I love how the two exhibitions are completely different but both explains so well how humans’ approach of Love and seduction changes growing up.

With Viktor and Yuuri we have a self conscious kind of love

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they are calm, take their time to appreciate themselves,
caressing each others, watching directly their lover in the eyes.

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A kind of love that is more mature, built on compromises. Not frenetic but at the same time passionate.

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While Yuri and Otabek in my opinion are the exact example of “frenetic” first love… typical of teen years

(N.b. Based on my experience)

When you are young and in love you feel like living in a battle.

it’s everything angsty, more extreme and exaggerated.

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They act rapidly, more rock and roll, like they’re fighting each others in a seductive way.

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A love lived like they don’t have time.

it’s in or out

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life or death.

things that are “lmao so edgy”:
- “i only listen to real music”
- “atheism, more like common sense hahah!! religious people need a reality check”
- *does something slightly uncommon* “Normal people scare me”
- “hahahahah are you TRIGGERED!?!?!”

things that are not “lmao so edgy”:
- neurodivergent people using dark humor to talk about their struggles
- neurodivergent people talking about their intrusive thoughts
- neurodivergent people talking about their suicidal or violent impulses
- people talking about their trauma
- mentally ill people being mentally ill

A thing that definitely exists within the YOI universe is a Buzzfeed article entitled “This is what happens when the world’s top figure skaters are stuck in an airport!” and it’s a video of Phichit and Yuuri laughing their way through some old choreography that Phichit did their first year living together to the Spice Girls’ Wannabe. The wolf whistles make it pretty obvious who’s filming.

Yuuri Katsuki-Nikiforov zig-a-zig ahs alongside fellow figure skater Phichit Chulanont while husband Viktor offers encouragement from behind the camera. Chulanont and the Katsuki-Nikiforovs were stuck in the Milan airport overnight, along with more than a dozen other skaters, as severe thunder storms hit the area following Sunday’s World Championships. Thankfully, boredom is hard to come by when you have good friends and the Spice Girls on hand!

Yuuri is only a little bit embarrassed when his sleep-deprived ass-shaking goes viral.