Long time no post! It’s been really stressful at school so it was quite nice to get out of town this weekend and grab a camera and take some photos :). Here’s two pics of Viiku; it was raining all saturday so she was quite wet :D. Autumn has also come with all it’s colours!

A week ago Viiku had something going on with her front leg, she was limping after laying down for a while, but it went away in a couple of days and hasn’t come back so it wasn’t anything serious (Even though I got really scared that she had broken a leg or something at the dog park. After calling a vet I calmed down a lot :D).

A bad photo taken by phone but Viiku looks so funny now with both ears up :D. Today there were a couple with their baby and the man said to her wife “a coyote” looking at Viiku, thinking probably that I wouldn’t hear. I just smiled back at him anyway :).

Finished Viiku’s sweater :). We’ve had awfully cold weather here, the temperature went from +8 celsius to -15 celsius in less than 48 hours and since then it’s been sub zero all times. At least we got more snow :). Viiku seems to enjoy her first winter too and she hasn’t really needed any sweaters or jackets.