I’m giggling cause Vikings’ on air in Italy and they just showed that scene where Ragnar teaches Athelstan to fight and he tells him “not bad for a shieldmaiden”, but they translated “shieldmaiden” with “vergine” which actually means “virgin” in Italian. The sexual tension is even more obvious with this dialogue.

Lagertha’s character speaks to women in our day and age. I’ve lived through cheaters, abusers, and battle men trying to take my power away from me daily. I support myself, have more credentials, and make more money than most men my age. I fear never having children, while the Aslaug’s of the world have child after child. But we’re fighters and survivors - I am she and she is me. Clive Standen said Hirst doesn’t write “strong women”; he writes “women,” and that is the truth. That’s what we are.

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[internally chanting ‘I cannot with these fEELS I CANNOT’]
okay but real talk this is one of the best fanvids I have ever seen from any fandom ever: the colouring and voiceovers and the music goddamn

can we all just take a moment to remember that Vikings had a canon male/male pairing that was gay as hell and the beautiful, focal heart of the series and literally nothing and no one will be able to replace their bond, which was hands down the strongest relationship in the show by about 8 million miles

[rocking backwards and forwards, hugging self and crying silently]