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Kissing Gold - Victor Nikiforov x Yuri Katsuki

A/N: This one’s for you @memento-amare. Happy almost 2017! Here’s a fic about our bebes to ease the sting of this horrid year. 

Prompt (Based on a conversation @memento-scibet and I had last night. Oh yeah I wrote this. You thought I was kidding when I said I’d write it): dude dude dude I just had the worst fucking idea okay so like have you ever heard of the movie The Bronze? I haven’t ever actually the whole movie. Just the sex scene which is by far the most unnecessary thing to grace the planet. Like they barely fucking touch because they are two busy doing gymnastic moves. Anywho there is this point where the dude takes off his pants and he has the ribbon for a medal tattooed above the dick and they refer to his dick as the gold. Anywho here comes the point: just like imagine Viktor or Yuuri referring to their dick as “the gold” but instead of it ending in sex the other cannot stop fucking laughing like help him he cannot breathe.

“Hey Yuuuuuri.” Victor called in a singing voice from the bedroom of their hotel room. Yuri was in the bathroom getting ready for bed when he heard Victor calling out to him.

“Yes Victor?” Yuri asked poking his head out from the bathroom door only to have his eyes widen at the sight of Victor before him. Completely naked and looking expectantly at him. It didn’t matter how many times he saw his fiance naked, it still took him off guard and caused him to blush.

“You may have won silver but I’ll let you kiss The Gold if you ask nicely.” He said seductively with a playful wink. A moment of silence fell between them while Yuri tried to process what exactly Victor had just said.

“And The Gold … is your dick?” Yuri asked unsure if he had misunderstood and Victor just carries around his gold medals everywhere he goes for the perfect kissing opportunities. That honestly wouldn’t surprise Yuri at this point but the other possibility though? “Do you really call it that?” Yuri asked with incredulous surprise.

“No I was just trying it out. I hate it, never using it again. Forget I said anything.” Victor said, a deep blush rising to his cheek in embarrassment.

“Not a chance.” Yuri said with a humorous laugh.

Yuri!” Victor groaned, burying his head in his hands. Yuri could see his face turning bright red in shame.Yuri smiled at his poor mortified fiance and walked up to lean down beside his head. Yuri leaned in to whisper seductively in Victor’s ear.

“I hope after all this time I’ll get to do more than just kiss The Gold.” Yuri purred seductively.

“You’re never going to let this go are you?” Viktor asked pulling his hands away to reveal his beautiful to Yuri.

“Never.” Yuri promised with a smirk.

~ Later that night ~

Yuri snuggles closer to Victor’s chest, feeling relaxed and utterly content after their blissful lovemaking. Victor looked down at his precious Yuri and smiled tenderly. He wrapped his arms around Yuri’s shoulders and placed a gentle kiss to his temple. They were both about to fall asleep from their post coital bliss when Yuri turned his head and mumbled into Victor’s naked chest.

“I may not have won at the Grand Prix Final but I won the only gold that matters.” Yuri said with a lazy smile playing at his lips. Victor could only groan in response.

Yuri is never going to let this go.