Art by @vir-no-vigoratus

So I’ve been wanting to get a corgi OC, and here he is! I’m really glad with the way Emlyn turned out. I dithered a lot on how to make the colour scheme work, and it turned out really well in the end! He’s a cardigan welsh corgi with a blue merle fur pattern with tan points. He also has heterochromatic eyes, cause I LOVE those and they are pretty common among dogs with a blue merle fur pattern anyway. That being said, they also have eyesight problems more often, so he needs his glasses for his near-sightedness.

I think some proper introductions are in order. Emlyn is another one of Joey’s classmates in college. He’s a serious and friendly person, kind of quiet and usually keeping himself to the background, but also loyal to his friends. His personality is in part inspired by the common traits of his breed. I also consider him a bit of a special character among my OCs since most of my other characters have inherited a lot of my psychological problems like my anxiety, bad youth, and my autism. (Joey especially is pretty much a reflection of all my good and bad sides) I wanted Emlyn to be more of a stable force. He’s highly empathetic, tries his best to be understanding to his friends’ problems and he’s supportive of them as much as he can. In short he’s a therapy dog in anthro form. Also he speaks both Welsh and English. The translation to what he’s saying is “Good morning, friends!”