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I am just about to finish the game I talked about a while back, and than I will be resuming the development of Ragnarock. That’s also the reason I am making these posts so rarely lately, for which I am also very sorry :(

But I am glad to say that I am in the finishing stages of the other game, for which I will also make a post about it here so you can check it out. It’s a much simpler game, but it will be something to get me started on how publishing works :)

Anyway, because I didn’t make anything good to show you lately, here is the door animation for the inside of Rock INN Roll.

I can’t wait to get back to this game after I finish the other one, I promise I will post more often from that moment on. Thank you all for your patience.

Have a good day everybody!

Star Trek: DS9 Notes - S7, Vol. 3

There are technically six episode’s worth of reacts in here, but really four. You will see. And this set includes a few eps with lukewarm recommendations, but hey I still had a pretty great time here! It’s a good show, guys.

7x09 ‘Covenant’
- are they all gonna sit around and come up with what religion Odo should join, oh my god. Julian’s pitch for Klingon faith is literally: “He’d get to eat the hearts of his enemies.” compelling.
- Kira: “When I contacted the university they said you were on a spiritual retreat?”
  literally this Vedek: “Oh you know me, always searching for answers.” I am lol.
- wait, Brother Vedek what the fuck did you just give her! you knew it was going to do that!!!
- you know, it is rather a shame that Dukat ended up becoming this. there were moments of true brilliance with this character, along the way.
- it weirds me out that the station is tilted in this reality
- oh wait it’s EMPOK NOR, that’s the abandoned one that O’Brien led that salvage mission to where Garak touched the Alien goo and went space mad. OMG SO THIS IS REAL. oh fuck.
- I mean he did become a vessel for a Pah Wraith that one time, this is true
- Dukat is always claiming other people are truly responsible for shit he did, so it figures that eventually he would blame THE ACTUAL BAJORAN PROPHETS for his Bajoran Occupation
- ugh

this is a good look

- Dukat wants Nerys to grow used to this as her home, holy what
- Dukat gives people permission to have children, are you—???

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July 20, 1976 - Viking 1 makes first Martian landing.

Paving the way for generations of Martian landers and orbiters, NASA’s Viking 1 mission became the first spacecraft to safely land on the Red Planet’s surface on this day in 1976. 

Following launch on a Titan IIIE rocket, Viking’s 10-month cruise to Mars culminated in orbit insertion on June 19. Landing was initially planned for the United State’s Bicentennial on July 4, 1976, but initial reconnaissance of the landing site proved to be too rough for the spacecraft. Landing was delayed to July 20th at Chryse Planitia.

Two 1,270 pound landers complimented two orbiters as part of NASA’s Viking program. Viking 1 launched on August 20, 1975 and landed on July 20, 1976, while Viking 2 launched on September 9, 1975 and landed on September 3, 1976.

The first photograph ever taken from the surface of Mars showing one of Viking 1′s landing pads.

Viking’s science instruments provided the first in-situ, or ground based observations of Martian seismic, atmospheric, and chemical activity. Since the biological compatibility of Mars’ surface was completely unknown at the time, both Viking landers carried instruments to directly test of organic life. Of the four, three instruments returned negative results while one returned a positive result. 

This discrepancy was first attributed to the chemical reactions of inorganic compounds in the Martian soil, but has been disputed in recent years as data from other Martian missions has been analyzed.

Viking 1 far outlasted its designed operational lifetime of 90 days, transmitting data until November 11, 1982. Upon its deactivation, it was named the Thomas Mutch Memorial Station after the leader of the program’s imaging team.

Viking 1′s Surface Sampler Boom prepares to deliver a soil sample to the spacecraft’s science instruments.

San Diego Comic Con 2015!

Hey Vikings!

Recently History announced that Vikings will have another panel at this years Comic-Con in San Diego. If you are attending the event make sure to stop by the Vikings Booth to get a copy of the official Vikings SDCC comic book.

If you aren’t attending but hanging out in the area IGN has some more details on other fun activities for fans of Vikings.

Here’s the first look of the official comic book. Read more details of the panel and fan activities after the jump.

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