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A Court of War and Starlight: Part 40

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Unfortunately for both of us, we were met immediately upon our return by Cassian, a letter clutched in his hand and Nesta at his side. Rhys and I glanced at each other once before gesturing him to follow us into our chambers. Rhys leaned against the bureau and I tucked myself against him, his arms over my shoulders to hold my hands in front of me. Nesta took the pile of cushions, and Cassian pace as usual.

“And the news?” Rhys asked calmly.

“Good or bad first?” Cassian grunted.

“Good,” I chirped before anyone else could choose.

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Back for good (MCxJumin) PART IV


Hello everyone! as I said earlier, I’m trying to write an otome fanfic. Bear with me cos this is my first time writing a fanfic for an otome game. I’m used to writing fanfic for Korean celebrities, Animes and Harry Potter though. Hope this turns out well.

NOTE: I haven’t done Jumin’s route yet so, I apologize if this becomes OOC. I finished a good ending for Zen and now I’m doing Yoosung’s route (as I previously mentioned) but I’ll definitely redo Zen’s.

Storyline: Jumin is sure that it’s only a matter of time until she leaves him like everyone else did so he maintained a safe distance in their relationship and MC is hurt by this. She did everything she can to show him that she loves him and she supported him about everything but when she felt really unloved she waited for him until he came back from a business trip with her bags packed and said her goodbyes to him. She sent a message of goodbye to the RFA Chatroom and didn’t stay in Rika’s apartment but instead opted to stay where they would least likely find her.



Jumin was shaking and heaving as he stood up and started throwing up. He expected it. He knew it was only a matter of time before she realized that he’s not the one for her. He knew the first time he noticed that he’s already fallen for her that he must stay away from her. She’s changing him and that is scary for him. He doesn’t want to change as he knows what’s waiting for him out there when he actually starts ‘feeling’ he’ll be hurt – a lot. So, he went out of his way to throw her off of him.

He always comes home late, he never tried her cooking and only says good bye to Elizabeth 3rd because he knows, or was certain that Elizabeth 3rd is the only permanent thing in his life. He’d rather not let MC in because he knows that she’s trouble. The day he left for his two-month long business trip, he went out of his way to leave before she woke up and asked one of his maids to get his bags to the airport without a message, he rejected all her calls and not once did he reply to her messages. He tried – if there is a God out there, he knew that he tried, so hard, to not think about her, how lonely she must be, how sad it must be to live there alone with just Elizabeth 3rd, how he kept on typing her replies to her messages and saving them as draft instead of sending, those many nights that he wished that he could just see her and hug her, those days when she text him about going outside and stopping himself to take the first flight back to make sure she’s okay and that no guy is following her or trying to hit on her, every time he tries to fight his urges to just drop everything and just lock himself with her inside his apartment, make things permanent, shout to the world that she is his and his alone, and every night his last thoughts were his piled up apologies – he even practiced some lines but he never pushed thru with his ideas.

And now, she left, saying he won. “Did she… know?” and laughed out loud sarcastically and as he did so, he heard his doorbell ring and without actually thinking about it, he walked again slowly towards the door and opened it just enough for the visitor to welcome himself inside.

Luciel walked inside and didn’t bother to close the door. Jumin has bodyguards that does body check to his guest before they actually reach his floor – yes, the entire floor is now his. Luciel took in the condition of the apartment before he looked at Jumin who is casually taking a bottle from his wine-rack and pouring the contents of it in two glasses. Luciel watched as he took those glasses and reached one for him to take which he did and drank all of its contents at once before speaking, “You must have been feeling extremely down if you’ve allowed me inside the same room as Elly”

“She has a name” he replied weakly yet automatically which earned a small smile from Luciel. There was a pause before Luciel asked, “I saw the CCTV footage, now I need to know what really happened” Jumin sighed in defeat and really felt really really tired. There are no tears in his eyes anymore but he felt like he’s being stabbed repeatedly so he walked towards his sofa and sat as he leaned his head backwards, closed his eyes and tiredly said, “She just up and left. That’s it.” He expected to be yelled at because if anyone from the RFA knows everything and everything, it’s got to be Luciel, it is his job after all and he knows that he’s just being polite which is very out of character for Luciel but he didn’t dare think about it now as his head is now searing with pain.

Jumin didn’t catch what Luciel said, something about trying to look for her or another, but he managed to catch his last phrase, “… you really didn’t deserve her” and walked towards the door as he thought, ‘I know’