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[gives life advice despite succeeding at nothing and lived a vile life due to mental illness] use cream cheese as shampoo and make your own contact lenses out of glass

For any highly stigmatized type of person, the public is always going to hear (and care) exponentially more about those who exemplify the stigma through reprehensible behavior than those who break the mold of what they are expected to be and live reasonably normal lives.  A vile monster is necessarily more interesting to most people than someone who is responsible and exercises self-control in spite of immutable elements of their nature.  The monster is all that most people ever hear about, because it’s a far more exciting story to tell.  Because of this, much of the uninformed public will assume that, for people with highly stigmatized innate traits, the monster is the only possible outcome.  They will tend to not believe that such a person could ever be anything else.


Kurt Vile - Wheelhouse (Live on WFUV)


Watch Kurt Vile and the Violators perform “Wakin on a Pretty Day” at Pitchfork Fest 2015

This is why pride exists, to protest and to fight for the freedom we still do not have. As long as incidents like this occur, then we will never be truly free.

An act of homophobia like this is truly disgusting and vile. Taking lives of LGBT+ people just because they happen to love someone differently than others, it truly is pathetic and sad.

My heart goes out to the victims and families whom have lost a member of their family to this horrific attack.