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Alive (Part 5)

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Genre: Angst/Fluff

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

***WARNING: Language, Violence, feces***

“Wake up,” your hands desperately pressed against his limp chest repeatedly as blood seeped out of his wound with the force of your compressions. “Come on, wake up, please,” panicking, you rummaged through your duffle bag in search of anything that could save him. There was a small amount of gauze, bottles of alcohol, too many pills that you knew nothing about, and a plethora of other items haphazardly bunched together. You desperately tried to recall the limited knowledge of medicine you picked up from your days before the turn, but your mind was at a blank. This was bad; If you didn’t do anything right now, he would die.

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Something I plan to post on Facebook, soon. :/

Here’s the thing, I’m not a bigot. I’m a radical feminist. Radical, gender-critical feminists are not bigots. We are fighting female erasure and we are absolutely HATED for it. People wish murder and torturous death upon us for it; for wanting to free EVERYBODY from the oppressive constraints of gender normativity. To be hated as we are, to be silenced the way we have been, is so telling of how pervasive hatred and disgust of “female” actually is. I am not a bigot. I am pro-female, pro-woman and pro-girl, because I am a feminist! I call myself a feminist as direct defiance of the patriarchy! As a result of being pro-women and girls and anti-patriarchy, I am against members of the privileged social class (namely men, the identified oppressors in the patriarchy) appropriating identities of the patriarchy’s oppressed class. For believing in this, I’ve earned the “bigot” label and in feminism, this gets me the “TERF” (trans-exclusionary radical feminist) label. As a woman, that hurts but as a feminist, it pisses me the fuck off! “TERFs” are vilified, banned, disenfranchised, and immediately silenced for their transgender critique and it’s scaring the crap out of me. It really should scare the crap out of any feminist, whether she be liberal, radical, or anywhere in between on the topic of trans ideology.

Examination: If a white person were to appropriate the identity of a native American, wearing a headdress as an example, and claiming they were entitled because they just feel native American, and even if they did this under the well-intentioned belief they were advancing the empowerment and equal treatment of native Americans, our progressive society would shut that person down, put them in their place, and make them recognize their political incorrectness, right? If a white person tries to change their identity to appropriate the identity of a black person, (Rachel Dolezel, anyone?) they too would be shut down by our progressive society, rightfully so, even if said person contributed efforts to the advancement of people of color. If an able-bodied person were to want to live as a disabled person, (this actually happens) that person would be called out for their disrespectful appropriation, as well. We can all agree, people who do these things are dishonorable douchebags. Are we being bigoted when we shut people down for appropriating an identity of an oppressed, marginalized class? No, we are not. Those are the rules of the progressive left. So then, why do those rules suddenly change (as in, get thrown out the window completely and not even thought about) when we talk about men appropriating the identity of women? Why? Because society, every single wrung of it, even the seemingly most progressive sects of it, doesn’t give a fuck about women and the very real, documented sex-based oppression of us female people throughout history and still going on today. You really need to brush up on your feminism if you don’t believe that oppression of women is based on sex. Our gender is not oppressed. Gender is the oppression and it attaches itself to our sex. Swapping out your gender for the opposite one is not a third gender, nor is it anything like an intersex individual, nor is it defying the binary, nor will it eradicate gender oppression. It will, in fact, only reinforce the ideologies that fuel gender’s oppressive modes.

I never understood trans politics. It always seemed contradictory in practice to its political statements. I’ve always applauded gender non-conformity, so I used to think I was on the same side of the gender debate as trans gender folks. But, anytime I thought too long and hard about transgenderism, I always circled around to seeing how hypocritical it actually was. I was ashamed of those feelings, though. I felt like I must be the dumb one who couldn’t comprehend it. I desperately tried to rationalize it because I didn’t want to be a bigot. I believed the men who said they could just feel it that they were supposed to be women and chocked my misunderstanding of that up to just me being dumb. I accepted and feigned celebration of the mystique of this unknown condition of praised, beloved, self-diagnosed “gender dysphoria" and supposedly natural detachment of the psyche from physical reality. I saw the vitriol and anger spewed at these “TERF” people and believed that they must be some kind of pack of vile, nihilistic, swamp witches. Until I grew up and started listening to these witches. As soon as I learned what Radical Feminists really are, I realized I was one. Not just for my views on trans ideology, but also my views on male pattern violence, sex-based oppression, female liberation and empowerment, and so much more.

But, the trans ideology critique is what sets Radical Feminism apart from all the rest. Letting liberal feminists know you’re a radical feminist, is to accept unabashed hatred from people who are supposed to be on your side. But, I don’t care anymore. I’m the unabashed one now! I’m done coddling yet another strain of fragile male ego and that is what the overwhelming majority of trans ideology is… fragile, narcissistic male egos. I’ve seen it for myself. The more I dig into this, the more disgusting shit I see coming from trans women. I’m done being a phony about this topic. I’m done pretending to live in the same fantasy land where these men live that they can imagine in their minds that they are members of the oppressed class and wave their magic wands to con the progressive left into believing their delusions. I’m done being nice about this. I’m done ignoring the actual incidences of violent behavior by trans women towards women, for being women, including murder. I’m done accepting blame for the murder of transwomen by homophobic men. I’m done pretending transpolitics aren’t harmful. I don’t care if people think I’m a bigot, anymore. I know I’m not. I’m unabashedly PROUD to be a natural woman! I should NEVER be silenced for that! I should NEVER be silenced when fighting for women’s rights as I have been by trans women. I should NEVER be told my body is offensive because of trans women. I’m done contributing to female erasure to accommodate the delusions of privileged men! Haven’t women had enough of that throughout history?!

There’s a fucking war on women out there! Gender is a weapon in the patriarchy and transgenderism is just another gun in its arsenal. There is no such thing as “trans misogyny” okay? There is only misogyny and that’s what trans women are practicing when they insist that they’re women.

Trans ideology is disgustingly misogynistic, homophobic, and lesbophobic (google “forced SRS on Iranian gay men to see the direct corellation of transgenderism to homophobia, then google “the cotton ceiling” to see what’s being done to our lesbian sisters and prepare to have your stomachs turned!) I’m done playing along and am exposing my true self on this topic. I am loudly coming out of the woodwork on this issue and explaining myself unabashedly in order to 1. separate myself from homophobic Christian right wingers because I am not aligned with them on this issue, at all! And 2. Educate others on why trans ideology is actually harmful to the progressive left’s efforts to empower and uplift women and the LGB community.

Imagine Thorin first realizing he loves you as you rip the head of an orc off

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Proving your worth to Thorin was a lot harder than it sounded. He had heard of strength and brutality in battle, but he never believed any of the stories. He would have left you at home if the rest of the Company hadn’t insisted that you come along. He tried his best to pretend you weren’t there, but you had this strange aura about you that seemed impossible to ignore.

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