I'm Ready/ Hoseok Smut (Requested)

You and Hobi have been dating for the past 6 months. You decided tonight would be the night you would lose your viginity. Even being a little scared, Hobi coaches you through it.

Hoseok kissed the soft skin behind your ear, hands rubbing up and down your sides through your shirt. A whimper pushed past your lips and your hands slid over his chest. This hasn’t been the first time you two had pushed the boundaries. Making out had became a common since you’d grown more comfortable with Hoseok. 

 He growled in your mouth when your sharp nails scratched over his pert nipples. You jumped at that sound, pulling back to pant against his mouth. Hoseok never made you feel uncomfortable. Even when you weren’t sure about something and wanted to take it slower, Hoseok was right there holding your hand.

 “Are you alright princess?” He cupped your chin in his fingers and climbed off to the side of the couch. You nodded quickly and clutched at his shirt collar. Your lips suddenly felt dry and your cute pink tongue came out to lap at them. Hoseok ran his thumb over your bottom lip. “What is it?” 

 “I-I think I’m ready.” You bit your lip, watching his eyes sparkle at your words. Hobi chuckled and brushed back your hair.

 “Are you sure Y/n? This is a big step.” He knew how worried you were about how much it would hurt. You could never handle pain very well, especially when you were expecting it. Al the horrid things you had heard about your first time put you on edge. Hoseok wanted to make sure you were in the right headspace before he continued. 

 “I’m sure. I want it to be with you.” Hobi smirked, drawing you into his lap. A blush exploded across your cheeks at how close you too were. Hoseok kissed the corner of your mouth and gingerly took your wrist in his hand. He pulled back to look into your eyes, laying your palm across the bulge in his jeans.

 “This is what you do to me.” He moved your hand back and forth, beginning to pant from the pleasure. You clenched your thighs together as the wetness was becoming uncomfortable. This little action didn’t go unnoticed by Hoseok. He forced a hand between your legs and patted them open. 

“Don’t try to hide from me. Can I?” His fingers hovered over the wet spot forming through your shorts. You nodded shyly but Hoseok wasn’t taking that. “No, no princess. I want to hear you ask for it.” 

 “Please touch me.” Hobi smiled and teased your mouth with his tongue until you opened up. His hands slipped under the band of your shorts and grabbed your ass in his rough palms. You bucked against him, sucking on the tip of his tongue. He slid the shorts and panties down your thighs pushing them off of your legs completely. You felt more bare then ever before.

 “You are so beautiful. Look how wet you are.” His fingers danced across your outer lips before slipping in between them to tease your clit. Your hips pushed forward and you had no choice but to wrap your arms around his shoulders. “Easy baby, let me take care of you.“  He whispered in your ear with a comforting tone. His fingers circled around your soaked entrance, making it his personal goal to make you as wet as possible. Without warning his index finger slid inside your warmth. You tense upon the entrance and bite Hoseok’s shoulder. Your boyfriend grunted and began moving his finger at a slow pace. 

“Let’s go to the bedroom.” He removed his digit much to your dismay. He took your small hand and lead you half banked towards your bedroom. He closed the door behind you all for safe measure and lifted you easily into his arms. You giggled cutely and squealed when he dropped you on the bed. Hobi reached down and pulled your shirt off completely. He raised an eyebrow at the fact you hadn’t wore a bra at all. 

 “It’s not fair. I’m naked and your still fully dressed.” You pouted with your arms across  your chest. Hobi shook his head and peeled the shirt over his head. You nearly dropped over the hard muscles in his stomach. You moved to your knees and reached out to touch him. Hoseok slapped away your hands playfully and pinned you to the mattress. 

 “I told you princess. This is all about you. Now open those pretty legs.” You chewed on your thumb nail and opened your legs. His fingers were back between your legs and massaging your opening. You mewled in delight. With two fingers this time, he breached the  opening. “Such a good girl. Does it feel good?” 

 “Y-yes….please move.” You arched your hips with a whine. Hoseok wasn’t one to disappoint. His fingers began to stroke deep within in you, working you towards orgasm. 

“Hoseok!” You clenched around his fingers when he rubbed that special spot within you. Your mouth fell open, and a wave of pleasure ripped through you. 

“Already Y/n?” Hobi wiped his fingers on the bed and pulled away to unbuckle his pants and push them, along with his boxers, down and over his hips. You went wide-eyes at the sight of his bare erection. “Are you sure Y/n?” “I’m just a little scared.” You admitted honestly. Hoseok leaned over you with his elbows on either side of your head, nuzzling noses with you. “I’m not pressuring you Y/n. We can wait as long as you want. I don’t want to hurt you.”

 That’s when it hit you. Hoseok was your entire world, sunshine and all. It wasn’t just the hormones talking, these were genuine feelings. Without one word, you wrapped your legs around his waist and pulled him towards you. “I’m ready.” Hoseok laid kisses across your chest and nipples, lapping at them with the broad side of his tongue. You threw your head back and whimpered. Hoseok leaned over and plucked he condom out of his wallet. He slid the lubricated rubber over his dick with a hiss at how sensitive he’d become in so little time. 

Hobi took that moment to grab the base of his cock and lined it up to your entrance. “Deep breath Princess.” Hoseok bucked his hips in one smooth motion, wincing when you cried in discomfort. Your nails dig into his forearm and he leaned down to decorate your face with kisses. He halted his movement but your wet heat around his dick had him fighting every urge. 

“Shhh, don’t cry baby.” He wiped away your tears with his thumb, coping sweet nothings in your ear. They didn’t lie when they said it felt like hot pinchers tearing you apart. Your thighs quivered around Hobi’s waist. 

“I’m o-okay.” You stuttered out. Hobi kissed around your throat and up to your lips. The pain slowly moved aside. “You can move.” Hoseok never thought he’d heard sweeter words than that. With strong hands on your hips, he pulled back an inch or so and delved in deeper. You keened on contact, arms stiffening as you weren’t sure where to place your hands. Hobi took your hands and gently placed around his shoulders. Hoseok started out with slow and firm thrusts that had your toes curling. You chocked back a small sob of pleasure. Hobi took that as a challenge. 

 “Your all wet for me Y/n. Do you hear it? How soaked you are?” You gasped as his hips began rapidly pouncing against your thighs. The wet noises between yours legs was the most embarrassing and arousing noises to ever reach your ears. Hoseok lifted your legs over his broad shoulders kissing each ankle before going back at it again. The pain was completely non-existent by now. You gripped the sheets now with strong cries at every thrust. Hobi wasn’t fairing much better.

 From the start, he had been on edge. You looked beautiful fanned out beneath him. His thrusts started to become erratic and your legs began to slide from his shoulders. He grabbed your hands and pinned them above your head. 

 “Are you going to cum Princess? Are you going to cum on my cock?” You panted into his ear and tried to meet his thrust, chasing the release. 

 “Yes! Please make me cum! I wanna cum!” Hobi smiled at how whiny you became. His head fell to the crook of the neck and left dark bruises on the skin. The pit of your stomach started to do that familiar dance. With a final cry of ecstasy, you came. Hobi moaned as you clamped down on him. 

 “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” He chanted. With three more thrusts he was emptying himself into the condom. You shuddered at the overstimulation when he pulled out, Hobi reaching over and tossing the condom in the bin. Hoseok looked down at you completely fucked out. He cupped your cheeks in his hands and planted a long kiss on your swollen lips.

 “Is this the part where we cuddle?”

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For Zutara: 'Oh god, I just had a one night stand with a supervillain’ 'Dear lord, I just fucked a superhero’ (to make the situation especially awkward; they just lost their viginities to each other)??? love your writing btw *flees*

AN: Omg I’m fangirling rn thank you so much ahhhhhh also IDK what you imagined but SUPERHERO and SUPERVILLAIN implies disguises sooo ur getting Painted Lady and Blue Spirit too

Katara had spent months, months, chasing the damned Blue Spirit through the city streets of Caldera as the Painted Lady. She spent months building a rivalry with the supervillain, with the bastard who tormented the streets and stole from those he deemed unworthy. She spent months fighting him, defeating and stopping him in day to day standoffs, never able to end his reign of terror for good. 

She spent so long trying to find out who he was behind the mask. Maybe if she could discover who the Blue Spirit truly was, she would be able to finally stop him forever. She always imagined scenarios of how she would find him. She’d imagine the thrill of putting the pieces together, of the moment where she finally knew she had her guy. 

She never imagined that when she found out his true identity, there would be nothing but a sense of dread and guilt. 

But that’s probably because Katara never imagined it’d be the guy who was just laying naked in bed next to her. 

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Can I have a headcannon of Sakumo with a younger s/o please? I love your blog. You guys do great. 💜

Ohhh, this is our first Sakumo request, how exciting! We are no longer Sakumo vigins here lol. ~Admin Shadow

Sakumo Hatake with a Younger Partner

Originally posted by annalovesfiction

• Sakumo has to have someone mature for their age, especially if they are younger than himself. He can’t handle a s/o that is adamant they should get their way in a relationship because they are younger and could leave for someone closer to their age. He finds that a relationship should be built on compromise and trust – not immature notions that someone is inherently more valuable in a relationship. 

• It’s impossible to hid, but Sakumo has this desire to pamper his partner, especially in the honeymoon phase of a relationship. If they are younger and inexperienced with dating he wants to imprint on them what a true dating experience is, so if they ever do leave him, they will soon discover that no one will ever treat them as good as he did. He gets them flowers often, and buys little romantic cards and writes poems in them. He also buys them nice chocolates to the point where every day feels like Valentine’s Day. 

• He would never admit it aloud, but Sakumo does have some personal insecurities about dating someone younger than himself. Even though he acts confident, he worries his partner will leave him for someone better. It might not be an age issue, but he worries they will leave him for someone who can relate to them better. 

• If he had Kakashi already, he would need a younger partner that enjoys kids, because he wants a s/o that will treasure his son, not think Kakashi is getting in the way of their relationship.

• Sakumo is someone that tries hard in the beginning of the relationship to reel them in. He will bring his partner flowers and have these grandiose dates where he goes all out with bringing them somewhere extravagant that carries and intimate and romantic feel. As the relationship progresses, they shouldn’t expect the same treatment consistently. Eventually he will get complacent and feel they are settling into a routine with him.

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Why is your Tsukishima first time so awkward. That’s not how sex goes, especially with someone like Tsukki. You said you were a high schooler, right? Leave NSFW for someone who knows what they’re doing, because you clearly don’t get that NSFW is supposed to be sexy. 

I’m sincerely sorry that I’m old fashioned, and I’m sincerely sorry that I’m about deem every opinion of yours worthless.

Firstly, I’m able to admit I really know nothing about sex. I’m a highschool girl who’s barely even had her first kiss. Although, even if I am just a virgin teenage girl, I know that sex isn’t just “fuck, kiss, flawless cumshot” especially for two kids who are both vigins. Especially for Tsukishima Kei, and if you’ve been reading my blog enough to find Tsukishima’s first time, you KNOW that I write for him in an individual way.

The only way I can explain “why I’m doing it wrong” is this. When I was in fifth grade, I took multiplication tables tests. They had sixty questions and in order to get your name scribbled on a star and lamely hung above the whiteboard, you had to answer all in a minute or under. Naturally the first time I took this quiz, it was overwhelming. I probably only got twenty or so done. However, by October or November, I was a master. I got all sixty done in about fifty seconds and I got my name slapped up onto that board. Although, it was still awkward. I messed up, I made mistakes, but I always improved. Now that I’m a junior, if you handed me one of those quizzes I could finish it in under thirty seconds. Mastery takes time, just like first times aren’t going to be the sexy, PornHub-esque fantasy I know you all crave.

Plus, it would be nice if you didn’t criticise the way I see things. You don’t think I don’t know that I write ‘smut’ differently than this mecha thirsty fangasm crusade desires? I’m not going to answer a request like “Karasuno Team Jack Bukkakkes Kageyama’s Girlfriend In The Locker room NSFW” (I have gotten a request like that before, by the way) Sex isn’t like that for me. Yes, I’m willing to write something a bit sexier, but I can’t articulate things like that. Call me old fashioned, call me vanilla, or boring, or whatever, but I can’t bring myself to write dirty hardcore smut like that. “Kageyama Fucking His Girlfriend In The Locker room?” Sure, I can do that. But as you know, I’m a mecha overthinker, and I don’t know how I would write a situation where a guy just lets all his friends and upperclassmen use his girlfriend. Do you get me? Humans just don’t… work like that. To me, I like to think of these boys as boys, not the sex starved machines they’ve been transformed into by the fandom. They’re boys. Fifteen through eighteen years old. They have hormones and insecurities and fears and they’re all different, and they’re going to be awkward during their first times. They’re teenage fucking boys and I hate that the fandom forgets that. The only problem with this fandom is the tragic oversexualization of sixteen year old boys and god where did we get this assumption that Tsukishima Kei is going to angry fuck his crush up against the locker room wall during their first time and where did this idea that Oikawa Tooru is non-stop bringing girls home and where are all these sex-starved assumptions coming from? As teenagers, they think of sex, of course they do. Raging hormones and all, but as teenagers, they’re awkward. They’re gangly and I’m sure they all have pimples and atrocious body odor and nasty pubic hair and why in the world are we treating them like Sex Gods chiseled out of marble covered with the tears of Aphrodite. THEY’RE TEENAGERS AND THAT’S WHY TSUKISHIMA KEI’S FIRST TIME WASN’T AN ADULT MOVIE. THEY’RE TEENAGERS AND I’M SMART ENOUGH TO REALIZE THAT TEENAGERS AREN’T PORNSTARS.

Cheers, mate.


Takane: You are discusting , Shintaro…

Shintaro: S-SHUT UP!! I misunderstood the question!!!!!!

this blog is turning into askHaruTaka/ShinAya??fuckisthisgood???

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.... .m.. more tododeku headcanons please? your other hcs have killed me, but in the best way. could you maybe do some from deku's side? like his thoughts on todo changing from early high school to late high school to after high school and moving in together?

OH ANON, I COULD DO THIS FOR DAYS NO NEED TO BE SHY  ! <3 Let’s hear it for everyone’s favourite little green bean for his anime debut. 

EDIT: hhhhhohmy god this ended up SO long i’M SORRY;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  • Ok to be fair I write about Todoroki’s side more because he’s much more straightforward than Deku.
  • Hear me out, hear me out. Deku can be forward, but in terms of things like relationships, he’s awfully shy. After all, his entire school career he’s been the butt of Kacchan’s jokes – that doesn’t exactly impress anyone, or win them over to date him.
  • Lbr, Ochako is his first real crush. She’s sweet and cute and fun and one of his best friends, how could he not? (And meanwhile, Todoroki notices these things from a comfortable pace away.)
  • Because, after all, in first year Todoroki is something of a wonder. Of course, they’re close friends too and comrades, but Todoroki has literally been born and bred into the role of a hero, where Deku’s still learning to fumble with his quirk. In that sense, he’s really too busy admiring his good friend to really think about him romantically.
  • Second year changes things a little. Deku’s worked past his first crush, because Ochako is someone he can confide in, and a good friend. And even if he was mesmerized by a girl (that wasn’t his mom) taking interest in him for the first time in his life, he loves their friendship more than anything.
  • And towards that, Ochako’s the one who asks him, “What do you think about Todoroki-kun?”
  • Deku has all these praises ready on his tongue and yet something stops him. Todoroki is one of his closest friends, but there’s something that separates him from the rest. What is it?
  • Ever-studious, he takes notes on Todoroki as dedicatedly as he would any other hero or hero-in-the-making. But these notes become more personal- The way Todoroki relaxes his shoulders when he’s on his own, or makes a point of walking on peoples’ left side, how he blows his fringe u when it gets too long, how he has the same thing for lunch every damn day and never gets tired of it. 
  • It doesn’t take long for Deku to realize that these notes are not only highly unprofessional, but flowery and borderline stalker-like. (He’s not doing any more than the usual hanging out and observing in class though! Promise!)
  • Todoroki is analytical like he is too, even more so really. It actually makes Deku a little paranoid for reasons he can’t quite name beyond ‘I hope Todoroki-kun doesn’t see these stupid notes and think I’m creepy.’
  • Third year and grad come far too fast. Todoroki’s always been one of the most mature (and immature, if his off-kilter sense of humour is any indication) but Deku’s starting to feel like he can’t catch up. They’re near-matched in quirk and battle skill now, but there’s still something unreachable about Todoroki.
  • And, Deku realizes, he’s unreachable because of a barrier Todoroki’s erected around himself.
  • And with a swell of feelings that makes his chest feel like it’s about to burst, Deku also realizes that he wants to be the person Todoroki doesn’t have barriers with.
  • Which is… wonderful, fantastic, realizing his feelings, but what does he do?! The mild panic in his system that’s now hyper-aware of Todoroki (Tall, sharp-jawed, cool-toned, handsome Todoroki goddamn) seems to be going haywire and he just doesn’t know what to do. He knows Todoroki senses at least some kind of shift in him, since a small rift seems to divide them. They don’t hang out as much anymore, not until Todoroki suggests living together in their young adulthood.
  • The idea terrifies him so what does he do? Blurts out a “YES OF COURSE! I’D LOVE TO!”
  • ALRIGHT CONFESSION TIME I actually !! have no idea how they’d get together!! It would probably be an accident !!
  • The point being, they’re both just so tired of bogging down these feelings that honesty is just so refreshing, no matter what the outcome. Deku probably blurts it first without thinking, as I’ve mentioned before.
  • Dorky cuteness ensues. Also these two are such an awks vigin couple I love it so much?
  • Talk to me about Todoroki looking up dating advice on the internet and cosmopolitan
  • Deku meticulously merging notes on how to ask someone out by studying J-dramas and whatever girly manga he can borrow of Yaomomo

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can you rec some newer, good vigin smut and fluffy smut? <3

these are the newest ones i can think of !!! 

virgin smut:

  • Fingering It Out - virgin!kyungsoo (in one way at least hehehe) being ~helped out~ by his best friend jongin (soothighs’ story ideas are always really creative and hot)
  • Helping Jongin Come - virgin!jongin starring in the rewrite of a classic!
  • Just Out of Reach (oppasbeforeflowers) - virgin!jongin. (that’s basically the whole premise of the fic lol) this is a nice change of pace because jongin is popular without being a player !!!
  • Kyungsoo, The Chinchilla - super innocent virgin!kyungsoo. also hybrid!au and daddy!kink.
  • save room - virgin!jongin… but if you’re looking for sweet innocent smut this is not it /falls over/ but it is really good (aldfdhasda admin y is too awkward to talk about smut)

fluffy smut:

petitition for more fluffy smut fics (or just fluffy fics in general c:)

- Admin Y