viktor réti


-Viktor creating skate programs based on Yuuri making him cry (ep 12)
-The short program’s song is “After The Final,” and the free skate program’s song is “Let’s End This”
-Viktor “I am extra” Nikiforov decides his costume is based on a white robe(???)
-“What’s your theme this season, Viktor?”
“Oh, you know, ‘selfish boyfriends who make decisions all willy-nilly but they’re not actually selfish’”
“That’s very specific, Mr. Nikiforov”

viktuuri fic recs!

i had to make one eventually there are so many good fics

author recs: every viktuuri fanfic ever written by kevystel (special shoutout to with a boy like that it’s serious) and @corpsentry (special shoutout to tomorrow the world breathes again) is an absolute work of art and i would honestly marry their ao3 accounts if i could, HIGHLY recommend checking them out. 

fic recs: 

  • Clarity by thylaa (sfw, 3078 words): adorable post ep 7 oneshot
  • Those Tell-All Skype Sessions by Piyo13 (sfw, 1747 words): phichit watches yuuri fall in love with viktor through their skype sessions and it’s hilarious
  • a single vowel in this metallic silence by 100demons (sfw, 1502): yakov and viktor discuss yuuri and how viktor’s changed
  • all for a moment by Authoress (sfw, 2331 words): post ep 7 oneshot ft. phichit and viktuuri making out what more could you want
  • i know my madness by astoryaboutwar (nsfw, 14123 words): au where yuuri doesn’t blow the grand prix finals, he and viktor hook up, and everything goes downhill (or uphill) from there, this one is a freaking work of art okay please read it
  • slow it down by SportsAnimeRuinedMyLife (sfw, 2894 words): it’s literally just post ep 7 fluff and it made me giggle like an idiot
  • victory cheer by SportsAnimeRuinedMyLife (sfw, 3890): everyone reacts to The Kiss™ and it’s both heartwarming and hilarious (mostly)
  • i took no time with the fall by lazulisong (sfw, 2124 words): yuuri and viktor are in love that’s it that’s the whole fic 
  • Yuri Plisetsky Has Two Dads by Metis_Ink (sfw, 3061 words): viktuuri has practically adopted yurio and yurio learns to accept it
  • They Made A Statue of Us by Reiya (sfw, 1679 words): he can’t have yuuri katsuki and skating, and suddenly viktor doesn’t know what he wants anymore