Hey Monster Man!

Just wanted to thank you for your continued support and to let you know I think that your blog is fantastic. Even though my blog is virtually all pin-ups I’ve been into all things Psychotronic for pretty much my entire life and still get fired-up for late-night viewings, the cheaper and trashier the better.
Just wanted to say this about TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (I’m from Texas): Not only one of the best horror movies ever but one of the most subversive movies ever made…the editing, the relentless synthesizer soundtrack…it all adds up to make viewers sure they saw stuff that’s NOT actually in the movie but only suggested by subversive means. For me, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE was pretty much the peak of the awesome 70’s explosion of horror classics.

Take care & keep up the great work!

Thanks …
I completely agree about the subversive nature of the first Chainsaw film it’s also what helps make the second film so outlandish as Hooper seems to overload the viewer with so many vile and perverse things instead of just creating the impression that those elements are actually are shown in the first film.

And Adults (sorry kids) if you dig classic pinups check out Vigorton2 site