I did a diddly woo dj0nt b00p. Periphery - Omega.

So I was inspired to make a super nice bullpup rifle, one that’s easy to use, fully ambidextrous, and feels somewhat familiar.

So basically its chambered in 300 AAC Blackout, so it can still take standard M4 mags. Uses a keymod rail interface in the front, on 7 sides (top is monolithic to the receiver). All controls are at the fingertips on the pistol grip. Mag release is like a HK USP, bolt release latch is like an M4 extended latch, fire selector is at the tumb. Ejection port can be changed to either side, as can the bolt slide. No name for this gal, yet.


A quick thingamadong (okay actually it was 2 or so months in the making, I just forgot about it shhhh). First animation ever, its whatever. Cred to the person who made the original joke/comic, and big XOXO to Onta for the comic the joke was based on. <3

anonymous asked:

what guitar do you own

I have a few. I own a Schecter C7 Hellraiser (7 string) 2006 model, a heavily modified Peavy “Rockmaster” (6 string), an Ovation Elite Standard Acoustic, and Ibanez EX Series 4str bass. Hoping to expand this arsenal soon, maybe an 8 string. (‘3’)

Guitar design based around having a hybrid guitar focused on creating rich and dynamic cleans. I’d use this for bright, glassy passages you’d hear with Vildhjarta and TesseracT. Copyright is there more as a joke, but I’d prefer any of the design not being used without my consent.

Bareknuckle Blackhawk
Sperzel Locking Tuners
ABM Single Saddle Guitar Bridge (x5)
(With Piezo)
Unknown Pre-amp (for Piezo)

(P.S. I love FretFind2D)