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The Dior couture dresses that Jennifer has been wearing are custom made actually, you should look up and know the meaning of haute couture, those dresses are made by one of the best ateliers in the world, they're highly exclusive. there's always one runway piece and then one costume made piece when ordered by a member of a select group of superrich costumers or celebrities. to wear haute couture is a privilege that you and I will never experience so I would mind your words and look it up first.

Really? REALLY?!

Jennifer Lawrence’s 2014 Golden Globes dress
Jennifer Lawrence at the Catching Fire party at Cannes 2013
Jennifer Lawrence, inside at the Catching Fire party at Cannes 2013
Jennifer Lawrence at the Catching Fire photocall at Cannes 2013
Jennifer Lawrence at the Met Gala in 2013
Jennifer Lawrence’s 2013 SAG dress

The list goes on and on and on… Nearly everything Jen has worn to major events this past year (The Catching Fire premieres, the awards shows, the press conferences, the photocalls, etc., etc.) has been an OFF THE RUNWAY look. Meaning it was part of Dior’s collection (already made and planned) before she wore it. Jennifer herself has said that they bring her the dresses (sometimes the day of) and they go from there. CUSTOM FIT and CUSTOM MADE are not the same thing (and hell, they can’t even fit the dresses properly to Jennifer anyways).

Dior uses Jennifer as their fucking walking billboard without considering the people she’s influencing and the style that would work best for her. They use her to push the merchandise they already have (which, for the most part lately, has been utterly atrocious). The looks are ridiculous and stale and not Jennifer Lawrence (I’ve always thought her and Dior were a BAD MATCH). 

Even her 2013 Academy Awards dress (which I really do love) was OFF THE RUNWAY.

I want Dior to make a dress just for Jennifer. Not something that was slapped on a model and paraded down a runway a month earlier. I want them to find a style that accentuates Jen’s already gorgeous body and beauty. I want to be excited to see Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet and not fear whatever Dior and Rachel fucking Zoe have deemed her worthy enough to wear.

If this is the fucking ‘privilege’ of wearing Dior Haute Couture, then I never want to experience it. And I really hope that Jennifer Lawrence makes the sound decision to NOT chain herself to this fashion company again.

Thank you very much.

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haha you're funny, you don't seem to know anything about fashion and you think you're going to teach me..., do you even know who's Dior's creative director? and no rachel zoe is NOT a stylist working with Dior. yes some of the dresses are ready to wear and are of the runway, others are haute couture and are especially made for her, they're shown on the runway because that are the rules of haute couture and because then the dress is part of a collection with a bigger concept etc.

YOU’RE funny for buying into hype and not using your common sense.

Yes, I do know who the creative director of Dior is. And honestly, Dior’s entire collection has gone downhill since Raf Simons has become the creative director. He’s taken a good name company and put out a bunch of shitty looking designs with it (even the stuff he didn’t put on Jennifer).

Rachel Zoe is Jennifer Lawrence’s stylist. Maybe you need to get past your Dior boner and do some fucking research yourself. While Jennifer was backstage in the press room after her Golden Globe win this year, she even mentions Rachel (and her son, Skyler). So if we needed proof that Rachel is still her stylist (and has been for over a year), that was it: (she says it at about 2:22 in the video).

You are clearly not understanding what I mean by custom made. If it shows up on a Dior runway before it’s worn by Jennifer Lawrence, it’s off the runway. If it’s seen on a fucking frowny faced model six days before Jennifer wears it on the red carpet, it’s off the runway. Even if the look is modified for Jennifer (which some of them have been), if it takes JLaw fans less than 20 minutes to find a near identical look from a runway show - IT’S OFF THE RUNWAY.

You need to stop drinking the high fashion, haute couture koolaid because it doesn’t mean what you think it means anymore. Dior is playing people (and clearly succeeding if you think it’s so). They don’t treasure Jennifer Lawrence as they should (let’s not even get me into a rant about that first photoshoot of her looking so photoshopped that I swear it was android Jennifer Lawrence and not the real thing). They are using her to push their ridiculous excuse for high fashion instead of letting her go out in actual custom made clothes and dresses and bring a fresh look to Dior with her own stardom.

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but anyway maybe you should watch this little interview with Jennifer and RAF SIMONS www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=bLjbqaXcTt0


I didn’t realize that “You too can look like this if you have the designer tell you how to wear it. and "He told me I should wear this one and I said ‘okay’ and I wore it.” was the equivalent of a collaboration and two people custom making a dress together. You've really shut me up with that interview.

Jennifer looks like a fucking puppet in that interview. When the interviewer asks if they collaborated, you’re precious Raf Simons goes 'ohhh yesss’ and then looks to Jennifer like 'you know what to say here - we talked about this’. It comes off really fucking creepy and like she’s been schooled what to say. And that you picked a video at an event where she looked so bad. That dress and those shoes with that stupid fucking mesh headpiece - newsflash, everybody I know hated that look. Hated it. And oh, guess what? IT WAS AN OFF THE RUNWAY LOOK TOO.

Are you a Raf Simons stan? You must be a Raf Simons stan if you keep coming at me like this.

I’m really sorry your favorite isn’t all that impressive and puts out shitty designs.