@collectivecoloursofawarriorsmind IT HAS BEEN DONE ✨. Also I just realized that Yuuri doesn’t wear his glasses in the hot springs haha OOPS.

I feel like if Yuuri let his hair grow out it would make Victor miss his long hair too 💇

edit: I made Yuuri’s face a little more masculine 😬


Vikki Dougan by Nina Leen, May, 1952 by Tom Simpson

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A Concept:

The Get Down Brothers Just Being BROTHERS. Together. Happy.

•The Boys Chillin On The Ground While They Watch Shao, Dizzee And Thor Graffiti A Train

•The Boys All Hanging At The Temple, Getting High, Listening To Music And Telling Stories

•Ra Ra Forcing The Boys To Go See Star Wars With Him 3 Times

•The Boys Going Shopping; Its Always A Disaster Bc Ra Ra Wants Comics, Dizzee Wants Paint, Shao Wants Records And They Leave It To Boo Boo And Zeke To Choose Where First

•The Boys Spending All The Holidays Together And Them All Wanting To Show Shao What Its Like To Celebrate Them

•The Boys Having Sleepovers Either At The Kipling’s Or Shao’s Temple

•The Boys Dancing In The Temple And Shao Giving Pointers

•The Boys Throwing Shao A Surprise Birthday Party

•Dizzee Coming Out To The Boys And The First Thing They All Do Is Get Up And Hug Him

•Dizzee Bribing The Boys Into Letting Him Paint Their Nails

•The Boys Just Being Loved, Together And Happy