The Meaning of Woke

2014: Aware and vigilant of police abuse, especially directed at minorities

2015: Aware and informed about societal injustices including police abuse but not limited to it.


Invitation to Reconsider

When I see posts making fun of other people’s ships, it makes me uncomfortable. Even if they’re not tagged, even if the letters are changed to numbers to make it less searchable. Even if someone else did it to my ship first. 

It’s hard for me to see it as anything other than negative. Or–forgive me–petty. Or belittling someone else to no purpose whatsoever. It can be funny, but it’s zero-sum humour, the kind of humour that is always at someone’s expense.

Speaking completely and exclusively for myself, such talk does not enhance my Tumblr experience. Moreover, I see people doing it (or liking it, or reblogging it) who I know are better than that. That makes me even more uncomfortable.

It is my belief that we have to be constantly vigilant to make sure we’re not unknowingly perpetuating negative or toxic behaviours. We can’t be perfect, but we can try to always be better. I don’t mean better than other people, I mean better today than yesterday. This applies equally in real life and online. Unwittingly doing something negative does not speak to your character; discovering that it’s negative and continuing to do it, does.

Look, I’m old, and a mom, and a teacher. What a trifecta. I tried to fix the paternalistic tone, but it’s in my blood. Nevertheless, please take my word for the abundance of goodwill with which I wrote this post.

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Phil is injured on a mission with his new team from the Bus. He spends a week in a medically induced coma, in between the nightmares and empty nothingness, a familiar voice keeps him anchored. When he wakes up there's a small toy in his hand; a Hawkeye Tsum Tsum. Clint had kept vigil at Phil's bedside for days, Nat had finally dragged him out to shower, telling him that little Hawkeye will keep watch. Phil smiled knowing his husband would be back soon and gripped the toy tighter, treasuring it.


@pollysthings replied to your photo “I love that look they shared. I can’t wait to know more about their…”

I think this might be a kind of a dangerous/toxic friendship they had once when they were teenagers and now they know too much of each other so they have no choice but to remain friends… But Daniel knows how crazy and how reckless Hector can be, so he is vigilant

Oh this is a good theory ! Daniel is definitely not trusting him a 100% even if he’s a friend, but that’s part of why he’s in Berlin, he’s not really trusting anyone at that point.

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Keramisa, Order of Whispers agent, necromancer (former lab researcher)
Age: 25
Order: College of Dynamics -> Order of Whispers
Heterosexual, single.
Likes: to boss around, fruits, golems.
Dislikes: tall asura.
Personality: confident, sarcastic, selfish, curious, a bit snobbish

Used to work in a lab in Metrica Province. Builds stuff for Whispers, works on her own projects (usually something about golems) and sometimes goes to see Flame Squad members and check their equipment. Is really interested in Rata Novus and ley lines energy. Doesn’t have close friends, and it feels like she keeps everyone on distance on purpose. Surrounds herself with golems and uh… undead minions. She’s small, but her arrogance is big.

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#Throwback to the #UnitedNations summit on refugees and migrants earlier this week. This little girl is from #Syria. She attended a candlelit vigil in New York last Sunday, along with ambassador @McGregor_Ewan, to shine a light on the plight of 50 million #ChildrenUprooted by conflict, violence, poverty, extreme weather and drought. #PhotoOfTheWeek #candlelit #NewYork #Vigil Photo Unicef 2016 Markisz

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Thought i’d share this since i’m seeing a lot of shit being said, especially in this time of sorrow…
Regardless of your personal feelings towards her, Gaga has always been a strong advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. “Calling her out” for speaking at the Orlando vigil doesn’t show how “woke” you are. She uses her platform and her strong voice to spread awareness and support, and that is commendable. The same cannot be said about most of her contemporaries.


Thanks so much to Dan and Cassie Sprenger at the Complete Equestrian Company for answering all of my horseback riding related questions and for letting me go to their facility to film reference footage of them riding and shooting; I wouldn’t have been able to begin animating the horse segments without them!
Still got a lot of learning to do but it’s super fun.