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Let’s say the vikings were quite found of the girls, they liked them a lot and got really invested on why Emma was so sad. 

Post 6x15, maybe post 6x16 as well since Blackbeard is here, Killian coming back and he has a little chat with those vikings.


Coming back in Storybrooke was quite the adventure for Killian. After Enchanted Forest, Agrabah and Neverland he was back in the town (with Blackbeard too, sadly) and he couldn’t wait to get back to his love.

“Where are we going now, Hook?” the pirate asked him.

“I’m going home, I don’t care where you are going.”

“So should I just walk around the town?”

“I don’t bloody care mate” Killian said turning to him “as long as you don’t cause any troubles.”

“Oh yes, because I am sure you will come after me.”

“Be sure of that.”

“Oh you should come with your love too. I can’t wait to meet the lass who turned you into this… hero” Blackbeard said mockingly. 

Killian wanted to answer him when they were approached by three, really big, men. He saw them in the town before, he knew they come from the Land of Untold Stories and Henry told him that they were vikings, but he never heard about any trouble caused by them.

“Are you two pirates?” one of them asked. 

“Well I am, this one was. Now he likes to play with the heroes” Blackbeard answered. 

“Who made sad the sweet blonde lady?” the same viking asked. 

“Oh I believe he is the one you are looking for” Blackbeard said before Killian could answer. 

“Can you shut up?” Killian told him and then turned to look at the vikings who now had axes in their hands. 

“Whoa mate.”

“You made sad the cute lass, you will pay for that.”

“Easy mate. What the hell are you talking about?”

“The blonde girl was sad and crying. She was sad because of you, now you will pay!”

“Wait wait wait. Are you talking about Emma? Emma cried? Because of me?”

“Aren’t you the pirate she loves, that left her?”

“I am, but I did not leave her.”

“She was sad!”

“Look, this is none of your business.”

“Listen here pirate. Next time the lady is sad we are coming after you and be careful, our axes are enchanted, they can cut anything and anyone.”

“Of course they are.”

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Scrap Heap - An OUAT Ficlet

A/N: So, this little bit of silliness was inspired by David’s commentary in this week’s first sneak peek. I don’t disagree with him – Granny’s really isn’t the place for the CS wedding – but I thought he was a bit harsh in his overall assessment of the place. And I thought Granny definitely wouldn’t like it – and probably would have overheard it, with her wolf-hearing and all, and so might have tried to exact some…revenge. So. This was born – roughly 950 words of David-centric silly fic, with a touch of Captain Charming near the end. Also, it assumes that a little more time elapses between the sneak peek and when the wedding will take place than will probably happen on the show – maybe a few weeks or so. Hope you all enjoy!!

It all started so subtly that David almost didn’t notice it…at first.


His toast had been just a little bit darker than usual one morning when he’d stopped in for breakfast on his way to the station, but he’d washed down the slightly burnt aftertaste with the last of his coffee and had gone on his way with barely a second thought.

Then, the burger he’d gotten one afternoon while spending some quality bonding time with Henry had been a lot rarer than he preferred – actually, if he was being honest, it had been practically raw – but he’d just grimaced (after discreetly spitting the one bite he’d taken back into his napkin) and politely asked if it could be put it back on the grill for another couple of minutes. When the plate had been returned to the table, his burger had been perfectly cooked and he’d gone back to enjoying the afternoon with his grandson.

In hindsight, he supposed the salt he’d received in his coffee instead of sugar during an all-too-rare-in-recent-history date night with Snow – an honest mistake, the slightly frazzled waitress had pleaded – really should have been a tip-off, but at the time he’d just been too happy that his wife had not been in full on Mother-of-the-Bride mode to think too closely about anything else.

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How to Train Your Dragon cosplay

We made our debut with these costumes at Kikori con, 2016. 

Astrid, Hiccup and Ruffnut, three of the riders of Berk. All of the costumes are handmade. 

queenofswords  asked:

I'll bite—what other animal cults were involved in hamask? And if the boars were to Freyr and the wolves to Odin, to whom went the bears, do we know?

Hello queenofswords and thank you for the question.
If you bite then please not too hard.

The evolution of Germanic warrior cults is sparsely documented and there is much conflicted or unclear information. There has been much lengthy academic debate on some aspects also but I will do my best to present the options here. Some of the concepts are simply that and should not be taken as facts.

The first generation of Germanic warriors of which we have concrete evidence are the Harii, who were mentioned by Tacitus in the 1st Century CE.
His description gives us many connections to what we know of other religious warrior cults:
“As for the Harii, quite apart from their strength, which exceeds that of the other tribes I have just listed, they pander to their innate savagery by skill and timing: with black shields and painted bodies, they choose dark nights to fight, and by means of terror and shadow of a ghostly army they cause panic, since no enemy can bear a sight so unexpected and hellish; in every battle the eyes are the first to be conquered.”
Lindlow states of the Harii that "many scholars think there may be basis for the myth in an ancient Odin cult, which would be centered on young warriors who entered into an ecstatic relationship with Odin". Scholars have also proposed that the Harii would become the archetype of the Viking concept of the einherjar that are discussed in Norse Mythology and also that the Harii are the early embodiment of The Wild Hunt. You must remember that the Harii predate their possible berserker descendants by roughly 800 years.

Tacitus wrote of the Aestii (on the Baltic) who spoke a language more like British than Suebic, and who worshipped the Mother of the gods (Freyja?), that their warriors wear, “as an emblem of this cult, the device of a wild boar, which stands them in stead of armour or human protection and gives the worshipper a sense of security even among his enemies”. 

Also mentioned by Tacitus where a Germanic tribe known as the Chatii who lived in what is now Germany. They were documented as late as 723 by St. Boniface. It has been suggested that the Chatii warriors wore the skins of European big cats such as the Eurasian Lynx although nothing exists to connect that to a religious cult or any specific deity.

The Suebi are the first Germanic tribe with links to the (relatively) more modern Old Norse sources and runestones. Sváfa (whose name means “Suebian”) was a Valkyrie who appears in the eddic poem Helgakviða Hjörvarðssonar. The kingdom Sváfaland also appears in this poem and in the Þiðrekssaga. Scholars have linked the Suebi warriors to birds and the connection holds with the imagery of Valkyrie as birds too.

Finally we arrive at the Viking Age and the berserkers, which etymologically consists of ber (bear) and serker (skin or cloth). However, Snorri, and his successors well into the nineteenth century, confused ‘ber’ with ‘berr’, that is, naked. From this they concluded wrongly that the warriors went to battle without chainmail. Instead, they should have been perceived as warriors, whose fylgja were bears, fighting in its guise, but not necessarily wearing bear fur/coats. In Old Norse literature the berserker is described as the most feared of all warriors, and they are mentioned along with ulfheðnar as Odin’s warriors. It is often seen as being an animal more connected to the Saami and Finland, but also very closely associated to shamanism, including animal transformations. Bear claws in Norwegian graves from the Migration Period are interpreted as symbolic expressions of ‘hamskifte’ (shedding or moulting your body like an animal) related to shamanistic characteristics of an Odin cult. 
Scholar Hilda Ellis-Davidson draws a parallel between berserkers and the mention by the Byzantine emperor Constantine VII (AD 905–959) in his book De cerimoniis aulae byzantinae (“Book of Ceremonies of the Byzantine court”) of a “Gothic Dance” performed by members of his Varangian Guard (Norse warriors working in the service of the Byzantine Empire), who took part wearing animal skins and masks: she believes this may have been connected with berserker rites.

The Úlfhéðnar are fairly well documented, with strong archeological evidence and also seem to be rather well attested throughout the historic sources as warriors dedicated to Odin. Úlfhéðnar actually translates as “wolf hood” rather than “shirt” or similar, which is interesting.

Lotte Hedeagar has a great book called “Iron Age Myth and Materiality” with several chapters dedicated to themes of human/animal merging in Viking Age people and specifically warrior cults. Mentioned and documented there are wolf, wild boar, stag and raven/eagle being attached to military gear. Several archeological finds depict warriors as half-man, half-boar such as the one below from Vendel, Sweden:

In that book she goes into great detail about the links between Boar warriors and Freyr/Freyja. There is also a very interesting paragraph where she discusses the way in which the animal invoked would define the manner in which a warrior fights:

The wolf warrior, bear warrior and wild boar warrior represent three different forms of combat, symbolised by the three animal species. The bear represents the solitary, independent and majestic figure with huge power and noble conduct that nevertheless can in a fury destroy everything and everybody in its surroundings. The wolf, however, always fights as part of a pack with strong solidarity. It is sly and bloodthirsty. Thus berserk and ulfheðnar represent two different ways of fighting in the Viking Age and Late Iron Age. The berserk is the individualistic warrior whose reputation was created through his impressive courage and ability to fight. At the same time he should never attack an un-armed or powerless enemy. Thus the berserk is seen in contrast to the ulfheðnar, the Viking warrior group par excellence who attacked in force to plunder and destroy. Whereas the bear was a noble enemy, the wolf was cruel and sly. In addition there was the wild boar, associated with devastating power and savagery. Svínfylking is the name for warriors in a wedge formation with one person in front, after that two, then three, etc… which means in a formation corresponding to the shape of a boar’s snout. In Old Norse literature the wild boar hamr seems mostly attached to the act of protection.

Finally, we reach the most recent example, the “trollaukin” which means to be possessed by trolls or spirits. It was a state that was mentioned as recently as the 19th Century in rulebooks for wrestling as a banned practice. It is not fully known what it meant to be “possessed by trolls/spirits”. It could be that after Christianisation that the Norse pantheon were considered demons, devils or other supernatural spirits/trolls and that invoking those deities might be considered as invoking trolls or spirits. Maybe it is a more modern update where those trolls or spirits still hold religious status (such as in folk belief) and the invocation was used to become augmented by these trolls, often seen as forces of nature by this time and descendants of the ancient Jotnar of Norse Mythology.

While my answer is far from exhaustive, I am aware that it has gotten quite lengthy so I hope that answers your question satisfactorily.

Til års og fred.


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Viking Silver Cuff Bracelet, 10th Century AD

The Vikings - groups of people who left Scandinavia to plunder and colonize northern Europe (and who traveled as far afield as northeastern North America and the great kingdoms of the Middle East) - had a distinctive artistic tradition, although many of the metals that they had were acquired through conquest and the silver for this bracelet likely was melted down from other silver objects, perhaps some acquired by looting a monastery or trading in the Mediterranean. Silver jewelry also had the dual role of being a form of currency and possibly also ritual offerings - most of our knowledge of Viking jewelry comes from buried hoards.

dxsturbxa  asked:

I just came up with this: you being with the Vikings group since the beginning while dating one of them and becoming best friends with floki. When all of the original group dies you are alone and floki is too, so you move to floki's house because you just have each other now, and when you have nightmares he hugs you and tries to calm you down, and when he's been too crazy about something you do the same with him 💜💜💜


anonymous asked:

Can you recommend me some crossover fanfic with merlin / arthur?, but cherik. Magic, magicians, epic fantasy, kings, princes and kingdoms. And I would like to be a long story to read.

Anon I would be thrilled to recommend you some favorites!

Quickly String the Harp [Cherik, Erik/Raven, NC17, Sibling Incest]

Erik and Charles as the doomed Arthur and Morgana of their universe.

Mod Note: I can not tell you HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS FIC - the author (sadly the work has been orphaned) did an incredible job with their characterizations and making their conflict resonate with the backdrop of the Arthurian legend. Must read!

And here are some other fabulous fics that fit some if not all your criteria; you should check them out!

Burn Your Kingdom Down by spicedpiano [Cherik, NC17, Dubcon]

Erik’s people were brutally massacred when the Crusaders took Jerusalem. The sole survivor, Erik fled to northern Europe, only then to be captured as a thrall by Viking raiders. Since that day he has fought his way up to leading a group of Vikings on an invasion of the Christian mainland, killing every Crusader he can find. But when he captures a thrall of his own, a young witch who gives his name only as Charles, he discovers that there is a darker magic than his at work - and the fate of the known world may rest in his hands.

Winter Comes With a Knife by RedStockings[Cherik, Charles/Emma R]

It apparently came to no one’s surprise that the war-mage Erik Lehnsherr took up residence in the Dark Keep. I knew he was going to choose my sister, Raven, to be his apprentice so why wouldn’t he let me go? What did he want from me?

My name is Charles Xavier, I can read minds and use magic. I’ve met Kings and Queens, mages and magic users. I’ve travelled through lay-lines and jumped through the Dark Void… but none of that really matters.

I am leading an army into war, I am scared and I never wanted this. I’ve come to realise that what I want, rode into my life when I was still a child. Now he’s out there, ready to charge into battle. Ready to die for me.

And check out this previous post with Charles and Erik as royalty fics. 


Emperor Charles, Count Odo and Princess Gisela, Vikings S03E07 “Paris”

The show presents an amalgam of the two historical events and three different rulers named ‘Charles’.
There were notably two separate sieges of Paris: The first one took place in 845: 

-The Siege of Paris and the Sack of Paris of 845 was the culmination of a Viking invasion of the kingdom of the West Franks. The Viking forces were led by a Danish chieftain named “Reginherus”, or Ragnar, who traditionally has been identified with the legendary saga character Ragnar Lodbrok. Ragnar’s fleet of 120 Viking ships, carrying thousands of men, entered the Seine in March and proceeded sailing up the river. The West Frankish king Charles the Bald assembled a smaller army in response, but as the Vikings defeated one division, comprising half of the army, the remaining forces retreated. The Vikings reached Paris at the end of the month, during Easter. After plundering and occupying the city, the Vikings finally withdrew after receiving a ransom payment of 7,000 French livres (2,570 kilograms or 5,670 pounds) of silver and gold from Charles the Bald.
-Charles the Bald was the King of West Francia (843–77), King of Italy (875–77) and Holy Roman Emperor (875–77, as Charles II). After a series of civil wars that began during the reign of his father, Louis the Pious, Charles succeeded by the Treaty of Verdun (843) in acquiring the western third of the Carolingian Empire. He was a grandson of Charlemagne and the youngest son of Louis the Pious by his second wife, Judith.

-The Siege of Paris of 885–86 was part of a Viking raid on the Seine, in the Kingdom of the West Franks. The siege was the most important event of the reign of Charles the Fat, and a turning point in the fortunes of the Carolingian dynasty and the history of France. The siege is the subject of an eyewitness account in the Latin poem Bella Parisiacae urbis of Abbo Cernuus.
With hundreds of ships, and possibly tens of thousands of men, the Vikings arrived outside Paris in late November 885, at first demanding tribute. This was denied by Odo, Count of Paris, despite the fact that he only could assemble a couple of hundred soldiers to defend the city. The Vikings attacked with a variety of siege engines, but failed to break through the city walls after some days of intense attacks. The siege was upheld after the initial attacks, but without any significant offence for months thereafter. As the siege went on, most of the Vikings left Paris to pillage further upriver. The Vikings made a final unsuccessful attempt to take the city during the summer, and in October, Charles the Fat arrived with his army.
To the frustration of the Parisians who had fought for a long time to defend the city, Charles stopped short of attacking the Viking besiegers, and instead allowed them to sail further up the Seine to raid Burgundy, as well as promising a payment of 700 livres (pounds; 257 kg). Odo, highly critical of this, tried his best to defy the promises of Charles, and when Charles died in 888, Odo was elected the first non-Carolingian king of the Franks.
-Charles the Fat also known as Charles III, was the Carolingian Emperor from 881 to 888. The youngest son of Louis the German and Hemma, Charles was a great-grandson of Charlemagne and was the last Carolingian to rule over a united empire.

-Charles III called the Simple or the Straightforward (Latin Carolus Simplex) was the King of Western Francia from 898 until 922 and the King of Lotharingia from 911 until 919–23. He was a member of the Carolingian dynasty. In 893 Charles was crowned by a faction opposed to Odo at Reims Cathedral, though he only became the effectual monarch with the death of Odo in 898. In 911, a group of Vikings led by Rollo besieged Paris and Chartres. After a victory near Chartres on 26 August, Charles decided to negotiate with Rollo, resulting in the Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte. For the Vikings’ loyalty, they were granted all the land between the river Epte and the sea, as well as Brittany, which at the time was an independent country which France had unsuccessfully tried to conquer. Rollo also agreed to be baptised and to marry Charles’ daughter, Gisela.

Source: Wikipedia

Image 1: Charles the Bald

Image 2: Charles the Fat

Image 3: Charles the Simple

dude you could write such a badass description of the how to train your dragon movies and show but once people hear it’s ANIMATED and not live-action they’re immediately turned off and think it’s for kiddies

for example

movie 1. there’s these vikings, huge badasses and they fight dragons. there’s 6 teenagers on the island and one of them is really scrawny and isn’t allowed to help in the fight. except he helps his dad’s best friend in the blacksmith forge. oh, yeah, his dad is the fucking chief. so already there’s shame on his plate for him.

he shoots down the most elusive, deadliest dragon ever and goes out to find his shot. he’s gonna kill the dragon, but then he frees it instead. the dragon could so well kill him but he doesn’t. he lets the kid LIVE. and he’s missing a tail fin, too, so now he can’t fly, so the chief’s son makes him a new tail and learns how to ride dragons and these two become the best of bros. ever.

except at the same time the chief’s son is being trained in the art of killing dragons, and is tasked with killing a dragon in the kill ring.

but he doesn’t. he tries to demonstrate how to live peacefully with a dragon, but his dad gets mad and the dragon goes berserk when it hears yelling and tries to kill the chief’s son, but that big badass dragon the kid’s been learning to ride comes in and saves him and is taken away so his dad can go find the dragons’ nest and kill the alpha/queen. the kid teaches the other 5 teenagers how to ride dragons and they go off to help the kid’s dad.


tv series, season 1. everyone is learning how to cope with their new dragon friends because, ya know, they're dragons. they breathe fire and shit. a whole lot of shit goes down including the kid getting electrocuted, the dragons being banished, attempts on peoples’ lives, kidnapping, getting trapped on an island with a group of vikings who want to use dragons to destroy the island the kid is from, people almost get thrown from cliffs, dragons are given the order to kill others. a shitstorm of stuff goes down.

tv series, season 2. as opposed to a lot of character development in the last season, this season is a hell of a lot more action-driven. those crazy vikings from the last season are back and constantly trying to attack the island, going as far as planting the eggs of deadly dragons underground so they’d dig up holes from underneath the island. another group of crazy vikings joins the main antagonists as their leader–who has deranged in his fucking name–are trying to kill the deadly dragon that is our main protagonist’s best friend. the kid is starting to have more responsibilities, as he will be chief one day. a lot of new, deadly dragons, this kid almost dies at least twice an episode, the two crazy viking groups TEAM UP until the deranged one tries to drown and electrocute the leader of the other group–WHO SHOWS UP ALIVE AND SAVES THE LIFE OF ONE OF THE OTHER TEENAGERS AND THEN TEAMS UP WITH ALL OF THE TEENS TO RESCUE THE MAIN PROTAG’S DAD, WHO WILL DIE IF HIS SON DOESN’T SHOW UP WITH HIS DRAGON. shitstorm of stuff goes down in this season.

movie 2. dragons are entirely into the society. it’s 5 years after the 1st movie and tv series. the main protag kid is running away from his responsibilities–well, flying–and he made himself a fucking flying squirrel suit. then he and his girlfriend–who seemingly got together at the end of the 1st movie–find this huge sketchy-ass ice formation. his girlfriend’s dragon is shot down and captured and the girlfriend almost falls to her death. so the two of them go confront these people–dragon trappers working for some crazy dude trying to build a dragon army

so the main protag and gf go back to the island and tell the chief and the chief’s like “holy fucking shit we’re not looking for the crazy ringleader dude that guy’s bad news homies” except the son’s like “k thanks for your unapproval i’m leaving anyway” and escapes. his dad, dad’s best friend, and his girlfriend (who gathers up all the other teens/20 year olds) to go after him

he goes to confront the dragon trappers and stuff and tries to actually be a willing captive (and gets his girlfriend and the others in on it) except his dad shows up and his like “SON THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING" 

so kid runs off with his dragon and is just pissed the fuck off and then out of nowhere this huge motherfucking dragon and ferale vigilante dragon rider show up and kidnap this kid out of the sky and his dragon ends up almost drowning (remember he has a prosthetic tail fin and he needs his rider for help controlling it) until he’s rescued by sea dragons.


and then later on the FAMILY reunites while meanwhile the other kids this kid’s age get captured by main ringleader mr. crazy and their dragons are captured. and then they find the giant dragons’ nest the family is in and BAM ATTACK 

so now you have this huge battle raging and the two alpha dragons are fighting. good alpha loses and dies, bad one takes control of all of the dragons, and this kid’s dragon is given the order: kill his fucking rider. and so the kid is trying to talk to his dragon when he sUDDENLY SHOOTS TO KILL AND HERE COMES HIS DAD JUMPING IN THE WAY AND TAKING THE SHOT AT THE LAST MINUTE


so you have that ship-burning funeral for the chief and the chief’s best friend makes this heart-wrenching speech and now this kid is the chief. the fucking chief. and he’s like "fuck we have to go back” so they get on baby dragons who don’t listen to anyone not even alpha dragons and back on the island the kid reunites with his dragon and you have this scene where he’s like “please bud you’re my best friend you didn’t mean it please come back to me you’re my best friend” and that snaps the alpha control

and then the two of them are falling through the sky and barely make it back up alive and BAM BAM  MORE BATTLE and then the kid and the dragon get separated again and the giant alpha blasts ice at the defenseless kid and he’s about to get frozen to death in a huge block of ice


“holy shit that’s insane what movie is that”

“how to train your dragon. it’s animated and the animation is so flawless and–”

“oh, it’s some lame kid’s movie :/”

anonymous asked:

1/2: in the show, it sometimes feels like Hiccup's relationship w/ the others is kinda strained (being rlly serious while they joke around) but we see he a Toothless goof about a lot

2/2: and I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that they used to hate him, and Toothless was his first friend. Thoughts?

My thoughts are the same as yours! I believe that Hiccup has always struggled to socialize with the Viking group as a whole. While his relationships do become better over time with everyone, he always remains a little bit distanced from most of the teens due to his long history of isolation. As a child, he was scoffed at by the other children for being “un-Vikingly.” After the Battle of the Red Death, Hiccup quickly became leader of the Dragon Academy and celebrity to the Vikings as a whole, which placed him in enough of an awkward position that socialization never developed entirely naturally.

Being an introvert never helped Hiccup either. He places Toothless as his best friend, and as with a lot of introverts, he prefers pretty small social circles and socialization with only a few people. So while Hiccup certainly goofs around with Toothless and Astrid, he demonstrates some pretty typical introverted patterns by being a little less outgoing and cohesive with the larger group as a whole.

I talk a lot about my thoughts on Hiccup’s semi-strained socialization here. It does not include commentary on Race to the Edge, but I think the new season of the television series only continues to demonstrate Hiccup’s slight strain. He has gotten better with the youths in Race to the Edge, but it’s still not quite there. He sometimes can joke a little - hey, he even dances with Snotlout in “Reign of Fireworms” - so we know Hiccup is settled in and comfortable with them. Still, it remains a fact he acts slightly more apart than the others do at times.

I kind of view this fandom as a huge, friendly group of Vikings that just love having fun and telling stories and joking around around a big wooden table, sharing food. I just see us as a bunch of Hooligans having a party in the Great Hall basically.