“I want to know why that’s a thing” -josh

‘It’s a self defence mechanism coz no one wants to be a shit cunt’-vik

“Oi that could be on a t shirt, put that on a t-shirt” -ethan

okay this is epic

not really a finalized post, i’ll prolly rb and add but here’s to Minecraft youtubers of color babey! correct me, or feel free to add to this [I marked those who are primarily streamers with a + sign]

taurtis: he recently had a comeback to youtube with his series to the end, but his older series like evo are also fun to watch!

pauseunpause: he has a few series worth watching, such as diversity three, and he’s also a part of mindcrack (+the ultimate hardcore)!

aphmau: aphmau is honestly the loveliest person on the list. she tends to gear more towards roleplays like minecraft diaries (which she is reamking atm), but also has things like mycraft and pixelmon. [EDIT: I've been informed that aphmau has some really sketchy attitude towards lgbt+ ppl in addition to a lot of general mess ie supporting incest in a fictional context so take that info as you will.]

kakujo: unfortunately inactive, but he kept his playlists fairly organized so take a dig through this tab to find Minecraft[I cannot emphasize enough how magical this is bc a lot of the others do not keep up with that]

ashlie9596: she’s got a lot of different playlists to go through, like bed wars, parkour maps, and even a murder mystery!

vikkstar123: holy cow this dude’s channel is just stuffed with minecraft content huh. he has: minecraft monday, sky wars, lucky block, parkour, just, go on his channel and find more

bigbszt4tz2: bigb is another evo member, but also has creative cribs and murder mystery to offer 

bdoubleo100: finally I get to link attack of the b-team! bdoubleo is also a member of hermitcraft, and a mindcracker 

+Senzu Frijole: senzu is a member of smplive, and streams over here

+QuakckityHQ: I… don’t know how to explain. just check him out whenever he streams [EDIT: I was informed that quackity uses the r slur semi-regularly so take that information as you will]

+Jawn Rocha: surprise surprise, first youtube streamer of the list! he’s fairly new to Minecraft & has a mix of other things if you’re ever in the mood to ruin your recommendations flow

+YoItsGold: another smplive member?? yeah. he has videos both on his youtube, and he streams from the smplive server often

ONCE AGAIN… this is not meant to be comprehensive, feel free to add to this post or correct me!

YouTube No.1 Dad

Ok, Josh today honestly warmed my heart when ever someone was injured and he tried to help. Especially when JMX was having like a panic attack and josh was helping him through it!

I-I just sit and began draw them ….*sigh*  just fruit it man…. all of them is in a different style son of a……fruit

[whyyyyyyyyy youuuuu all loooooooks so diferent………dammmmmmmmmmm itttttttttt just why. This is so hard…….rhaaaaaah *artist intensifies*]sorry about that leave this fool alone.

I guess…it’s just faces…and expressions….(yeah they all looks strange…lolz)