Why do cules on here just assume that any club that’s not in the top 5 is automatically bad like.. la liga is not just rm/barca/atletico there are good, strong teams that obviously have the ability to beat the top3 lmao the league is not that easy how have you not realised this yet


Isco played his 100th game as a Real Madrid player In Vigo (vs Celta) | 26.04.2015

- Isco has featured in every competition with Real Madrid since his debut against Betis, a match in which he scored. So far, Isco has made 62 appearances in La Liga, (21) Champions League, (13) Copa del Rey, (2) Club World Cup, (1) appearance in the UEFA Super Cup and Spanish Super Cup. 
- Scored 16 goals, made 19 assists and won 77% of the matches he has played.
- Close to completing his second season with Real Madrid, Isco has also racked up four titles with the club.