship.

we will write our own happy ending by trulyunruly. 2.2k. bilbo destroys the ring.

Sink Into Your Heart by WednesdaysDaughter. 1.8k. au - fairy tale elements, magic, soulmates. 

Nakhshur by div2994. 2.7k. au - canon divergence, different botfa deaths.

Farewell, Master Burglar by Amralime. <1k. bilbo dies.

Madness by BoldlyGoingNowhereFast. 1.3k. bilbo dies. warning: dragon sickness!thorin.

our bones are broken still by fideliant. 4.5k. post-botfa, erebor, angst.

The Wandering Smith by VileVenom. 3k. au - erebor never fell. blacksmith!thorin.

Interludes of My Still Beating Heart by mephestopheles. 96k. transman bilbo, demisexual thorin. tw: homophobia, transphobia, gender issues. 

Lay Me Down by FoxDragon. 2.8k. post-botfa. king fili + bilbo dies.


there is one I could call king by driedupwishes. 2.6k. legolas-centric.

always about me (talking about the only heart he knows) by pointyshades. 6.5k. grieving, angst.

Strength is a Kindness (Kindness is a Lie) by nightwalker. 1.3k. you will cry. 

a moment of silence before your world comes crashing down by asthiathien. 3k. ambiguous ending.

Path of Memories by tirsynni. 3k. during the events of lotr, bilbo returns to erebor and stays. ambiguously happy ending.

One Last Journey by Sarcasmcat. 1.5k. consort bilbo. you will cry.

The Lifestone by Eareniel. 3.5k. years after the battle, balin brings bilbo a gift.


With the coming of Winter by poppy. 8k. the quest + post-botfa.

we’ve seen those mountains kneeling by Byacolate. 2.2k. fem!bagginshield.

Oh so crowned by Lumenn. 2.4k. beorn’s house, fluff, flower crowns.

Hardest of Hearts by filiandkiliheirsofdurin. 12k. soulmates. everyone lives.

Revelry by songs_of_the_moon. 1.7k. sex in laketown fic. smut.

Crates and Water by teaDragon. 30k. laketown. inspired by the hobbit video games. bilbo doing actual burglar work.

All Deep Things Are Song by PsychicPineapple. 7k. everyone lives.

Azaghâl by Ephemeral16. 3.5k. 5+1 fic, canon compliant, :(.

The Introspective Thoughts of a Mr. Bilbo Baggins by NikoArtagnan. series. alternate botfa ending.


painted blind by nasri. 28.6k. supernatural elements. a Must Read.

The Man In 14G by fideliant. 3k. au - neighbors.

How Rare and Beautiful it is that We Exist by TenTomatoes. 1.5k.  In one universe the men look up. In another they look down. It shouldn’t make a difference but it does.

You Can Get Anything You Want At Alice’s Restaurant by vilelithe. WIP. fake relationship trope.

Of Coffee and Pilots by PurrpleCat. 25k. au - coffee shop.


If You Were To Ask by TheLittleMuseficlet.

Lord Mandos’ Unexpected Party by mithen. ficlet.

And in the Darkness Bind Them by Cinderstrato. 73k.

it’s just safer to keep you in this heart of mine by KikiRose. 4.4k. some angst.

Spoopy Bagginshield Fics II

Since a number were not listed on Part I, here is part II of spoopy, scary and other flavour-of-the-season Bagginshield Fics (or Bilbo-and-Thorin centric). This time featuring more hauntings and zombies, but also dragons, acts of cannibalism, and more!

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