Katheryn Winnick on Lagertha: “Lagertha has a lot of fears. She fears that she’ll never be loved as she was once loved before or she will ever love again. And I think there’s a lot of strength in those fears. There’s so many men that had betrayed her through the years. She’s been burned by Ragnar by her second husband who was abusive and by Kalf. As hard as it may be and as challenging as it may be I think at the end of the day: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. [x]

‘Gretchen Ruins Heathenry’ YouTube series announcement

Hi friends!  Contrary to the world’s ambitions, I am not dead.  I’ve been away from the blog because I’ve got some projects going on, one of which is this here:  I started a new YouTube channel, and started a series.  I’m calling it Gretchen Ruins Heathenry, and it’s gonna be an exploration of the history, folklore, religious practices, and languages of Northern Europe, with fun supplemental bits here and there.

Our first video, Who Were the First Heathens?, is embedded down there at the bottom of the post, and it presents some conjecture about where and when Northern European paganism originated, so if you want to learn about that, give it a watch and listen to my horrible Man Voice™ narrate at you over a slideshow of relevant pictures.  The next things I’ve got coming down the pipe will (probably) be a discussion about sexual mores in the early Medieval period, and then an analysis of Egil Skallagrimsson’s Saga (b/c he is bae).

Be sure and subscribe and share and whatnot if you like it, and/or if you’re sick and tired of the narrative being dominated by fash trash.

As 4B comes closer and closer, the fandom is starting to stir again and I love that. I do hope however that we can have a decent tone when we get to see what’s going to happen.

See, because my fave is Ragnar. And Ragnar is problematic as fuck. I don’t deny that nor am blind to it, but he’s still my favorite. And I know there are lots of hate towards him already, for what he’s done. I won’t argue with that. I have characters that others love that I can’t stand either, for what they’ve done. But I respect their opinions and their love for the characters, and I just hope we can have conversations instead of fights over this next part of the season.

I love this show, even with all its flaws, and I look forward to the activity that surely will come from 4B returning.

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One of the reasons the people of Hedeby turned against Lagertha was because she'd constantly leave them to go off raiding with Ragnar and Bjorn. She didn't have to do that. She couldn't even say that she had to go for family reasons. Rather she chose her personal desires over staying behind and tending to her peoples' needs, and that's why Kalf to persuade them. I think Lagertha likes power, but she doesn't like dealing with the politics and realities of ruling like Aslaug does all the time.

I mean the thing is I do think the people of Hedeby turned against Lagertha for legitimate reasons, because like… it’s not like Kalf had to do all that much. He literally gave a speech and he gained power lol. But the show never really addressed or dealt with that. The show pretty much only depicts her going raiding with Ragnar, which is fine, but then who is dealing with Hedeby while she’s away? These are questions that need to be answered! 

At least I can assume she became a better ruler after killing Kalf and then she concentrated on ruling Hedeby while Ragnar was away, so that’s something. Of course, now Hedeby doesn’t mean anything to her and she wants Kattegat which is just so insulting to her character arc? At least, in the way it’s being played it’s insulting, the idea that she’s trying to take back everything she lost and her world. It completely ignores everything she gained on her own. Like, regardless of what they did and didn’t show, her gaining Hedeby was a big, amazing part of her season 2 arc, her character grew after leaving Ragnar. So this whole idea that she lost her world with Ragnar is kind of erasing the importance of her superior season 2 storyline.

Burn Bright ~ Vikings Fanfic

Read Chapter 1 here

Rebekka is the younger sister of Ursula, Jarl Borg’s first wife. But she is no longer a child, and she must earn her keep to stay in favour with the mercurial Borg. When Borg raises the ire of Horik and Ragnar, it falls to Rebekka to destroy them from the inside. It is not a task she relishes, complicated by her feelings for the eldest of Ragnar’s sons. Bjorn/OC.