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Xena’s home territory for a long time has been my room. She’s been forced to share it with Willow and recently Twiglet but from a few months old this has always been her space. One of the games we used to play when she was a kitten was, using the gaps in my bed’s headboard, she would try to play with my fingers. She loved it. Then, sadly for her, I got a new bed which didn’t have a headboard and the game was never the same again. But she always remembered. She’s 5 years old and still remembers a game we played for a few months when she was a baby and begs to play it pretty regularly. Which brings me to today: I got a new wooden bed a few weeks back (much like my old one) and she’s been more regular and insistent about us playing the old game. I finally was able to pull the bed out enough to dangle a string down and we were finally able to play that game again just like old times.

A Concept:

The Get Down Brothers Just Being BROTHERS. Together. Happy.

•The Boys Chillin On The Ground While They Watch Shao, Dizzee And Thor Graffiti A Train

•The Boys All Hanging At The Temple, Getting High, Listening To Music And Telling Stories

•Ra Ra Forcing The Boys To Go See Star Wars With Him 3 Times

•The Boys Going Shopping; Its Always A Disaster Bc Ra Ra Wants Comics, Dizzee Wants Paint, Shao Wants Records And They Leave It To Boo Boo And Zeke To Choose Where First

•The Boys Spending All The Holidays Together And Them All Wanting To Show Shao What Its Like To Celebrate Them

•The Boys Having Sleepovers Either At The Kipling’s Or Shao’s Temple

•The Boys Dancing In The Temple And Shao Giving Pointers

•The Boys Throwing Shao A Surprise Birthday Party

•Dizzee Coming Out To The Boys And The First Thing They All Do Is Get Up And Hug Him

•Dizzee Bribing The Boys Into Letting Him Paint Their Nails

•The Boys Just Being Loved, Together And Happy

Shao & Dizzee Being Close Artsy Brothers:

Now We All Know Shao Would Never Agree To Some Of This. At First Yelling At Dizzee “Miss Me With That Whack Gay Shit Boi” But Dizzee Understands The Real Shao And Is Patient So He Eventually Coax Him Into Everything.

•Dizzee Inviting Shao To Come Graffiti With Him And Thor, Telling Him Music Will Always Be His True Passion But That He Doesn’t Have To Give Up His Others

•Dizzee Showing Shao His Art Book And Begging To See His, They Spend The Whole Day Looking Through Them Hyping Each Other Up

•Dizzze Gets An Obsession With Crop Tops, He Thinks Shao Would Look AMAZING In One So He Bribes Him To Wear It (Shao actually loves them but it takes him a while to wear them outside of the temple)

•Dizzee Comes To The Temple And Finds Shao Alone And Sad, To Cheer Him Up Dizzee Tells Him He’s Painting His Nails And He Doesn’t Have A Choice (Shao Likes It And Keeps It On)

•Dizzee Thanks Shao One Night, Thanks Him For Letting Him Be Free, For The Get Down Brothers, For Taking Care Of Them, For Teaching Them, Tells Him He’s Shaolin Fantastic No Man More Magic (Shaolin Doesn’t Know How To Take It, Never Had People Say Shit About Him Till He Met His Brothers, Says “Don’t Gotta Thank Me For Nothing D, We Brothers”

•After Shao Finds Dizzee At Thor’s He Says The Words “I Got You My Alien Brother” And They Mean Everything. Later That Night Dizzee Bites The Bullet And Comes Out To Show, Shao For Once Doesn’t Make Any Jokes, Hugs Him And Says “I Got You My Alien Brother”, Dizzee Cries From Relief And Happiness Of Becoming More Free

•Shao Gives Dizzee A Room In The Temple To Use Whenever He Wants, Tells Him “You Can Bring Your White Boy And Do Some Artsy Shit If You Want, Free People Being Free And All That” (Dizzee Almost Cries From Joy And Comes Back With Thor Later That Day, Each Of Them With A Box Of Records)

•Shao Meets Thor As The Official Boyfriend, He Low-key Tells Him He’ll Fuck Him Up If He Ever Hurts Dizzee In Any Way, Thor Promises He Won’t (It Was Actually Very High-Key And Extra, He Did Some Karate Moves And Brought Out His Sword, Thor Was Scared But Also In Awe Of The Great Shaolin, Dizzee Was Just Embarrassed)

•Shao And Dizzee (Thor sometimes too) Painting The Room In The temple, Dizzee Paints The Sky, Shao Paints A Bright City

•Shao Teaching Dizzee To Dance And How To Spin A Little, After Dizzee Almost Snaps A Record They Decide To Stick With Just Dancing

•Them Getting High Together, Dizzee Talks To Him About Being Free And The Universe And Art And Love And Shao Talks To Him About Music And His Past And The Future (And Maybe On Nights Where He’s Also Drunk He’ll Talk About Zeke Too)

anonymous asked:

imagine shao and zeke laying on the roof while watching birds fly and their hands are only like an inch away and Shao can't focus on the birds just the closeness between them and the fact if he just moved an inch he could hold Zeke's hand


Okay But I Imagine That Zeke Feels It Too. He Knows That Shao Don’t Have The Guts To Take His Hand And That If HE Tries Shao Might Box Him.

SO He Decides To Try And Take His Pinky And He Feels Shao Freeze Up But Not Pull Away And Shao Is Like

“Books What The Fuck You Doin?”
“Its A Pinky Promise Shao”
“A Promise Of What?”
“That I Always Got Your Back”
“Always Spoutin That Corny Shit Man”

And They Spend The Rest Of The Day Laying There With Their Pinkies Hooked Staring At The Sky With Soft Smiles On Their Faces.


A Theory About Betty Cooper

Episode 3: the body double

We see the scene where Chuck shows up to Ethel’s and Veronica and Betty enact their plan, We see Betty walk in looking sexy and powerful, then we see Betty flip a switch.

She puts her foot on Chucks head and says “you like shaming people, Chuck? Like dehumanising them? ‘Prissy prude by day, freak in the sheets by night’? Apologise. Say your sorry!” “Good job, pig. Now time for your reward. A sticky maple for your own.”.

Then it starts taking a weird turn and she says “Apologise for ruining Polly. Do it Jason! Say you’re sorry for destroying me. Apologise for what you did to me!”.

This is where my theory comes in:

Jason hurt polly so bad that maybe she killed herself bc of him, Maybe Betty found her and had an absolute freak out maybe so much so she was traumatised and refused to believe it.

So her parents covered it up, told betty and the town they sent polly away but really she’s dead. That would explain why Betty’s mom doesn’t let her visit polly, why there’s no calls and why Betty had that little episode of D.I.D

But with this show who knows I could be completely wrong.

unearthlyzemi  asked:

Zeke sometimes gets cramps in his hands after writing long poems and Shao comes to the rescue everytime to kiss each knuckle and massage his palms


And Sometimes Zeke Will Pretend He’s Got Hand Cramps When He Doesn’t Just For The Attention And Shao Knows He Bein A Fake But Does It Anyway

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I really like the idea of Thor just randomly visiting the temple and Ra, Boo and Zeke not knowing what to make of him (Dizzee told them he is a new friend) but Shao is like super protective (to the point of being ridiculous) "y'all leave pretty boy alone" and Thor is like "you think I'm pretty?" And shao goes red and Dizzee just laughing

*Clutches Chest And Wheezes* pLEASE

Dizzee Getting Shao To Do Things For Him:

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Paint His Nails

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Put His Hair In Afro Puffs Or Buns

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Do His Make Up

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Dump Glitter On Him Or Paint It On His Body

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Carry Him On His Back All The Way Home

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Teach Him A Few Things About Spinnin

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Start Doing Graffiti With Him And Thor

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Draw Him

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Sing For Him

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Teach Him To Dance

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Kiss Him

•Dizzee Getting Shao To Kiss Him AND Thor

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Dizzee brings Thor to introduce him to the get down brothers one day and they think Shao gonna freak out about a stranger in the temple but to their surprise Shao greets him warmly, calls him pretty boy and generally acts like he knows and even likes him and Bo Ra and Zeke just watch like ???? Who dis??? Why Shao knows him and we don't???

Jsjsjs I Can Imagine The Boys Gettin A Little Jealous Like “Who The Fuck Is This White Boy? Why’d Shao Call Him Pretty? How Does Dizzee Know Him? How Does Shao Know Him? Why They All Actin Buddy Buddy?” And I Can Also Imagine Them Getting A Little Protective Bc Newcomer And Grilling Thor jsjsjsj

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imagine shao going to his first pride parade (maybe dizzee and thor take him?)

👏Y 👏E👏S👏

• Dizzee And Thor Come To Shao With The Idea A Month Before

• Shao Immediately Turns Them Down Saying All That Public Free Shit Ain’t For Him

• Thor And Dizzee Spend The Whole Next Month Trying Convince And Bribe Shaolin

• He FINALLY Agrees After They Say They’ll Get Him FIVE Rare Ass Records

• The Day Arrives And He’s So Nervous Hasn’t Been This Nervous In A Long Time And Thinks Of Backing Out

• Dizzee And Thor Come In All Excited Happy Smiles Painted And Glittered Shao Doesn’t Have The Heart To Turn Them Down

• He Refuses To Be Painted And Is Dressed As Usual Ready To Dip Out Of There If Anything

• They Get There And He’s Scared He Sees All These People Marching With Pride But He’s Focusing On The People Who Look On With Twisted Faces And Foul Words

• He’s Ready To Pull Some Fake Ass Karate Move And Dip Outta There When Dizzee And Thor Put Their Arms Around Him And Say “We Are Free People Being Free And We Deserve This”

• He Finally Takes A Breath And Realises They’re Right. He Looks Around At All These People Coming Together Expressing Themselves, He Listens To The Music And Sees The Floats And The Laughter, Smiles And Screaming Of People Fighting And Being Free. He Marches On

• Later That Night After Shao Has An Amazing Time, Asks To Go Again Next Year


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Zeke&Shao fix up the room on the Temple roof as a surprise for Napoleon. When they get it just right & show it to him he breaks down in tears. Zeke rubs soothing circles on his lower back & Shao gets him a glass of water. Once Napoleon calms down they suggest he get some sleep & begin to leave which makes him panic. So they sit on the floor next to his bed to keep him company. Zeke interlaces his fingers with Napoleon's & after hesitating so does Shao. Then the three of them fall asleep together