viking burger


it was necessary to grab a bite to eat in Umatilla.  it was getting late in the day (like 8pm or shortly after) and i knew from the map that i wasn’t heading into anything cosmopolitan at all.  so, i backtracked and did a sortie thru town.  when you have relatives from Iceland and a thing for burgers, there’s no way to avoid the “Viking Burger”.

it was no “Yeti Burger”, let me tell you.  but it was really good in a classic, old style burger way.  the decor certainly elevated things.  and that pic in the top right corner … i don’t know what the hell that was.  looks a lot like a fucking submarine.  and i’m sure they’ve been up the Columbia some time in the past.

Umatilla, OR. - 4/2012

vikingburger  asked:

What's your opinion on the myst novels?

Hi and thanks for the ask! I love the first two and take the third with a grain of salt! Which is a gosh darn pity because it was a prime opportunity to see Atrus and Catherine on an ADVENTURE!!1… and the characterization often falls flat, among other things.

I think that they are all very smart choices of important tales of D'ni canon that can be told through a linear narrative. We get the direct background of the games’ tragedies, we get the most crucial event that is the Fall of D'ni, we get the first attempt at restauration (and a. somewhat hamfisted adventure while we’re at it). Great stuff, and the Book of Marrim would’ve merrily upheld the tradition by showing us Releeshahn’s early days.

I also think that maybe David Wingrove isn’t very well suited to write events that are bigger than a certain scale, because for me at least, there is a strict inverse correlation between the parts of the books that are more interesting/better written/feel closer to the games’ distinctive mood and the more ‘epic’ bits, that I remember as rushed and clichéd.

But entire chapters on tiny Atrus and his baby scientific discoveries! Romantic impossible Ages (that aren’t Ahnonay, thankfully)! D'ni people extensively talking about rocks! Anna learning the language! That’s all very Myst and I’m glad they exist. Some of my all-time favourite canon factoids come from the books, too, so there’s that. Who wrote Myst Island, for example. Or the fact that Atrus grew up with minimal human contact, which to be honest explains a lot.