“You are a person I want to protect. A person I don’t want to lose. Someone irreplaceable. Someone I always want to be with. I feel all of those things for you.”


I finally got my shots back from my shoot at AFO!! It was my first shoot ever, and I’m pretty happy with it!!

Clear - cxptiveprincess
Aoba - thenightdreams (x)
Photography - T. Kirk Photography 

31 Days Kdrama Challenge: Dramaaddict 101 Version (Day 1)

Favorite Kdrama:

As I watch more Korean dramas it gets harder to answer this question. For the sake of this challenge though I will try my best to give only one answer the questions.  I usually give my top 5 when I answer this question because I can’t say that I have one favorite, but I made a decision for this challenge based on how I rated them on My Drama List.

Queen In Hyun’s Man (Ji Hyun Woo & Yoo In Na)

I stumbled onto this drama randomly. I was just starting to get into currently airing dramas, and I think it was on tumblr that I would see random post about the drama. I was upset that at the time both DramaFever and Viki didn’t have the drama. I googled searched it and found it on Youtube. I made it through the first 6 episodes the first night. When I started the drama it was about to finish airing and I ended up getting caught up right before the last two episodes aired. I have rewatched this drama so many times. Honestly anytime I have found it on a streaming site I have watched it again.  

I was a fan of Yoo In Na from when I saw her in Secret Garden so I was excited that she had a lead role. This drama aired when everybody was doing the time travel stories and it also aired on tvN so I feel like it goes a little unnoticed (like most tvN dramas). I loved her acting in this drama too, especially when the drama got to the climax of the story.

The chemistry of the couple was awesome (they did date in real life but have broken up). This was my first time seeing Ji Hyun Woo but he did make start to become interested in him with this drama.

I enjoyed everything about this drama. The visual, couple chemistry, OST, story, and acting. If you haven’t watched this drama please do.