vile insect

The Lore of Mianite and Dianite

 In a far off realm of Mianite, there were two brothers. Mianite, a cobble-stone faced, calm entity, and Dianite, the beautiful, lightning-wielding entity. These brothers were from the star-dusted, mystical land of the End. However, the End was only just the beginning.

 Both these brothers watched over each cow, horse, sheep, pig, dog, and squid. Every plant and block was cared for, and every molecule was kept stable. Though, Dianite grew restless. He disliked the long, bright days and short, quiet nights. He became tired of the two lands, separated only by a portal, and just his brother to share it with. Longing for some other creature to rule, he went to Mianite with a request. 

 "Let us make something,“ He cooed, hovering over his brother’s throne in the End, "It will be grand, no? Something new to care for?" 

Mianite, being so calm and stead-fast in his rules, denied. "What will come of it?" He asked, watching Dianite carefully, "It will only cause issues. We do not know how it will adapt to the world we already take care of.”

Dianite refused to argue. If his brother wouldn’t help him, he would do it himself. 

 So, he fled. The feisty brother gathered all the molecules he could and crushed them, molded them, and waved a hand, creating a new substance. “Lava," He smiled, watching it flow from the sky and burn the grass around him. Dianite knew he should be lamenting for the lost life of the plants, but he found instead a strange satisfaction.

He dug his hands into the dried, burnt soil and held it between his two palms, gathering his breath. ”Life,“ he whispered into the soil, watching his breath fill and mold the ashen clay, "I command life to fill this and become something anew." 

DIANITE!“ Dianite turned suddenly to see his brother fuming behind him. "What have you done? Why would you disobey me?" Mianite turned to the red, heated lava and frowned, then noticed the burnt grass. He watched a flower catch fire and melt into itself, and rage overcame his senses. ”Why brother… Why?“ 

I- I just-“ Dianite shuddered, accidentally dropping the burnt clay onto the ground in his panic. 

No,“ Mianite whispered, staring at his brother. He soon realized what he had to do. Waving his hand over the lava, a structure formed, surrounded with black stones and creating a purple, ghosting doorway. ”Dianite, I hearby decree you forced to dwell in this new land, filled with the substance you created. You disobeyed me, and went against my sayings. You killed an innocent being for some twisted desire. Dianite, you can no longer be trusted. You are no longer in control over any creature here. Begone.“ 

 With a sharp twist of his hand, Mianite flung Dianite back, through the scalding hot lava. Dianite screamed in pain and sadness, his burning body tumbling into the structure. Purple glassed over his vision, and the last thing he saw was his brother, staring sadly after him. 

 Mianite destroyed the portal, and turned to see the new creature laying on the ground. He folded his hands around it and felt it was filled with life. He decided he would let it live, and gave it his own blessing. ”Be free and live in my land of Mianite. As time passes, you will learn to go pass between lands, and forever be at peace.“ 

 And all was well. 

 Deep within the lava filled land, Dianite seethed with anger at his ‘brother’. His perfection and beauty was charred away, leaving his skin burnt and red. What hair he had turned into solid husks, giving him horns. Dianite began to think of revenge, and thought back to the quiet, peaceful nights he used to despise. Crafting a replica of the portal that was used against him, he began to build an army. Undead creatures with poisionous flesh, bones with projectile weapons, and vile insects began to pour into the portal, traveling to the land of Mianite. 

Dianite formed guards for his land, remembering the pigs he loved, and melded them with the undead. He created darker, stealthier versions of the bones, and flying white squids. He remembered the grass that burnt and formed flying, burning shards, and moving blocks that were lava, multiplying when injured. 

Soon realizing that his army creations, being born into the darkness, died when the sun came up in the land of Mianite, he created his last, most disturbing and horrifying beings. Green monsters, that stood high and confident. When in close range, these creatures would self destruct, leaving behind a large wake of destruction. These were unharmed by light.

Let the games begin, brother.“ 

Thus chaos was created.