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As your hand connected with her cheek, Margarethe’s head snapped back with the force of your blow. The blonde girl staggered a few steps back and instantaneously her hand reached up to hear stinging as well as reddened cheek. 

Fuming in nothing but pure anger that swelled through your veins, you raise a finger to her face as the young maiden jerked backward. Her light blue orbs held nothing but fear and astonishment. 

“This is simply a warning, sunshine. I swear to you that next time it won’t be a slap.” You threatened her, your voice lowering meaningfully, only for Margarethe to hear. 

“I dare you to utter another word about Ivar and my watchdogs will have a new chewing toy.”

Fluff Marathon # 4

Alex Hogh Andersen

Request:  You going in park and see Alex playing with his dog 😄

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With days like this you didn’t knew what to wear. The one moment the sun shined just enough to only get you out with a tank top while it all shifted from the one to the next and the clouds darkened your day. So you stood there for at least ten minutes looking outside, guessing about what it was gonna be, good or rather cold and windy. When you looked down to your mobile a smirk brightened your lips, not even considering the weather anymore. You grabbed your jacket and pulled it on, walking through your home, stopping before the mirror a moment to check if you were completely okay to go out like this. Every time his name crossed your mind on your phone screen you couldn’t resist on feeling a little light inside. You bite your lip and left the house, fully committed to not let this weather treatments ruin your day.

You always were an outside person, the park wasn’t a strange place for you to be, you often came her to study, or to run, now you were here to see something cuter than him trying to make amends … it was Alex playing with his dog. He stood with your back towards you, grabbing the Frisbee from the ground to active teasing the dog before him. She became a little old, but playing, she still loved it. You rested against the tree, smiling while he throws the Frisbee and she looked at it, not even running.
‘Come on!’ He challenged her, pointing towards it. But then she shifted her look to you and her tail started waggling before running towards you. You chuckled, while crouching down before placing your hands around her black head.
‘Hey girl.’ You greeted her, scratching her behind her ears. She loved it, she loved you and every time you saw her your heart melted all over again. She stepped closes, licking you in the face before resting her nose on your shoulder while you continued petting her. You looked up from her to Alex who grabbed the Frisbee from the ground and walked back over to the both of you.
‘One day you gonna love that dog more than me.’ He stated. You suppressed a smile an pressed a kiss on her head before standing up.
‘Maybe I already do.’ You reacted innocents. He held the Frisbee out to his dog and she grabbed it, laying down before chewing the edges of it while Alex wrapped an arm around you waist.
‘You don’t.’
‘No I don’t.’ You smiled, looking up into his bright eyes. He lowered his head and your fingers sneaked up over his chest, resting against his jaw while he kissed you. He kissed you already so much and every time something changed about it. Like the sweet tenderness in it was the first time you really tasted it. He pulled back and you smiled. ‘I defiantly love you more.’ You agreed on his previous words.
‘Thoughts so.’ He joked, placing a kiss on your forehead, not letting go of you. If was the safest place for you to be. You rested your head against his shoulder, taking in the smell you so much desired, missed.
‘Missed you.’ You stated, pulling back to look up to him.
‘Maybe you should study a little less and make more time.’
‘If I study less I won’t be a good doctor.’
‘You can always study on me if you need to.’ He taunted you. You chuckled, pushing your body on your tips, wrapping your arms around his neck.
‘You know I would love to.’ You played along before kissing him again. His hands disappeared in your coat, fingers finding their way to your back under your shirt.
‘Hmm,’ he stopped himself and let completely loose of you before get to far carried away. You gave him a bright smile, looking down to his dog who was watching him with the Frisbee between her teeth.
‘She starts to think you love me more than her.’ You guessed out the look that dog gave the both of you. Alex huffed and took the Frisbee, walking with you away from that tree.
‘If she actually would run after it.’ He brought his arm back and throw the Frisbee in the air. You started running, his dog following you in an instant, speeding after that Frisbee before you could even catch it. You were laughing, trying to pull it out of her mouth while she let her body hang against the ground, refusing to let go.
‘Give it.’ You smiled, pulling her over the grass for a little part before she let loose. You turned around and threw  the Frisbee back to Alex. His dog ran right back at him, she had fun, so did you. You looked how Alex snapped the Frisbee out of the air before his dog could, taunting her before throwing in a completely other direction. She stood there for a moment, confused before running after the Frisbee. You walked back to Alex and he embraced you from behind, some drops of rain started to fall out of the sky and you were glad to have taken your coat with you, Alex wasn’t so lucky.
‘I’m gonna get a cold.’ He muttered against you neck. You chuckled, placing a kiss against his cheek.
‘Maybe I should pre examine you, just to be sure.’ You said thoughtful.
‘Does your study break cover that?’
‘Yeah, like you said, I should make more time.’ You nodded. He squeezed your tighter and you smiled, looking to his dog that was still looking for her toy. Perfect.