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  • Vikings

Vikings were said to never bring women upon their ships as they took the women they wanted once they reached the land they had decided to settle at, however, this was proven false by a team of people that researched vikings which found out that the vikings sailed with their own women from their homeland, women who even fought, it’s actually thanks to the women that some tribes could live on places like Iceland as there were no inhabitants when the vikings first arrived.

  • Pirates

In the pirate era it was said that bringing women on the ship brought bad luck, which was why many women disguised themselves as men, to hide their true gender when they were on board ships. This stupid view on women and this rumor started due to how men began to fight each other when they desired the women on board, and for the men to not make a totally fool out of themselves or to save their own skin, they started this rumor saying that women could cast a “curse” upon them at sea which was why they “suddenly” couldn’t control themselves, leading to this well known saying that: “it gives bad luck to have a woman on your ship” which was something people truly believed.

Me, a person who's never played Overwatch, and what I know about the characters:

Widowmaker: HON HON HON why she purple tho is that like a eat-too-much-carrots thing but with grapes???

Torbjorn: “TORBYURN” he got the snatchy snatchy grabby claw, does he attack with it?? I hope so. Wait does he have a peg leg?? He’s a pirate viking!!!

Tracer: She’s a meme queen and a homo goddess. Looks like she watched a hair tutorial from that Kingdom Hearts kid.

Symmetra: Looks like she owns several hoverboards, and has owned Google Glass since before it was released.

Genji: Daft punk fucked Samurai Jack??

Honzo: like a sadder Mulan character, he’s got sideburns for DAYS but he rocks the salt-and-pepper. Ball of anger.

McCree: That spelling doesn’t look righhhhhhhHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGHHHHHHH NNN

Solider 37: Commonly the DILF. I kind of thought that the mask was just like… his FACE. He winky wonks at Anna?? Wait how does he drink coffee

Anna: kickass grandma. Idk if Mexican, Aztec, or Egyptian but she’s 100% badass. She’s my hero and I want her to rescue me.

Reinheard: I called this man “Heart-throne” for some reason. He BIG AF and I don’t know a single thing about him. Probably cause he’s too hard to fucking DRAW.

D.Va: she’s xX_gAm3R-gURL_Xx and seems to have manifested the personality of a white knight minus the weight and the fedora. She’s probably a Smash Bros elitist. Probably brings her own controllers to parties.

Zyra: STRONK RUSSIAN LADY!! I feel like she’d wink a lot, yknow? I bet she can cook really well.

Mei: I worked at a Chinese supermarket for 8 months so everytime I hear Mei I get war flashbacks. She has a cute robo friend right?? I feel like Mei to overwatch is like the pikachu to SSBB. Def took style tips from Ice Climbers.

Reaper: He’s so edgy. Is he made of smoke?? Why the mask. SO EDGY!!! I love him tho and I think his mask looks like an angry owl. Please clean up your guns reaper!! Feel like he’s a wildcard, like he could be vegan or something.

Sombra: I’ve heard such mixed things with her. Not a fan of the “boop” but she looks cool when she attacks?? Why she salty tho, why can’t she be like a hacker robin hood? Is she Mr. Robot?

Zanyetta: idk if that’s his name but it’s robo ghandi. I thought he was one of those looks-nice-but-is-evil characters but I think he’s actually just a pure ball of hope and sunshine. Dig the floating balls. Kinda looks like a pokemon?

I CAN’T REMEMBER THE REST OF THE CHaracters but its 2 am and I don’t know why I exist so


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Kurt Wagner x Reader


Prompt: Kurt Wagner x reader where Kurt and the reader are in the X mansion library working on a group project together. And just this precious fluff being so curious and easily distracted. And the reader is like “Kurt, no, STAHP. Not the nonfiction, step away from the pirate book. No stay out of the history section this is a SCiEncE project kuRT LISTEN PLS!”


“Genetics…Genetics…Genetics…” you said as you and Kurt walked through the X Mansion library to find books for your project in Mr. McCoy’s class. You were doing a project on the X gene and why it caused the mutation that afflicted all of you. “Here we are. Kurt could you grab that-” You looked to your right and suddenly Kurt was gone. He had poofed to the other side of the library, looking over a book about pirates and Vikings.

“Kurt, over here!”


“Sorry,” he apologized, smiling sheepishly. He grabbed the genetic books off of the shelf and dropped them on a table. Immediately, his eyes began to wander, and he teleported to the history section.

“Kurt. Science. We can look at history books later. Science.” You reminded him, speaking calmly. He appeared at your side again in a puff of blue smoke and sat at the table. Though he was seated and flipping through a genetics book, he was looking everywhere else.

“Zhere are so many books here,” he mused, eyes flicking around the room.

“Professor Xavier does have quite the collection.”

“What’s over-” *bamf* “Here,” he picked a large red book off of the shelf. His face lit up.

“What’d you find?” you asked, laughing a little.

“Zhey have a book of fairytales,” he smiled, poofing over to the table to show you excitedly. “Zhey’re German!”

“Well would you look at that,” you smiled softly. He was so sweet, like a little puppy. It was the cutest thing. “Come on, buddy. Focus. Genetics, then fairytales.”

“Right. Right.” He nodded, setting the book aside. “Let’s get to vork, ja?”

“Right.” You nodded, pulling out a paper and pencils. “Let’s start with-” as soon as you spoke, he disappeared again. You had a feeling this was going to be a loooooong afternoon.


~Princess in Action~

Finally! my favorite female character of Sonic franchise, the Cat on fire!
We really need a full 3D game of the dimension of Blaze! with Sol Emeralds, NEGA, Marine, pirates, vikings, koalas and stuff haha… a man can dream.

And today is the anniversary of the release date in japan of Sonic Rush! I really love the rush series, it was very fresh and solid. And of course the music was incredible, so much style.

Lol, so remember Nelda Slytherin, 10th century pirate? It turns out the first documented case of piracy was in the 14th century so…haha, lets just say there were fewer pirates back then

edit: so, that’s not completely right, apparently, the Vikings were famous pirates in the 8-12th century, among other pirates, so Nelda’s piracy wouldn’t really be unheard of

The “Things Said Around My Gaming Table” Starter Meme

(Here’s a list of quotes from games I’ve run or played in for you to use as RP Starters. Enjoy!)

“Did you just interrupt Hades to arrest me?”
“Hi, Nice to meet you. Let’s go steal a moon.”
“Look, a Gyro Stand!”
“Scariest thing is you called it. Three hits and he’s down.”
“I’ve never seen somebody fail so hard that it looped back around to epic success.”
“What do you mean ‘Anubis declared me his BFF?’”
“Did the Pope’s brain just bless our endeavor?”
“Like him or hate him, that was still one hell of a shot.”
“He couldn’t even die without doing it dramatically.”
“It seemed dramatically appropriate.”
“I just saw an angel bodyslam a viking with a pirate ship while an ancient dragon watched.”
“And thus, the cover of a heavy metal album was born.”
“That guy was supposed to be your nemesis.”
“Holy reanimated velociraptors, Batman!”
“It seems that even a submarine sandwich is a lethal weapon in your hands.”
“The great Circe demands a boon. She wants the whole collection of Scrubs on Blu-ray.”
“Oooiiil Caaan…”
“Hand me your dice, you’re clearly cheating.”
“How are you still rolling so high?”
“Did you marry the dice gods?”
“You just stabbed him so hard his whole army exploded.”
“It’s not every day a Sasquatch asks me to save a child from being petrified.”
“Great. Stuck in Boston during the molasses flood.”
“Why is this the second time a bar has exploded as soon as we walk in?”
“Just sign the contract of friendship and this will all be over.”
“Physics are for people who can’t be magical girls.”
“You’re surrounded by magical girls and giant robots. This won’t end well.”
“Ow. Just cut out my heart, why don’t you?”
“What kind of guy modifies a lute to turn it into a crossbow?”
“I’m going to crash my airship into that dinosaur’s chest!”
“I cast Create Food on the floor! Three yards of Cotton Candy!”
“It has been nothing short of a pleasure, stabbing you in the back!”
“Bottles marked 'Drink Me’  rarely have good things come from them.”
“Why is there a rhinoceros in the space base?”
“How do you manage to set off every trap, and still survive?”
“Why is there a lighthouse in the middle of the desert?”
“On the bright side, now the enemy won’t get our ship.”
“He waited until the refugees were in another galaxy before sending a hit squad? What an ass.”
“Ok, you’ve hit your pun limit for the day.”
“That’s the second most beautiful boom I’ve ever seen.”
“Can the third rail on subway ground out magic?”
“I’m an undead samurai with an alchemical medal fused to his spine. I’ll stop drinking when I say I’m ready.”
“Yeah, the next time someone says they want a Yondu-style weapon, I’m going to say no.”
“What kind of guy looks at a swarm of spiders and says 'I should weaponize this?’”
“I just told a volcano to sit down and shut up, and it did.”
“I’m trying to write a song about our crew, but there’s not a lot that rhymes with 'wanton vandalism.’”
“I just beat up the Egyptian gods with a pair of crowbars.”
“We started with a good idea, took a quick detour into a bad idea, then got lost somewhere around dumb idea. Now I don’t know where we are.”
“'Nuclear grenades’ is never the solution to 'unstable wormholes.’”
“Oh whoops, left my magic staff’s safety on.”
“Wheel of insanity, turn turn turn…”
“This is one of the few times when a towering inferno is a good thing.”
“You know, usually reaching orbit from Baikonur involves a rocket…”
“We’ve gone ten minutes into this royal ball, and none of us have secretly tried to usurp the throne.”
“I have a heart of gold and a liver of steel!”
“That is not a heroic use of superspeed.”
“Please, baby, put the toaster down.”
“So, apparently, our new team motto is 'We’re gonna need a bigger…’”
“I’m gonna go Jumanji on him!”
“If you were so drunk that you can’t remember making the plan, maybe we shouldn’t do it.”
“Did he just break into a noir narration in the middle of a monologue?”
“This is just a symphony of shenanigans.”
“I think you just punched his hatred out of him.”
“So, i got married to a pyromaniac priestess…”
“You hacked an ATM to spit out only singles?”
“This place isn’t supposed to be on fire for another two hundred years.”
“For the record, sticking the landing hurts.”
“What do you mean 'he already used his world ending move on me?’”
“Pudding is not supposed to bounce like that.”
“I’m going to suplex the wolf onto the other wolf!”
“And this is why we’re not allowed to perform first contact.”
“We’re going to throw a party in the Silent Citadel!”
“Sorry, being shirtless is my natural state.”
“We don’t use our friends as projectiles!”
“I’m not drunk enough for this!”
“I am drunk enough, but I still don’t wanna be here.”

Mericcup Month - Princess Bride AU

To be honest, I didn’t know who to make who. I mean, it makes sense to have Hiccup as a viking/pirate, and Merida as the princess who does not wish to marry a man she does not love, but I reeeaaally wanted Hiccup to say:

“Hello, my name is Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III. You killed my father, prepare to die.”


Alex: “Jamies 2 favorite things are vikings and pirates…”

Jamie: “Dont say they’re my favorite.”

Today in History: April 5, 882 - Viking raids in West Francia

On this day in history, on April 5, 882, the Vikings of the “Danish Great Army” sacked the great city of Trier in East Francia, pillaging it for three days before returning to their fortified camp at Esloo on the Meuse. 

The movements of this great band of norse raiders evidence the interrelation between Danish raids on the countries of Western Europe: 

Intent on plunder, the “Danish Great Army” had arrived in England in 878 to join their brothers-in-arms in the wars against the Anglo-Saxons. Upon their arrival in the Thames valley, however, they learned that Guthrum and the “Summer Army” (which had first reached England in April 871) had been defeated by King Alfred at Edington and there was little chance of successful plunder in England following Guthrum’s baptism and treaty of peace with the Anglo-Saxons, they decided to stay the winter at Fulham on the Thames and in the following year – 879 – to sail for the continent.

In mid-July 879,  the “Great Army” landed on the coast between Calais and Boulogne and by the end of the month, they had already sacked Thérouanne and the abbey of Saint Bertin. As they proceeded deeper into East Francia, the vikings raided the Yser, Lys and Scheldt valleys before they encamped for the winter at Ghent.

Early the following year, in 880, this Viking army left its camp at Ghent and attacked Tournai, Condé, Valenciennes, and even Reims. While on his way home from Ribemont in February 880 – where he was ratifying a treaty giving him lands in the kingdom of Lothair II - Louis “the Younger" came upon a party of the Viking raiders at Thion (Thiméon; modern Belgium, prov. Hainaut) on the Sambre and heavily defeated them. However, his illegitimate son Hugh died in battle.

King Louis the Younger of Saxony didn’t press his advantage, however, and this defeat did not prevent the Vikings from burning Arras and Nimeguen. Moreover, in retribution, the Vikings mounted an expedition into Saxony itself, defeating Louis’s men in Saxony and killing Duke Bruno, brother of Louis’ wife Queen Liutgard, before returning to their camp at Ghent. In the fall, the Vikings moved to a new, fortified camp at Courtrai and between December 880 and January 881, raided Arras, Cambrai and Péronne. Within a matter of only weeks, around February 881, they were on the move again, harassing Thérouanne, the coastal region between Boulogne and Saint Valéry, and the Somme valley, including Amiens and Corbie, before again returning to their camp at Courtrai.

The Danes suffered another defeat on Aug. 3, 881 at the Battle of Saucourt, between Abbeville and Eu, at the hands of joint Kings Louis III and Carloman II of France. Their famous victory against the marauding pagans is celebrated in a German cantilène that has survived till this day. Unfortunately, because neither monarch pressed the advantage following their defeat, the Vikings were able to reach the Meuse valley unmolested and fortify themselves in a camp at Elsloo.

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In the winter of 881, they moved along the Meuse, sacking and burning the monasteries of St-Lambert at Liège, Prüm, and Inden, and even the palace at Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle; the main palace of Emperor Charlemagne), as well as all of the monasteries in the neighboring dioceses: Tongres, Arras and Cambrai, as well as part of the diocese of Rheims, much of which they had burned, including the fortress of Mouzon and the city of Maastricht on the Meuse. Moving to the Rhine, they burned Cologne and its adjacent monasteries, as well as Bonn and Koblenz. Early in 882, the Vikings were on the Moselle and, after attacking Treves, they attacked, pillaged, and burned the great city of Trier.

Starting on April 5, 882, Trier and its adjacent monasteries were sacked during a period of three days. Afterward, the Vikings made their way to Metz but were confronted at Remich on the Moselle by Bishop Wala of Metz, Archbishop Bertulf of Trier, and Count Adalard of Metz. Although Bishop Wala was killed in battle, their counterattack was unsuccessful and the Frankish forces fled, leaving Metz to be sacked by the invaders.  

*** It should be noted that though Viking raiders specifically targeted ecclesiastical lands (for reasons described in an earlier article) and although it wasn’t unusual for Frankish bishops to participate in battle or even personally lead armies or fleets against the Danish invaders – as was the case with Abbot Hugh of St. Martin, who took part in the battle at Thion (Thiméon) on the Sambre in February 880 – some prominent religious figures, including the formidable Archbishop Hincmar of Rheims, insisted that bearing arms and fighting was contrary to ecclesiastical law and their episcopal office. Following the death of Bishop Wala of Metz during the attempted defense of his bishopric and its populace in 882, Archbishop Hincmar wrote that Wala’s "bearing arms and fighting, (was) contrary to sacred authority and the episcopal office.”

Viking raids of Frankish lands that began in 879 ended in 892, when two armies - one led by Hasting (Hæsten ; Hasteinn), which operated along the Loire, and another led by Rollo, who’d been ravaging areas along the Seine -  departed for England, providing yet more evidence to the interrelation between Danish raids in Europe:

Although Hasting (Hæsten ; Hasteinn) and his band of Viking raiders (who had been attempting to establish a settlement on the Loire in the region of Nantes - a “Loire Normandy” - since the 870s through ethnic cleansing of the region) had been defeated in Frisia at the Battle of Louvain the year before, in 891, they didn’t leave because of Frankish military strength… they left because of the weather!

The summer of 892 was exceptionally dry, leaving the earth parched and destroying much of the harvest. Unsurprisingly, these natural conditions resulted in famine and disease and the Vikings retreated, seeking better opportunity in England in campaigns against King Alfred. Hasting and his (smaller) Viking band left Boulogne and, after landing in Kent in 892, began the War of 892 between the Danes and the English.