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aesthetics edit: ragnar lothbrok x athelstan, university AU

Athelstan is a student, majoring in theology. He spends days and nights with the books until the moment he sees his new professor of Cultural Studies and Scandinavian history, Mr. Ragnar Lothbrok, and oh boy, Athelstan falls so hard for the man. Not just because of his deep voice which sounds like a thunder but also sweet like honey; not because of his gorgeous ocean-like blue eyes which Athelstan is ready to drown in. The man looks more likе a person from some small fishing village somewhere in Norway rather than a typical professor. With his emerging in Athelstan’s life, the young man has started to pray even more because - as he thinks - there is no way a good Christian can have such thoughts about another man. But at the same time, he almost melts on the spot every time Prof.Lothbrok pronounces his name during the class.


I adore their special bond it was clear that they loved each other very much.

I don’t believe in the Gods’ existence. Man is the master of his own fate, not the Gods. The Gods are man’s creation, to give answers that they are too afraid to give themselves.
—  Ragnar in Vikings 04x15: “All His Angels”

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• Ragnar would encourage you to look after animals, and to help children be more caring and loving towards the animals
• Ragnar would take time to explain his ideas and beliefs to you, in hope that his sons might understand as well
• Ragnar would open up with you, because he does not have that fear that you will be greater than him
• Father/daughter days kind of; Bjorn tags along
• Ragnar making sure that Bjorn looks after you during a fight
• Ragnar would tell you stories of Athelstan, and then back home, Bjorn would continue the story on
• Being really excited when Bjorn tells him you are with child