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hello people of tumblr, just writing this so you didn’t think that i dropped off the face of the earth, i’m not going to be able to get on tumblr for 1 to 2 days because my computer bob is a stupid little shit and needs updates and such, and in that time i will be thinking of some new imagines YAY!, and hopefully you’ll all like them when i return, and you’ll all accept me back with loving arms and curved horns full of ale, goodbye 4 now, i shall return. much love and thanks from me <3

How much yall wanna bet commissar pussy is one of those weird teutonophile types that tells everybody they speak German when they only know about ten phrases and thinks Vikings were an ethnic group


Viking Silver Cuff Bracelet, 10th Century AD

The Vikings - groups of people who left Scandinavia to plunder and colonize northern Europe (and who traveled as far afield as northeastern North America and the great kingdoms of the Middle East) - had a distinctive artistic tradition, although many of the metals that they had were acquired through conquest and the silver for this bracelet likely was melted down from other silver objects, perhaps some acquired by looting a monastery or trading in the Mediterranean. Silver jewelry also had the dual role of being a form of currency and possibly also ritual offerings - most of our knowledge of Viking jewelry comes from buried hoards.