Silhouettes / Viksen Curvy Lingerie / AW14 Collection 

Photograph: Julia Javel -
MUA: Tête de Thon
Models: Fanny, Camille, Tête de Thon
Concept & Styling: Viksen

Full set here

Lingerie : Imogen by Elomi / Rhea by Masquerade / Envy Bodysuit by Panache / Divine by Prima Donna / Ritzy by Curvy Kate

Submission from Constance :

I love my feet because they mean I’m free. They carry me everywhere, I do a lot of walking in Paris, and when I twisted my ankle last month and couldn’t rely on one of them, I felt awful. My heels are callous, my nails are never painted: my feet are rough, and I love to walk around bare-footed in the summer. They are like trusted friends, and I know they don’t mind this hard treatment, they can take it!

Thanks Constance for  this contribution about her trusted friends.

Constance is the founder of a lovely lingerie boutique for women with curves, Viksen. You can find it both online at and offline at 16 rue Saint Sauveur, 75002 Paris, where the picture was taken.

You can share your own feet and story here.