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Isn't it how Kpop became huge? Because people could watch and share their music videos on youtube for FREE? The only reason why people overseas even know about KS is because of fan translations, what you guys do is free promotion, imo.

Isn’t that how Yuri on Ice became popular too? The anime was translated into English (and other languages) and was able to introduce a wider audience via websites like Crunchyroll albeit they obtained permission to do so. Kdramas got popular overseas thanks to websites like Viki and Dramafever. Webtoons like Cheese in The Trap got popular thanks to international fans spread by fan translators (I’m talking about the earlier days with Odd Squad Scanlations before Naver provided English translations).

All I need is permission from Koogi and/or Lezhin to do exactly the same.

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OK WELCOME TO GUESS THE SHIP! 1. DarkSky 2. Skure 3. Skinne 4. Batky 5. Penky 6. Skyxle 7. Skatt 8. Skggie 9:Viky TRY TO GUESS THEM ALL!


darkstone x sky
sky x azure
sky x Vinnie? 
Batter x Sky
Pent x Sky
Sky x Axle [why]
sky x matt [whY]
i fucking hate you x stop sending me this.
Vincent x Sky

just imagine isak and even slept in after going to a party yesterday and, even though they decided not to drink too much, they’re both incredibly tired and thus spent the morning in bed, peacefully sleeping next to each other. when even wakes up, he watches isak sleep, isak’s lip slightly curled, his hand clutched into even’s night shirt.

after even watched isak for a while - ten minutes, half an hour, an hour - he can’t really be bothered because it seems like time doesn’t exist with the two of them and it’s just them in isak’s room, only filled with laughters coming from noora and eskild in the living room every now and then, even decides to wake isak up and kisses his forehead, and his temple, and his cheek, and caresses isak’s lips with his fingers and places a soft kiss on isak’s mouth and isak mumbles and cuddles closer but also opens his eyes and whispers a “good morning” all sleepy voiced and even smiles at him, then after a while of cuddling and talking about everything and nothing, they decide to really get up and make some breakfast and maybe do something fun today