viking re enactment

Newbie shines.

Hi Guys and welcome back to ‘ Beginners Journey into Leather Craft ‘ here at ‘HandMadeCP’. As always I would like to remind everyone that I am a relative Newbie myself..been doing this two years now and I am not a professional ..I just like showing others what I have learned..kind of sharing the wealth so to speak lol.This week I had a visit from a Lovely lady who wanted to learn how to make a Brace( r ) for her daughters Archery set and as you can see..the lady appears to have a hidden talent as this was her first ever attempt at making anything from leather, full disclosure..on this occasion I had to help with the actual design cutting with the swivel knife due to time constraints etc but in just a few short lessons she developed her tooling enough to produce the above design which she designed herself and the Bracer color was also thought up by is Purple topped with a Black antique. If anyone following this would like to have a go themselves feel free to delve into my archive where you will find complete ‘build alongs’ showing the process from start to finish but I hope you will enjoy seeing these few pictures showing some of the stages this lady went through during her visit to my humble little workshop to produce  what i think is an amazing piece for a complete Novice with no previous experience. Well done ‘M’.

First I was approached by ‘M’ who had an ‘Idea’ in her mind of a piece she would like to make for her daughters Birthday, I then got her to draw out her design, the result is shown here. Next I got her to practice her Tooling / beveling on scrap pieces after I had cut a pattern with a swivel knife to save time. The above scrap piece was her first ever attempt and I think she did amazingly for someone who has never held these tools before as any one who has will remember..they feel foreign in your hands for a while.

I was amazed that even close up her work looked great, imagine what she could do after some months of practice. I have always said that I do this blog in the hopes of ..Entertaining..yes, showing off my  own journey..yes, but also to hopefully encourage others to have a go and I am so happy to have been able to introduce someone to the Craft who was amazed herself to discover that she had a hidden ..until now..undiscovered talent for something. Just goes to show again I encourage you if you are reading this to give it a go..what have you got to lose and I would love to see someone put something up on here one day after being encouraged by seeing my own humble attempts. what a great feeling. I also would like to mention again that if anyone is in The Greater Manchester area and would like to drop in to have a go themselves please feel free to contact me through Tumblr messages, you would be more than welcome.

Before anyone points it out btw..I know the bow was in the wrong hand lol..we just happened to have the Bracer on that arm and only ‘that’ bow handy for the picture.

And here is the lovely finished piece, she chose a Fancy letter design with Vines and Roses, A purple back ground finished with Black antique to make the detail ‘pop’, also used were Brass/Gold colored Eyelets and finished off with a Braided style cord. The Bracer was also burnished using a canvas cloth then coated in Resolene to fix the dye, followed by a coating of Leather Balm with bees wax ( not necessarily needed but figured why not..makes it even more water resistant ) then the whole Bracer was highly polished and Voila..job done. Thanks for following my little blog I hope you will join me again soon for another little project, I am doing a few Bracers at the moment but each with a different design, more to come soon so please watch this space. Have fun if you are having a go yourself..don’t be us your pics.I have a small shop on ETSY..’handMadeCP’ if you would like to see where my own creations end up after here lol. Back soon, till then, stay crafty.