vigro and libra

the signs as things that happened on MAMA 2016
  • Aries: The Wiz and Taeyeon beef.
  • Taurus: Seventeen and Gfriend's collab.
  • Gemini: No YG artists attending.
  • Cancer: SM not letting Red Velvet go bc of full schedule.
  • Leo: Timbaland looking confused 90% of the time.
  • Vigro: Crush's reaction when winning best male artist.
  • Libra: BTS stage.
  • Scorpio: Chanyeol dying laughing after winning best asian style award.
  • Sagittarius: Nct U not performing the 7th sense.
  • Capricorn: Vjin moment on stage.
  • Aquarius: Exo arriving late to the red carpet.
  • Pisces: Zico, Dean and Crush saving lives with BERMUDA TRIANGLE performance.
Signs During Finals Week

Aries: Says they’re going to study, doesn’t actually study until the night before the final at 3am 

Taurus: Sleeps for 10 hours or 4 hours, lots of food in between 

Gemini: “Accidentally” spent 5 hours texting their friends and watching youtube

Cancer: Makes a detailed plan on studying but binge watches an entire season of their favorite tv show

Leo: Spends everyday after school with friends doing nothing, or “studying” 

Virgo: Treats finals week like any other week in the school year

Libra: Shuts off phone for two hours to study, but only two hours 

Scorpio: Sleeps at 2am but does nothing the entire day

Sagittarius: Gets distracted every 15 minutes while studying

Capricorn: Makes skype study groups and is the only one serious about it, gives up later

Aquarius: Reads first page of every chapter and takes the test 

Pisces: Creates a study guide, finishes half of it and gives up

Earth & Air

Earth Signs prefer to think things through. Air Signs prefer to talk things through. This can cause strife between the two, as the Air Sign may get frustrated with their partner not talking to them about what’s going on. On the flip side, the Earth Sign may feel frustrated that they are being required to discuss things they’d rather bury. This can lead to a lot of miscommunications and/or misunderstandings. The Air Sign may also feel as if their partner is trying to “tie them down” by demanding commitment, whereas the Earth Sign may feel as if they’re the only ones truly working. On the positive side, both are logical and intellectual individuals who can share in many interesting conversations. If they can work out the differences, this can be a highly stimulating and beneficial relationship.

the signs as dad
  • aries: tools dad
  • taurus: craft beer dad
  • gemini: beard dad
  • cancer: man cave dad
  • leo: pigskin dad
  • virgo: golf dad
  • libra: newspaper flip dad
  • scorpio: grill dad
  • sagittarius: cars dad beep beep
  • capricorn: khakis dad
  • aquarius: pun dad
  • pisces: deadbeat dad
What The Signs Are Helpful With
  • Aries: Fighting People
  • Taurus: Shopping
  • Gemini: Lying for your ass
  • Cancer: Emotional Support
  • Leo: Getting you places you shouldnt be
  • Virgo: Money $$$$ cash money $$$$
  • Libra: v e n t i n g
  • Scorpio: Adventures
  • Sagittarius: Telling you shit someone said about you
  • Capricorn: Climbing "construct" ladders. (Social)
  • Aquarius: Homework
  • Pisces: Artsy stuff
suicide squad zodiac
  • aries: killer croc
  • taurus: deadshot
  • gemini: rick flag
  • cancer: katana
  • leo: joker
  • vigro: slip knot
  • libra: GQ edwards
  • scorpio: enchantress
  • sagitarius: harley quinn
  • capricorn: amanda waller
  • aquarius: captain boomerang
  • pisces: el diablo
How the signs decorate their rooms

Aries: Lots of posters of their favorite bands or band members on the walls
Taurus: Lots of succulents and tapestries, very soothing
Gemini: Brightly colored walls, lots of knick knacks and miscellaneous items
Cancer: Pastel colors, an interesting and unique wallpaper, lots of blankets and pillows
Leo: Posters of all kinds, a picture wall of them and their friends, huge comfy bed
Virgo: Slightly dark colors, a lot of bookshelves and books. Very organized and clean
Libra: A lot of random objects that don’t really have a place. Blue or green walls, fairy lights.
Scorpio: Dark colors, a wall completely covered in vinyl covers of their favorite artists, crystals and a lot of spiritual things.
Sagittarius: Small bed, incense stands all across the room, bright colors, fairy lights, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense
Capricorn: Extremely neat and tidy. Everything has its place, a simple wall color, and a large desk. A cozy bed spread and lots of blankets.
Aquarius: So many posters that you can’t even see the walls any more. Guitars and instruments around the room, basically anything that they saw and liked. Quite messy, but extremely cozy
Pisces: Light pastel colors, lots of plants and fairy lights strewn all over the room. A huge fluffy blanket, and bookshelves piled mile high with all of their favorite reading material.


The signs as phan memes
  • Aries : this is the most fun I've ever had
  • Taurus : no homo Howell
  • Gemini : and every month we buy a new hamster
  • Cancer : can I stroke your glabella?
  • Leo : Delia Smith's placenta
  • Vigro : lolzor
  • Libra : Phil Lester defense squad
  • Scorpio : omg fuk u ill poo in ur mum
  • Sagittarius : love eyes Lester
  • Capricorn : the cat whiskers come from within
  • Aquarius : this one's all about best friends, so I dedicate this to you Phil
  • Pisces : roses are red, violets are blue, I like spaghetti, let's go fuck
The Signs As Puppies And Kittens

As Requested By Anon
Aries: This here German Sheppard puppy

Taurus: This pretty Persian

Gemini: These Siamese kittens. Not even just one of them. You are ALL of them.

Cancer: You are the sharpei puppy eating the baby. But it’s okay because he still loves you.

Leo: You are a baby flamingo.

Virgo: You are the Borzoi puppy of your dreams.

Libra: You are this spazz of a Bombay kitten.

Scorpio: You are not kitten, you are full grown bad ass Maine Coon cat.

Sagittarius: You are the crazy adorable Golden Retriever puppy that everyone loves

Capricorn: You are this very determined Husky. You will succeed in life because that face.

Aquarius: This cute little angry Papillon puppy

Pisces: You are the little baby bobcat you crazy thing.

The Signs As Black Butler Characters

Aries: Bardroy 

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Taurus: Mey-Rin 

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Gemini: The Joker 

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Cancer: The Undertaker 

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Leo: Prince Soma 

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Vigro: Finnian 

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Libra: Hannah Annafellows 

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Scorpio: Alois Trancy 

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Sagittarius: Ciel Phantomhive 

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Capricorn: Sebastian Michaelis 

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Aquarius: Grell Sutcliff 

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Pisces: Elizabeth Midford 

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