Viking family were buried with their favourite board games
Experts at the Perth Museum in Scotland claim that board games found in 36 Viking burials across Europe were to mark a warriors skill in the game during life but also so they could play in the afterlife.

The Viking family buried with their favourite board games: Playing pieces were thought to entertain the dead in the afterlife

  • Archaeologists have found board games at 36 Viking burials across Europe
  • They were buried alongside Viking warriors but also with families
  • Experts say it signifies the persons skill in the game and as a warrior
  • But the games were also to provide entertainment in the afterlife
I love how both Denmark and Sweden seem to have decided the final verse of 'Stars' wasn't gay enough in English

Danish!Javert: God, let me have him
Danish!Javert: Nothing’s regretted
Danish!Javert: Nothing left
Danish!Javert: I’ll catch him
Danish!Javert: Unfortunately, I must
Danish!Javert: by the sparkling night!
Swedish!Javert: God, give him to me
Swedish!Javert: He is my convict
Swedish!Javert: All I ask for*
Swedish!Javert: I’ll endure
Swedish!Javert: Until then… Yes, I swear!
Swedish!Javert: I swear by God’s stars!

idk man I spend a lot of time imagining Merida and Hiccup watching each others’ movies together and their reactions.


  • watching with excited wonder as Berk is attacked and burned
  • laughing hysterically at the romantic Astrid slowmo
  • “… ’raw vikingness’… can barely lift a feckin’ sword…”
  • level 8000 secondhand embarrassment
  • “that… that is not… He is NOT. NO WAY IS HE YOUR FATHER
  • “how hasn’t he just left you for the dragons to eat?”


  • trying not to ‘aww’ at bby Merida
  • “and how did you not give your poor mother an aneurysm”
  • great satisfaction out of seeing how terrible her aim used to be
  • horrified expression while wondering what crevice of Hell Mor'du crawled from
  • “oh your dad lost a foot too”

Lot of attention lately to the Dark Enlightenment that is mostly about Moldbug. The brown menace, she rides again.

As I’ve said before, his one innovation, “neocameralism”, is just a rewording of the Divine Right of Kings in corporate shareholder idiom, a legitimating myth for an order that hasn’t established itself yet. It is significant that that’s exactly the idiom native to the SF tech/VC complex - if shit kicks off in America, dollars to donuts it starts in the Bay Area, which I’ll maybe go into in another post, but suffice it to say I expect the particular details of his program to be pretty much irrelevant to anything.

I will say what intrigues me more, and what could really be a prime mover in that sector, is the construction of a modern, international, English-speaking Australian-American-Polish-British-Scandanavian-Serbian-etc. white volk around a core of internet-native right-masculo-populism on the chans’ “waifus, warhammer, and white nationalism” model

things like Polandball’s (and SatW’s) western-centric resurrection of the concept of national personification, heavy metal culture and the associated Vikingism, feelsguy’s translinguistic sense of selfhood, /pol/’s kebab removal… well, just /pol/’s /pol/ness, really

Now this sounds ridiculous. I know this sounds ridiculous. This is me pointing to cultural trends particularly prominent in the dork niche circles I notice and ascribing to them world-shifting importance. I know it is.

Sure, heavy metal is not the actual historic musical tradition of any people. Sure, Norse neopaganism is not the actual historic religious tradition of any people. Sure, Tolkien-by-way-of-D&D aesthetics are not the actual historic mythology of any people.

Unless, of course, you count “2008” as being a part of history, or those then alive as counting as a people. Or, say, 1978. Or, you know, the 19th century, and the conscious, successful Wagnerian construction of Germanic identity from which these are all lineally descended.

To Golda Meir is attributed the line that there is no such thing as a Palestinian, by which was meant that the identity didn’t predate the establishment of the state of Israel. True, true. Neither was there such a thing as an Israeli. But then the state of Israel was established.

Plus okay, the celebration of western, particularly north european feudal great man realpolitik that is Paradox games is a niche thing, not quite mainstream popular culture

but how about the celebration of western, particularly north european feudal great man realpolitik that is the Canadian/Irish/American “Vikings” series?

how about the celebration of western, particularly north european feudal great man realpolitik that is Game of Thrones?

*de Benoist voice* metapolitics



Sten lodret // vertical stone – roligt vejr // calm weather

Sten våd // wet stone – regnvejr // rain

Sten tør // dry stone – tørvejr // dry weather

Sten hvid // white stone – snevejr // snow

Sten usynlig // invisible stone – tåge // fog

Sten gynger // swinging stone – blæst // wind

Sten gynger kraftigt // vigorously swinging stone – storm // storm

Sten væk // gone stone – orkan // hurricane

“I have never seen more perfect physiques than theirs (the Rus), they are tall like palm trees, are fair and reddish…the man wears a cloak with which he covers half his body, leaving one of his arms uncovered. Every one of them carries an axe, a sword, and a dagger, and is never wihtout all of that which we have mentioned. Their swords are of the Frankish variety, with broad, ridged blades. Each man, from the tip of his toes to his neck, is covered in dark green lines, pictures and suchlike.”
- Ibn Fadlan in 921 AD

Artwork by Anders Kvåle Rue from the book “Vikinger i Krig” by Vegard Vike and Kim Hjardar, inspired by Ibn Fadlan’s 10th century description