viking craft


Loitsu is the Finnish word for a spell, an incantation. Loitsu Crafts is the shop of my incredibly talented friend Renée, and how fitting it is - she came to Finland from the other side of the world, yet all of her creations sing the songs of ancient Northern magic.
And right now, her shop needs your support. Please visit LOITSU CRAFTS to help my dear witch friend.


After a year of procrastination, the Køstrup apron dress is finally there ! All hand sewing with linnen tread, 100% wool. I’m really happy with the result, even if I don’t find it very flattering on me… but it’s my 21 century princess mind I guess ;)


Viking Kylux Plushies!

I’m thoroughly enjoying the Viking au fic @kyluxtrashcompactor and @pandalolli are working on together so I had to make the boys! Plus I wanted to do something nice for my wonderful friend @kyluxtrashcompactor when she needed some cheering up. ♥️♥️♥️