viking wire knitting


I don’t think I ever posted pictures of my costume entry for the Realm of the Elderlings cosplay contest back in October! So here’s that; I was really jazzed about making the charging buck patch and the earring more than anything, so while I was at it I combed Assassin’s Apprentice for every single description of Fitz’s clothing I could find. The outfit was kind of a mishmash of several different descriptions (one of a blue jerkin, one of Fitz complaining about his sleeves being too voluminous, and then the charging buck and “blue stone caught in a bit of net” obviously). That plus some period research got me this!

I used period techniques as much as possible (those cloth buttons took me forever….). The patch was made using the Bayeux stitch with a satin stitched buck on top, and the earring is a Lapis Lazuli bead inside some Viking wire knitting. The lighting was a little yellow for shooting the outfit on the form; the true colors are the ones in the close-up of the patch. I was really happy with how it all came out!


Happy Friday folks! This past week I finally -finally- finished this necklace. This had a long trip from mind to metal, starting out with just the Rebel Starbird pendant. Eventually I decided it would be a good idea to weave a metric ton of Viking knit for the rest of the necklace (it’s really only about forty yards of wire, I promise) and here’s the end result! It’s very tied into the aesthetics of Star Wars and Tatooine particularly, but I like to think it holds up even outside those associations.

Twin Suns Setting necklace - Copper, copper, some more copper, labradorite, even more copper.

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Wire wrapped Viking knit leather necklace

Handmade, simple and elegant, this is a piece inspired by viking folk art :) 

Item description:

  • * Approximate weight: 10 g (0.01 lbs)
  • * Approximate cord length: adjustable

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