viktor just come here

“Ah,” Yuuri says. They’re near the TVs, JJ’s performance broadcasting. “Mari’s calling. I’ll be right back.”

Viktor nods, letting go of Yuuri’s shoulder for the first time in a while; he hadn’t noticed he was holding onto Yuuri until he made to leave. Is he clingy? He might be clingy. The space at his side loses heat as he watches JJ’s short programme with a critical eye, cataloguing movements, similarities to other skaters. A glance at Yuuri’s back shows only high shoulders, his posture sheltering the phone from the noise.

A tiny coil of dread unfurls in Viktor’s stomach. Habit, maybe; he doesn’t like it when Yuuri adopts that posture, cut off from the people in the room. He turns back to JJ, but the programme is finishing. There’s nothing there to help Yuuri, anyway; JJ has a different appeal.

Or rather, Yuuri has appeal. Viktor wonders if he’s biased. He looks at Yuuri again, and now Yuuri is turning to face him, phone still clutched in his hand.

“Viktor—you have to go back to Japan. I’ll face the free skate alone.”

Chapter 8 and Chapter 9 of A Choreographer’s Dilemma are posted! Illustration by @silencedmoment ❤️

Viktuuri Cheating
  • Viktor: Yuuri we need to have a serious talk.
  • Yuuri: Oh no here it comes...
  • Viktor: It's just that...
  • Yuuri: *tearing up* You don't love me anymore
  • Viktor: Well...I cheated...
  • Yuuri: And he wants me to leave...
  • Viktor:
  • Yuuri:
  • Yuuri: Wait you did what?!
  • Viktor: I didn't mean to! It's just I'm so competitive and I love family game night and I NEEDED To win Monopoly!
  • Yuuri: Viktor Nikiforov you selfish, two timing ass~
  • Yuuri: Wait at Monopoly?
  • Viktor: *nods terrified*
  • Yuuri: Oh...well I cheated at Clue so we're even
Just Imagine... [Yurio’s Crush on Yuuri 1/3]

Yuri Plisetsky’s POV

GPF - SOCHI (Episode 1)

  • Sees this Japanese skater with amazing step sequences, something Yuri struggles with himself, and follows him to talk to him.
  • Plans to talk to him, but the idiot’s crying and you can’t get over how he’s already shattered your illusion of how great he is.
  • Accidentally makes him fear you, but if it motivates him to skate better, then mission accomplished.
  • Watches Viktor totally not know who he is and offend poor Japanese Yuuri, who is already upset with himself.
  • Tells Viktor he better damn well apologize to Yuuri at the banquet.
  • Looks up Yuuri Katsuki online and discovers he’s 23. Wtf, he looks like he’s 16.


  • Makes Viktor apologize to Yuuri
  • Is called out by Yuuri and insulted for the bathroom talk, challenged to dance off
  • Enjoys dance off more than kittens (wtf is that even possible?)
  • Wants to talk to Yuuri more, but Yuuri starts gushing about how he’s been Viktor’s fan forever and challenges him to a dance off
  • Takes pictures of dance off for Viktor, but can’t keep his eyes off Yuuri (result: all shots of Yuuri are stunning, but pics of Viktor are crap)
  • Never sends Viktor the pictures, but makes Viktor and Chris send him pictures from the banquet (’for blackmail’ is the excuse)
  • Tries to forget about Yuuri, but keeps looking up his old routines online, uses Google Translate to read his profile on the Japanese figure skating site, and takes up video gaming because Yuuri lists it as his hobby
  • Can’t bring himself to delete the pics from the banquet
  • Still bothered by how old Yuuri is, but still doesn’t know why
  • Checks results of Japanese Nationals, only to see that Yuuri came in last place
  • Deals with crushing disappointment by playing video games and avoiding articles about how Yuuri might retire

A TRIP TO JAPAN (Episode 2)

  • Sees video of Yuuri skating Viktor’s “Stay Close to Me” routine. It’s not perfect, but he’s landing his jumps and the step sequence is just as fantastic as expected. (What the hell. If he can skate like this, why didn’t he do better at the GPF?)
  • Finds out Viktor left to coach Yuuri, and feels a strange sense of jealousy. Wasn’t Viktor supposed to choreograph his senior debut short program? That’s right. That’s all he’s jealous of.
  • Stalks Viktor’s social media until Viktor tags the location (#ninja, Hasetsu Castle), then takes the first flight to Hasetsu
  • Doesn’t know where the crap Yuuri lives, but thankfully a local fisherman points him towards a building and says “Viktor”
  • Finally sees Yuuri, but the idiot runs right past him without looking at him. Yuri makes a point to stand out, so he’s very taken aback
  • Loses himself to anger (since he came all this way and Yuuri’s ignoring him) and kicks Yuuri, then blames Yuuri for it. (Gah, it’s his fault I feel this way! Whatever this feeling is…)
  • Calmly tells Yuuri about Viktor’s skating career, accidentally reveals his true thoughts. He knows he can surprise people because people have been underestimating him all his life.
  • Reminds Viktor about his promise. Viktor proposes a battle, which quickly becomes “Onsen on Ice.” Since Yuri wants to see Yuuri skate again, he agrees. Besides, there’s an irrational desire to get Viktor away from Yuuri. Again, he has no idea why.
  • Yuuri gets assigned the upbeat song. Yuri’s jealous, but he also really wants to see Yuuri skate it.


  • Can’t focus on this “agape” bullshit because he doesn’t believe love exists
  • Even though he treated Yuuri like crap, his family has taken him in to their onsen, given him shelter, and fed him. Is it a cultural thing? Even Yuuri is being way kinder to him than he deserves…
  • Watches Yuuri skate like crap again. What happened to the poledancer? That was the most “eros” thing Yuri had ever seen.
  • Yuuri’s “eros” is katsudon (pork cutlet bowl) wtf. Suddenly has the urge to call Yuuri ‘katsudon.’ It beats the other insults, and secretly it makes him happy since it’s Yuuri’s favorite food and his “eros” apparently.
  • Viktor makes them stand under waterfall in white robes. Feels oddly relaxed around Yuuri, remembers his step sequence and his “Stay Close to Me” video, and then thinks of his grandpa, someone else who makes him feel relaxed.
  • Oh snap. Does ‘feeling relaxed’ mean ‘unconditional love’? Yuri feels it for both Yuuri and his grandpa, but he pushes away the idea of Yuuri. Grandpa is his agape. That’s it.
  • Yuri can see Yuuri’s entire chest through his robe. It’s oddly fascinating, so he makes himself look away. Then he sneezes. Gosh, he needs to get out of there fast.
  • “Where’s Viktor?” he says. “Nagahama Ramen.” Yuri grabs Yuuri’s hand. “We’re going there too!” Yuuri pulls away at his touch. “Huh?” He’s so surprised and his cheeks look a little flushed. He rushes ahead. They don’t end up going to Nagahama Ramen.
  • Is shocked when Yuuri very politely asks him to help him land his quad Salchow. Wait, does Yuuri see him as real competition? (He’s been expecting everyone to underestimate him because of his age. Yuuri asking for his help is oddly touching.)
  • Picks a sexy see-through outfit for his agape performance. It’s got a cross at the center so it fits the theme…probably.
  • Fails to present a perfect performance. Since Yuuri sees him as a real competitor, he wanted to prove it once and for all. He can’t even hear Viktor’s cheers.
  • Finally gets to see Yuuri skate again and it’s unlike anything he’s done before. It’s just so “eros.” And that step sequence. He missed a landing on a jump, but Yuri hardly notices. Oh crap. His heart is pounding. This is different than any performance he’s ever watched before. It’s making his chest clench tightly.
  • Sees how Viktor is looking at Yuuri, remembers the banquet, realizes that Yuuri will win this Onsen on Ice for sure. Viktor didn’t come here just because of the video. He’s got a crush on Yuuri. And for some reason, that hurts Yuri deeply.
  • Leaves before he can cry, almost starts to cry outside but Yuko stops him. He tells her to pass on the message that he’ll beat Yuuri one day. Run away…he tries to convince himself that’s not what he’s doing. It’s not like Viktor would let him stay anyway. No, Yuri needs to improve and then he can face Yuuri again…and it’ll give him time to figure out this strange feeling.
  • The whole flight back Yuri can’t sleep since his mind is filled with worries. Yuuri is 8 years older than him. Why does that still bother him? This is stupid. He shouldn’t be thinking about him, but he can’t help it. 

BACK IN RUSSIA (Episode 4)

  • Once back in Russia, Yuri throws himself back into practice. He needs to be better. Next time he faces Yuuri he wants Yuuri to be impressed with him. He tries not to think about it too much, but in every spin, every jump, he feels a tug at his heart, he remembers that pounding during Yuuri’s performance.
  • Lilia arrives and Yuri’s ready to do whatever it takes, to become someone else. He busies himself with practice, not only to become better but to distract himself. Don’t think of Yuuri. Don’t think of Yuuri. Stop saying his name. It’s ‘pig’ or ‘katsudon.’ Katsudon…eros… That performance. The banquet. Crap. Why did katsudon have to be so delicious?
  • Yuuko texts that Yuuri’s producing his own free skate program. Yuri’s glad he got her number. She’s his only line to Yuuri. Ever since Onsen on Ice, Yuri refuses to contact Viktor, that traitor. How cozy is he getting with Yuuri? He was soooo flirtatious. Does he really like Yuuri? Could Yuuri like him too? He’d noticed a fair amount of blushing from him. Crap. Why does he even care?
  • The assignments for the Grand Prix Series are announced and all Yuri can think about is whether he’ll see Yuuri or not. Will he get to compete against him? How will he face him now? But even though he’s worried, he’s excited to see Yuuri again. Especially to see him skate. Yeah, that’s all. He likes Yuuri’s skating. That doesn’t mean he likes him…or does it? But Yuri can’t deny it anymore…he’s probably liked Yuuri from the first time he saw him skate.


The Rules for Lovers Chapter 11 (aka hell chapter) in GIFs

I usually write out my thoughts/reactions to a chapter as I go to make writing AO3 comments easier. However, it soon became clear to me that my reactions to chapter 11 are best expressed in GIF form, so I’m going to go ahead and post my comments here.

Thanks, @adreamingsongbird for ripping out my heart. I don’t need it to live. 

Under cut for spoilers (and length). 

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thehallowedangel  asked:

Victor: "You keep clutching your stomach, are you okay?" Yurio: "I'm going to be sick..." They are on the ice, practicing and Yurio cannot get anywhere conventional in time, so as much a Victor tries to stop him, he just skates precariously over to the side of the rink and holds onto the sides and throws up onto the floor on the other side of the bariers. Bonus points if he actually can't get anything up so Victor gives up stopping him and goes to help instead. (Also hi, btw, I felt brave~)

WELL HELLO! Pleasure to see such a lovely request! It’s so detailed and amazing. I couldn’t wait to write it. I wrote this at like… 11 or 12 at night and just added the ending this morning. I THINK IT’S A BIT DECENT EVEN IF ITS SHORT! I hope you like it! -Bridget

Skepticism ate away at Viktor Nikiforov’s head.

Something was off. Completely off.

Movements that used to come so easy to Yurio looked like they caused him immense pain.

As he skated, the blonde’s skin seemed to retain a worrying pallor. He looked like he was trembling despite the sweat that collected on his forehead.

Yurio skid to a stop, placing one hand over his stomach, the other pressing against his back.

“Yurio… You look unwell, are you alright?” Viktor asked, skating over to the blonde.

The young Russian nodded, swallowing thickly “Yeah, I just think I ate something that’s not agreeing with me.” He said, pulling his hands away and moving one as if brushing off the statement

Viktor did not believe this in the slightest. “You’re messing up your routines.” He points out, knowing Yurio well enough to know how much Yurio seemed to work through.

“Yeah, yeah I know… Sorry… Let me try this again.” He asked, throat tight with a constricting nausea that burned the back of his throat.

He felt terrible. Absolutely terrible. But skating was everything to him. He wasn’t going to bail unless he physically couldn’t fight back the acid trying to rise up his throat any longer.

He was exhausted beyond words. And had a dizzying headache that did his uneasy stomach no justice.

He felt ready to pass out, throw up. Or both, in all truth.

But his pride and dedication overpowered that. So, he took off, ready to resume his routine.

Running on pure willpower and adrenaline, he managed to land his jumps and spins the way they should be.

But when he finished his routine, he immediately knew he was in for complete hell.

One hand pressed firmly to his stomach, the other covered his mouth to stifle a sick hiccup.

Oh this can’t be good…

He tilted his head back, focusing on the roof of the rink. Deep breaths, that was his only hope.

And uncomfortable heat settled over Yurio like a wet blanket. It was suffocating and dizzying and just made his nausea worse.

“Yurio?” Viktor questioned, concerned “Come here.”

Damn you Viktor, Yurio thought.

But he forced himself over to Viktor, hand never leaving his stomach.

“You keep clutching your stomach, are you sure you’re okay?” Viktor questions, slimming the four foot difference between them by getting closer.

“I think I’m gonna be sick…” Yurio mumbled, covering his mouth again

Viktor gave a worried look. But Yurio wasn’t under it long.

He couldn’t get to the bathroom. But despite that, he knew he was going to throw up.

His stomach churned an his mouth started to fill excessively with coppery saliva.

He dug his blades into the ice, tearing his skate into the ice and taking off.

Viktor, assuming he was going into a new routine, reached out to stop him. But Yurio was too fast.

The blonde Russian got to the barrier, coughing out saliva as he gripped the edges of the barrier.

He put so much strain on his body in practice that it made the contents of his stomach taunt and threaten him but never reappear or give him the relief he so desperately needed.

Forceful retches were long unproductive. His back arched and he kept leaning forward, stabilizing himself only by gripping the edge of the barrier.

His throat was being ripped raw and his head was spinning, trying desperately to catch his breath or gain some sort of relief. Anything.

Someone’s hands are on his back and one is wrapped around his abdomen to keep him up.

Whoever was steadying him put pressure on his stomach. And just like that, everything unraveled.

Painfully so, his dinner made an unappealing reappearance.

The thick liquid spilled past his lips and landed to the ground with a disgusting splatter, one that made even Viktor’s stomach turn despite his, as always, excellent health (Yurio often wondered if Viktor EVER got sick)

Viktor brushed back stray stands of hair that fell to Yurio’s face as the younger continuously brought up the food in his system.

The blonde skipped breakfast, only drinking some Gatorade before heading to the rink.

Which was why Viktor was so stunned fifteen minutes later when Yurio’s spell of vomiting wasn’t letting up much.

Yurio weighed less than a hundred pounds, standing at five foot four. He always burned off what he ate through skating. And by now, Viktor felt that Yurio had thrown up half his body weight.

All truth in play, that was scientifically impossible. But with how much Yurio was throwing up… Well…

When the spell tapered into dry heaving at the half hour mark, Yurio was panting heavily, coughing and spitting into the mess on the ground.

“Viktor…” Yurio said, voice nearly completely gone from the forceful spell “Can I stop training for the day… Please…”

Viktor chuckled softly “You must be delirious if you think i would let you practice in this condition.”

Yurio offered a weak smile, but holy hell was he tired.

He must’ve swayed on his feet, because he felt a hand press against his spine.

“Stay awake little brother,” Viktor says quietly “I’ve got you.”

Kissing Gold - Victor Nikiforov x Yuri Katsuki

A/N: This one’s for you @memento-amare. Happy almost 2017! Here’s a fic about our bebes to ease the sting of this horrid year. 

Prompt (Based on a conversation @memento-scibet and I had last night. Oh yeah I wrote this. You thought I was kidding when I said I’d write it): dude dude dude I just had the worst fucking idea okay so like have you ever heard of the movie The Bronze? I haven’t ever actually the whole movie. Just the sex scene which is by far the most unnecessary thing to grace the planet. Like they barely fucking touch because they are two busy doing gymnastic moves. Anywho there is this point where the dude takes off his pants and he has the ribbon for a medal tattooed above the dick and they refer to his dick as the gold. Anywho here comes the point: just like imagine Viktor or Yuuri referring to their dick as “the gold” but instead of it ending in sex the other cannot stop fucking laughing like help him he cannot breathe.

“Hey Yuuuuuri.” Victor called in a singing voice from the bedroom of their hotel room. Yuri was in the bathroom getting ready for bed when he heard Victor calling out to him.

“Yes Victor?” Yuri asked poking his head out from the bathroom door only to have his eyes widen at the sight of Victor before him. Completely naked and looking expectantly at him. It didn’t matter how many times he saw his fiance naked, it still took him off guard and caused him to blush.

“You may have won silver but I’ll let you kiss The Gold if you ask nicely.” He said seductively with a playful wink. A moment of silence fell between them while Yuri tried to process what exactly Victor had just said.

“And The Gold … is your dick?” Yuri asked unsure if he had misunderstood and Victor just carries around his gold medals everywhere he goes for the perfect kissing opportunities. That honestly wouldn’t surprise Yuri at this point but the other possibility though? “Do you really call it that?” Yuri asked with incredulous surprise.

“No I was just trying it out. I hate it, never using it again. Forget I said anything.” Victor said, a deep blush rising to his cheek in embarrassment.

“Not a chance.” Yuri said with a humorous laugh.

Yuri!” Victor groaned, burying his head in his hands. Yuri could see his face turning bright red in shame.Yuri smiled at his poor mortified fiance and walked up to lean down beside his head. Yuri leaned in to whisper seductively in Victor’s ear.

“I hope after all this time I’ll get to do more than just kiss The Gold.” Yuri purred seductively.

“You’re never going to let this go are you?” Viktor asked pulling his hands away to reveal his beautiful to Yuri.

“Never.” Yuri promised with a smirk.

~ Later that night ~

Yuri snuggles closer to Victor’s chest, feeling relaxed and utterly content after their blissful lovemaking. Victor looked down at his precious Yuri and smiled tenderly. He wrapped his arms around Yuri’s shoulders and placed a gentle kiss to his temple. They were both about to fall asleep from their post coital bliss when Yuri turned his head and mumbled into Victor’s naked chest.

“I may not have won at the Grand Prix Final but I won the only gold that matters.” Yuri said with a lazy smile playing at his lips. Victor could only groan in response.

Yuri is never going to let this go.