Today at Nabra’s vigil in Reston, VA her cousin came up and said that the one thing she wants us to remember about Nabra is that she is a Black Nubian Muslim and that we should say her name. She repeated this twice. Out of all of the beautiful stories shared by her friends and family this was one that stuck out to me the most. May Allah have mercy on her soul and all other souls lost to injustice. Rest In Paradise Nabra. 


These #JusticeforNabra vigils honor the life of Muslim teen Nabra Hassanen

  • On Sunday, Virginia teen Nabra Hassanen was walking home from a mosque after late-night Ramadan prayers, when she was kidnapped and fatally beaten. 
  • While Hassanen’s father refuses to call it anything but a hate crime, police are instead investigating the situation as a road rage incident. Officials are also looking into whether she was raped as well.
  • Supporters across the country have been mourning her death with a series of planned vigils. 
  • But on Wednesday morning, police announced that the memorial created for Nabra at a Washington, D.C., vigil was set on fire; police are investigating the incident. Read more (6/21/17)

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Iiiiiiit’s that time again!

An animation update. This time of Anny! The more progress I make on the first act, the fewer shots I have that feature Anny which makes me sad. So, I’ve been trying to spread them out as I go. So many shots of Jon… so many..

Your party of would-be vampire hunters soon realizes that there’s not really such a thing as “a vampire”. Every region of the world has its own unique form of the undead, and what works against one doesn’t work for another. The word “vampire” is only a result of poor research and lazy translation. In fact, the only consistent thing these beings have in common is that, in every part of the world, no matter the local language, they sound like terrible Bela Lugosi impressions.