viking metal bands

I made this edit of Ragnarssons 👉@marcoilsoe @alexhoeghandersen@jordan_patrick_smith adding Swedish metal band @dynazty_official’s ‘Smoking Gun’ song lyrics 😊💕🎶🎸🔫

Original song with lyrics:


Artist: Enslaved
Song: Svarte Vidder
Album: Frost
Year: 1994

@latmover & @gallows-walker here’s another band y’all should look into.


1983. Stronger Than Evil

is the third album by band  Heavy Load.

Stronger Than Evil continues their commitment to quality in all areas. The sound is a bit more bright, and the guitars slightly less cutting here, but the band’s song writing has only improved further, adding more developed melodies and granite chiseled riffs.  

The band is often hailed as the first Swedish heavy metal band, and being the first Viking metal band.

Ragne Wahlquist     Torbjörn Ragnesjö     Eddy Malm    Styrbjörn Wahlquist