OK February, you can end.

Because I’m looking forward to March. 

No, not for St. Patrick’s Day.

At the end of the month, March 26, my mother is taking my sisters and I on a viking cruise up the Danube river.  From Budapest to Passau.

Spending an extra 2 days in Budapest because we’re Hungarian on my mothers side, and ending in Germany because we’re also German on my mothers side. 

Of course I’ll be taking lots of pictures, and really looking forward to this trip.  Sure, I don’t have any money, so that part will suck, but it will still be fun.  The last time I was in Budapest was a 30 min layover where I had to stay on the plane, headed back to Iraq. Really looking forward to finally walking around.

That said, there may be a lack of updates near the end of March.  I’ll queue up some posts so no one forgets about me, and of course, given the chance, I’ll update while I’m on my trip.  Depending on the cost of wifi. 

So my mom is in Russia right now, on a Viking river cruise with her best friend. They are currently in Moscow for three days before they set sail up the river to St. Petersburg.

She’s amazed at the lack of litter or graffiti. Can any of my Russian followers comment on if this is a cultural norm, or if it’s just clean in the more central areas where she probably is?

Shaun Evans Confirms Endeavour Series 3

In a live radio interview today, actor Shaun Evans confirmed that ITV has commissioned a third series of Endeavour and that he will be returning to the title role.

As yet details are uncomfirmed, but it seems likely that filming will be begin in the winter with the story line continuing from series two’s dramatic finale.

The new series will be backed in the UK by Skoda who have drawn up a new sponsorship deal, taking over from Viking River Cruises.

Views of the Rhine from Basel, Switzerland
Yes - that’s some snow on the ledge - It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
I have vision of Christmas as I being the Viking River Christmas Marts Cruise down the Rhine to visit many Swiss, German, and French Christmas celebrations and the best of the Rhine Valley.
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