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This past weekend, a number of us from Draugar Vinlands made a long trip out to Chicago, Illinois to join in the reception for Draken Harold Hårfagre (named after the first king of Norway, Harold Fairhair). We helped to usher in the ship and greet the crowds gathered to witness the ships historic journey and presence in the Great Lakes, as well as pose for pictures, answer questions about viking history, and bring attention to the longship’s arrival by marching in the Tall Ships parade.
During the reception we listened to keynote speakers and important figures share their delight and joy for the Draken to be here, as well as a reading of an excerpt from the Saga of Greenlanders, read in Old Norse and translated into Old English, about Leif Erikson and his discovery of North America, which served as the reason behind the ship’s presence in America.

During the reception, our own Jarl Ingvar Schildknacker was given a chance to speak, where he shared his own amazement at seeing such a massive warship first hand. He also took the moment to honor Captain Björn Ahlander in the same manner that vikings would have done 1,000 years ago; by presenting him with a valuable gift - this one being a handmade seax. Captain Ahlander was grateful, and jokingly remarked “Nowadays we come with friendship, but I might change my mind,” which was greeted by an eruption of laughter from the onlookers.

On our last day there, we were given an early morning private tour of the original viking longship that made it’s voyage across the Atlantic ocean. ‘Viking,’ an exact replica of the Gokstad ship currently housed in Geneva, Illinois, was built in 1893 and sailed from Norway to Chicago just in time for the World’s Fair, making the trip in only 28 days and proving to the world that the feat attributed to Leif Erikson was more than plausible, it was achievable.

Look at this..
The Merchant, is beating his slave girl for messing up his money count.
‘What’s so important about that?’
‘It’s laughable. The Woman; is being beaten for being a slave, and the man who is beating her; is a slave to money.
It’s laughable is all. Every man I have ever known or killed, was a slave to something. All men are slaves.
There are your merchants, and you have your slaves.
The Vikings, are slaves to war.
The Romans, were slaves to power.
The Greeks, were slaves to knowledge.
Your Faithseekers, are slaves to the piety.
Your Barbarians, are slaves to wealth, fortune, food, fame, and glory.
Even worse; some, like Thorfinn, are slaves to revenge.
—  Askladd, from Vinland Saga

This weekend at Draugar Vinlands, we spent 10 incredibly busy hours rehearsing, preparing, coordinating, and shooting scenes for a student directed short film. An original plot and script written in combination with the director and Jarl Ingvar, this short film stars members of Draugar Vinlands in a story about family, war, and death. We’re very excited for the final product and we can’t wait to share it with all of our wonderful friends and followers.


End of August with 2 wolfs of “les loups de fenrir”, 1 marten of “les berserkrs” otter of “les gardiens du fleuve” and I, traveled until the Canada for celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Vinland Clan. We have been invited for share food, fight and createdamazing moment with our friends !!!


Draugar Vinland had an amazing Faire recently in Stowe, VT. We set up camp, endured the rain and hot weather, and gave our usual performance full of vigor. We love demonstrating the variety of weapons we wield to the public, and even more we love the response from our enthusiastic crowds.
We take great pride each time we are told how authentic our performance or our camp looks, it’s what we always strive to achieve. And once again, we thank those who follow us for lending support and sharing our words and work.

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Did you stop reading Tokyo Ghoul? and if so, how? I need advice lol I wanna just stop reading it for at least a few months ;A;

Yeah I guess I kinda did a while ago? Well tbh I still read it since it’s brief dialogue and only 20 pages long usually

Anywho, I usually read a lot in general and can distract myself fairly easily with my bookshelf and libraries, but if you want manga/manwha to read try:

  • AJIN (morally gray characters, apathetic protag, amazing art that gets better and better)
  • Dorohedoro (there’s a lizard man and it’s long but worth it)
  • GANGSTA. (Ridiculously diverse cast and it’s dark)
  • OPM (no point explaining)
  • Vinland Saga (VIKINGS)
  • Berserk (Kinda slow now but the beginnings are dark gritty medieval horror)
  • Like a Butterfly (old man does ballet)
  • Their Story (Lesbians being cute man I love it)
  • Koe no Katachi (Bully realizes he was evil as a child and goes to try and fix his mistakes to the deaf girl he bullied)