so guys you realize this means rose never told her mom she loved her

like??? imagine mom lalonde always telling rose she loved her and sending her cute texts full of hearts and rose just blatantly ignores all of it 

and mom lalonde starts buying rose all these gifts hoping itll help rose see that she does love her but rose takes it as some passive aggressive game and becomes even more distant

mom just wanted rose to know she was loved

so i kind of have a wtnv theory?
so we all remember the cassette episode where we find out cecil had a brother and about his mom and stuff but cecil doesnt remember anything
and the fact that they never mention cecils father is odd to me
so basically my theory is that cecils dad was from desert bluffs. the people from desert bluffs and night vale shouldnt copulate together because of the fact that theyre like alternate realities where everyone has a double who is their opposite. when cecil was born, he was BOTH cecil and kevin trapped inside one body.
cecil always assumed the boy with the hollow eyes who said mean things was his brother, because they looked alike, but in reality no one else could see kevin. kevin would sometimes take over cecils body (this was usually brought on when cecil looked into mirrors, this why cecils mom covered them) and kevin would go on angry rages that sent their mom into hiding for days.
when we hear that choking noise and stuff in cassette, that is kevin somehow separating himself from cecil to become his double. i think maybe kevin killed cecils mom, and that the secret police decided to clean up the entire mess with reeducating cecil to remember nothing.
this would also contribute to what earl harlan said in episode 23 about how him and cecil couldve really been something and to “always remember that.”
earl and cecil were childhood best friends and probably dated. im assuming when cecil was reeducated, he forgot a lot of things about his mom and kevin and his childhood. he forgot a lot about earl too, and this ruined their relationship.
i think this would also express why neither kevin nor cecil seems to realize theyre eachothers doubles. they grew up as “brothers”, but are completely unaware of eachother.
plus cecils brother told cecil his voice wasnt high and grating, like a radio host’s voice should be, which sounds an awful lot like kevin who happens to be desert bluffs radio host.
anyone is allowed to help expand the theory and message me if they have any ideas or contributions

ok so this is going to be a wip theory but 

so how everything as of late seems to be pointing to eridan

theyre all looking an awful lot like the angels from the land of wrath and angels

now as we all know, eridan has betrayed his team once before, destorying the matriorb and dooming his species, then turning his back on everyone when he and sollux fought and he killed feferi and kanaya.

what if eridan is working with lord english? and gamzee isn’t the only one turning his back on everyone.

and if eridan is turning his back on everyone, he could be stealing information from vriska even, allowing le to know all about their plans. (thats only if all the eridans aren’t under her mind control powers)

but its still odd that in this panel

eridan is missing both his horns, and the stripes on his scarf, yet everyone else seems to be perfectly intact with all their details.

now i find that quite odd, considering hussie has been known to go back and fix errors like these before and even change things.

now, is it just me or is this panel different from what it originally was? i believe it was the tricksters running around the zilly santas with gamzee in the background, theyre in a pile of them. 

and if no one has pointed this out, the background of the trickster mspa design matches eridans scarf design, deeming the tricksters seem to have ‘stolen’ it.

and that could be the reasoning behind it being missing in that panel??

i mean, the tricksters were a result of the cherubs and their work. honestly, it might just be a hint, but it’s something. i’ll expand on this theory as i collect more information, but this is all i have so far.

edit: i brought this up with a friend of mine, and she has helped me simply fuel the theory more.

[8:43:01 AM] Arisu Maryam: eridan has shown desire to go to the enemy team if it so befits him. Because first and foremost he is a coward. He was not able to tell fef his feelings and kept her in his quadrants because he feared losing her. He feared death, and thus decided to join Jack Noir.

It wouldn’t be a far stretch to say dead eridan would be afraid of double death.

The one thing i’m not sure about is caliborn’s willingness to cooperate. However, if eridan approached when caliborn was still juvenile (like the time we’re seeing him right now he’s a little shit he’s still a child) with offers of help it’d be one more hand to help caliborn.

(eridan would probably be cursed with immortality in LE’s service)

[8:46:11 AM] actual moirail karkat vantas ●﹏●✿: true, very true. honestly this doesnt seem too far fetched that eridan could be betraying everyone again. hes just as much of a coward as gamzee is, except gamzees also got a huge dose of religious devotion to fuel him. eridan seems to be one who always deems all hope is lost, and that theres no chance if he doesnt join the winning team. its quite likely that a version or him, or several, could be working on the opposing side due to fear of double death


i saw this post and i just

im screaming okay if eridan doesnt have something to do with all of this im going to be pissed

Victoria:  (10:16 PM)  

I feel like Gamzee forgot he was god tier

Victoria:  (10:16 PM)  

like he did become one then he changed back to his normal clotehs and completely forgot

Victoria:  (10:17 PM)  

then everything he took his clothes off he was like

Victoria:  (10:17 PM)  

holy mother fuck man what are these bitch tits miracles attacked to my spinal surface

Victoria:  (10:17 PM)  

then hed put clothes back on and forget again

So I was just thinking of how Gamzee is so forgetful. So I’m picturing him, forgetting what doors were. So he was just kinda like, staring at it and looking around the room, wondering how to get out. And he’d end up like, getting stuck in the air vent because he forgot how to work doors. Then he would just kinda chill in his hive until he finally figured out how to get out or something. What am I doing with my life.

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So I did the Homestuck pronounciation meme.

What am I doing with my life.


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