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odin · god of war, death, wisdom and poetry 

Norse god Odin was the main Viking god. He is also called All-Father since he is the father of all the gods and actually goes by some 36 different names. The main reason for that is his tendency to disguise himself on his travels among ordinary people. Wearing a mask, a long hat and a green coat was his favorite disguise. He is described as the king of the gods and the other gods make up his court and serve him even though they are powerful themselves. Odin is the wisest of the Viking gods and seeks his knowledge far, even to his arch enemies the giants. A lot of his knowledge comes from the giant Mimir. According to the story he went there to get a drink from the fountain of Mimir in order to gain supreme knowledge. Mimir didn’t allow him that unless he sacrificed one of his eyes. From then on Odin has been with but one eye since the other one is still on the bottom of Mimir’s fountain. He pulls his hood over the missing eye and that is one way of recognizing him when he is traveling among humans. From the giants Odin also got the mead of poetry.

Vikings Preference "How they go down on you" (NSFW)

(Woo first nasty Vikings preference XD Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gifs not mine/found them on google/credits to the original owners.)

Ragnar-When he would go down on you, he’d make you feel like weak and for you to realize that you belonged to him. He’d go in rough and pull all the stops to make you scream his name in the night, over and over.

Rollo-When he would go down on you, he’d usually be cocky and start off pretty strong making you beg him to stop, only to slow down and get more passionate. He’d want you to make you feel all of him and just show you how much he loves you.

Floki-When he would go down on you, he’d be a huge tease and flirt. He’d talk in between the attention he would give you, smirk and chuckle to feel you shiver and jump at his sudden flicks, making you just beg him to stop and for him to have it his way.

Athelstan-When he would go down on you, he’d usually be shy about it and would avoid it as he feels insecure about his abilities. However, whenever he would just have the urge to show you how much he loves you, that’s when he makes you weak.

Bjorn-When he would go down on you, he’d tease you slowly and keep his eyes on you the whole time, enjoying to see you slowly lose control. He’d hold your hands tightly to feel you shiver even more and just have his fun with making you whimper.

Ubbe-When he would go down on you, he’d have his fun with you and just do whatever he knows you happen to like. He’d just enjoy to see you in such pleasure and the fact that he was the one making you so happy, it only made him want to give you exactly what you want.

Hvitserk-When he would go down on you, he’d just be so confident that it would make you smile and laugh to see him that way. He’d have a playful talk about how you’re his and his only before planting soft kisses that gradually turn into long and heated ones that would turn you on even more.

Sigurd-When he would go down on you, he’d usually be in a jealous mood, from seeing how others flirt with you and just have the urge to remind you who you belonged to. He’d go on you hard, giving you so much pleasure you’d have to grip onto the sheets to control yourself.

Ivar-When he would go down on you, he’d make you realize that no one else could make you feel this good. He’d make you beg for him with the way his tongue would work on you and instantly his smirk and laughter would fill the room the instant he hears you scream for him.

Halfdan-When he would go down on you, he’d be surprisingly shy about it, only to gradually get into it. He’d only come to realize how intimate the act was when it would come to you, making him treat you rather kindly with light kisses before it turns around, with how much you’d begged.

Harald-When he would go down on you, he’d put all his efforts into making you scream and making sure the only thing that comes to your mind was his name. He’d be relentless with the teasing and the fingering, making you just grip onto his hair to hold yourself as his wishes come true.

Aethelwulf-When he would go down on you, he’d put your pleasure first and foremost. He’d kiss you there gently and quietly ask you as to what you’d wish for him to do. He’d try his best to give you exactly what you want before slowly changing to see you enjoying so much, making him want to release you.

King Ecbert-When he would go down on you, from the start of it, he’d have you in sheer pleasure and gripping onto anything to keep you from coming so fast. He’d be relentless with the teasing and just taunt you with his words, turning you on even more.

Lagertha-When she would go down on you, she’d have complete control over you and make you scream when she wants or needs you to. She’d take her own pleasure out of pleasing you so much, that to hear you repeating her name was enough to make her so happy.

Aslaug-When she would go down on you, she’d give you exactly what she would want from you. Making you squirm and beg, only to then remind you that you’ll have to pay her back for the pleasure she had just given you.

Porunn-When she would go down on you, she’d want to flirt with you as much as she can but slowly have a hard time when she starts to hear you begging for her. She’d find it so lovely that she’d just give you what you need and release you before feverishly kissing your lips.

Helga-When she would go down on you, she’d remind you of how much you mean to her and make you feel so loved. She’d pay attention to every and each corner she knows makes you sigh and close your eyes just to feel her.




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