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Request: Hey may I request a Sweet pea X reader. The reader is a northsider who dated Reggie. And it takes place the night of the fight. ( south side vs red circle) 

A/N: You didn’t specify what you wanted? So I just made something out of it, I hope you like it.

Jingle-Jangle, the stupid drug that ended your relationship. When you found out that your boyfriend Reggie was dealing the drugs you couldn’t believe it. Reggie could come off as kind of a jerk but he was sweet to you, you never thought he would be capable of dealing drugs. You had been devestated and had broke up with him.

That’s when the red circle came to be. Archie had some crazy vendetta and got the football team involved with it. He had thought of something called the red circle, it was basically some vigilanty group. You thought they were insane and did not want to get involved. You were done with Archie, Reggie and the rest of the football team. 

‘‘Don’t you think they are absolutely insane?’‘ You were talking to Betty about the red circle, she was also worried and thought it was a crazy idea ‘‘It’s ridicilous, I get that Archie is scared but this goes way too far’‘ You agreed with her, you were glad someone understood you and was on the same page as you.

You and Betty were going to visit Jughead today and you were excited to see one of your best friends again, you hadn’t seen him a lot lately due to him changing schools. You missed Jughead as you had been best friends since the beginning. You and Betty entered FP’s trailer. ‘‘We’re here’‘ Jughead greeted the two of you happily and introduced you to Toni who was there as well. ‘‘Nice to meet you I’m y/n’‘ You shook her hand and she smiled at you. Toni seemed friendly and you were glad that Jughead was making new friends.

‘‘Have you guys heard?’‘ Toni asked and Jughead gave her a glare, ‘‘Heard what?’‘ Betty looked at Jughead who rolled his eyes, he didn’t like that Toni brought it up ‘‘Andrew showed up on serpent territory, tagged a building with some red circle and than threatened some guys with a gun’‘ You looked at Betty in shock, she looked back at you equally shocked. ‘‘Archie has a gun?’‘ You knew that Archie was getting insane but this was a whole other level. ‘‘Sweet pea is going over there tonight to get back at Archie’‘ Toni chuckled.

You, Betty and Jughead were all a little shocked and definitely didn’t laugh along with Toni. ‘‘Sweet pea is going to attack Archie?’‘ Toni nodded ‘‘Who’s Sweet pea?’‘ You had never heard of this guy ‘‘He’s some idiot at our school who thinks that violence is the only solution. And he hates Northsiders’‘ You were worried now, if that Sweet pea guy only believed in violence, there was a big chance Archie would end up getting hurt.

‘‘We have to do something’‘ You nodded along with Betty ‘‘But how?’‘ Nobody had an idea, what were you supposed to do in a situation like this? ‘‘Toni do you know where they’re meeting up?’‘ Toni nodded ‘‘That big bridge you know?’‘ ‘‘Let’s go’‘ You all left to go to the place where the showdown was supposed to happen. They hadn’t started yet, so you were just in time. You saw Reggie and stopped, what was he doing here?

‘‘What the hell are you doing here y/n?’‘ You looked at the guy in shock ‘‘I’m trying to stop this what the hell are you doing here?’‘ He laughed ‘‘I’m fighting, there’s no way you can stop this’‘ He laughed again ‘‘You can’t do shit’‘ You raised your brow ‘‘Excuse me?’‘ He grinned ‘‘You are useless, you are not capable of doing anything sweetheart, you are just a pathetic person’‘ You looked at him in anger, why was he acting like this? And before you knew it, you had punched him in the face. Reggie fell to the ground and it felt oddly satisfying however it had started the fight. Serpents against Bulldogs were fighting while you made your way to Jughead, Betty and Toni ‘‘What happened?’‘ Betty came to you and looked at your hand, it was all bruised and definitely hurt ‘‘He was being an asshole and I had hit him before I even knew it’‘ Betty shook her head ‘‘You shouldn’t have done that’‘ You sighed, you knew that but it had happend and there was nothing you could do now.

‘‘I thought it was pretty badass’‘ You turned around. A tall raven haired guy looked at you with a grin ‘‘Sweet pea, pleased to meet you, and who may the badass princess be?’‘ You scoffed ‘‘It’s y/n’‘ ‘‘Well y/n I think you’re definitely something, especially for a northside princess’‘ He smirked and moved closer to your ear ‘‘You’re really hot when you’re angry babe’‘ He winked at you, you were oddly attracted to him and grinned ‘‘You have no idea babe’‘ He wrapped an arm around you ‘‘Feisty I like it’‘ You rolled your eyes with a grin, you liked Sweet pea. ‘‘Come on babygirl how about we get some ice for that hand’‘ You nodded ‘‘Let’s go’‘ You walked away with Sweet pea, he was just what you needed to get your mind off of Reggie and everything that had happened.

You saw Reggie looking at you and Sweet pea and you glared at him, still angry about everything. The two of you got to his motorcycle ‘‘Hop on princess’‘ You smirked and placed the helmet on top of your head. You held on tightly and drove away with him. You were angry at Reggie and what happened but you were glad you had Sweet pea to take your mind off of it. You laid your head against his back with a grin this was going to be an exciting night. 

Master List of Antis

So about a month ago I said I was gonna make a master list of antis or rather people just against maps pedophiles in general and it has finally arrived!!! I’m sure this isn’t all of them because that post continues to be reblogged but there’s a lot mate. So follow whoever and I hope all MAPs block because we’re tired of risking the loss of brain cells by responding. Other than that, you can’t prove yourselves right and you can never prove us wrong so. I bet I them up at night for getting on their nerves. Who thinks they all talk about antis and how much of an #idiotanti they think we are l o l. You mad bro? Anyways, let’s get to it.

@date-a-map-who (used to be pro map and is not anymore)

P.S sorry if your username isn’t spelled right. That’s probably why some aren’t getting tagged.

Some people didn’t reblog but I know they’re an anti anyways.

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I've had a half-joke half-serious theory that about 50% of Talon's members are there on a solo mission to bring Talon down from the inside. Gabe and Sombra for example. And Moira is there with an "I'll keep on taking your money for as long as you're useful. When you're not, I'll destroy you" attitude. And then when one day shit gets real and all the infiltrating solo-vigilanties get revealed they'll just look at each other like "No way, you too?!"

pls. blizz, pls


Katsudeku week Day 2: Heroes/Villains/Vigilanties

Policeman Kacchan realizes bad boy Deku is acting out to get his attention.

Frostbit (Peter Parker x Female!Reader)

A/N: So this is my first fanfic like ever and I’m really proud of it I just hope you guys like it! I intend for this to be a series (as for how long, who knows), but please let me know if you want it to continue. Suggestions and constructive criticism is welcome!

**the format of this doesn’t have (Y/N) yet because it’s supposed to be from Peter’s POV (except for one part) but in the third person also I was too lazy to change the format I wrote it in lol but the next part will have the (Y/N) format so it will feel more like a Peter x reader type of thing

Warnings: violence (there’s quite a bit of action in this, but no one’s seriously hurt though)

Part 2   Part 3

     Glass exploded onto the ground as the bat broke through the case.

    “Hey! Careful! You don’t wanna break the very thing we came here for,” a masked robber fumed. His partner turned around and shrugged. He grabbed the dirty terra cotta vase from among the glass shards. 

    Peter looked down from where he stuck to the upper corner of the exhibit, both amused and confused. Why lock up some dirty old vase? He thought. Why bother robbing it, there’s so many more valuable looking things all around here anyway! Like that old gold cup over there, or that cool sword—oh Ned would like that one.

    He was about to jump down to voice his questions to the petty thieves, when something moved in the hallway across the room. A girl’s head peeked out from behind the wall, unseen by all but Peter. Dressed in all black sweater, pants, shoes, and a weird-looking light-colored mask, she dashed to the sword display case, braced herself against it, then checked back to the robbers again. She sped behind another display case, then another, and another, slowly creeping closer to the thieves. It was here, Peter noticed she had an odd-looking mask covering her face. When she got to a giant ceramic jar, just a few paces away from them, she stopped and stood, turning to face them and crossing her arms.

    “Hey boys,” she called out.

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Reader is a new york based vigilanti , enhanced stength with cat-like reflexes and agility. She knows someone’s beeen tailing her for a few weeks but she doesn’t know that it’s the avengers.

Stressful intoductions to the tea. Eventual pairing. Not sure with who tho…

Lemme know what y'all think. Feedback is always appreciated.

Warnings: swearing, violence, biker gang activity?? waking up strapped to a bed???? Probably spellinng mistakes my laptop is old and shitty and doesn’t do the red underline thingy

Part 2 is a go.

Word count: 1,467


After stopping some idiots from shooting up a gas station, I decided to head to the only place I would find a snack and some friends that were still awake at this hour.

Walking down the alley that leads to the biker bar Iike, I could sense someone following me, just like I had been able to the past however many nights.

Just like the other times I sense someone following me, I ignored it as to not let them on to the fact I knew they were there.

I Reached the large door at the end of the alley with the huge pit bull painted on it.

   “Heya Cupcake,” Batch called to me when I walked in. “You want your usual?”

   “Yes please!” I grinned at the offer, forgetting about whoever was following me.

He reached behind the bar and pulled out a container of his wifes homemade cupcakes.

   “Here y'are sweetheart,” he pulled out a cupcake with green icing and rainbow spinkles.

   “Hey man whats with the little princess?” an unfamiliar voice sneered from the end of the bar.

There were a few hoots and warning snarls from the men and women who knew me.

   “You should be nice to our little princess,” Batch warned the man as he handed me the cupcake on a little blue plastic plate..

   “Thanks Batch,” I smilked as I swiped my finger through the icing and licked it off.

The man scoffed.

   “She’s a fuckin’ kid Batch,” he snapped. “What’s she doin in a place like this?”

He scooted closer to me as the bar went quiet.

   “Huh princess?” he spat.

   “Careful Nicky,” Batch said.

A few of the others hand gotten up from their seats and started to circle around ‘Nicky’

   “It’s arlgiht fellas,” I giggled as I put down my cupcake.

   “Is it?” Nicky’s lips pulled up to the side in a gross smile.

   “This has been my place a lot longer than it has been yours,” I smiled sweetly at the man. “First of all, I’m older that I look,”

   “And tougher!” Mad Dog called from the bad, earing a few cheers.

   “And second,” I turned in my bar stool so I was facing Nicky properly. “I’m guessing you don’t know who I am?”

There was a round of laughs from the boys as Nicky looked at me. I could see in his face he recognised me but it was like he couldnt place it.

   “Should I?” he tilted his head to the side.

   “NoI guess not,” I chuckled, sliding down from my seat.

Nicky did the same and stood at least a foot taller than me.

   “It’s okay though,” I smiled up at him. “Not a lot of people know my name,”

I pulled my mask from my pocket.

The leather of the black cat-like face  shined in the dim light.

Nicky looked at me in shock as he realised.

   “Y-you,” he stammered.

Batch chuckled to himself from behind the bar.

These bikers were my family, and so the regulars in the Pit Den allknew about me.

   “You’re that Cat idiot that’s been running round the city messin’ up crooks,” he looked at me with wide eyes. “You’re the Kitten,”

I couldn’t help myself.

A loud, surprised laugh fell from my mouth.

   “The Kitten?” I said between laughs. “That’s what they’re calling me? Oh god that’s so lame! It makes me sound like a stripper,”

This got a round of laughs from those in the bar.

   “Y'know I hadn’t thought up a name yet,” I shoved my mask back in my pocket. “Oh hey Batch?”

   “Yeah baby?” he looked up from what he was doing behind the bar.

I smiled at the pet name.

   “I haven’t said hi to my boys yet,” I looked around for the dogs but they must have been in the back room.

   “Yeah Nicky here has something against pits,” Batch shook he head with a laugh.

   “Pfft,” I scoffed at the angry looking man “Asshole,”

   “I heard you got a bounty over your head,” he chuckled. “I suggest you speak nicer or I’ll have to turn you in,”

Before he could even move I reached up and grabbed him by the back of his shirt, swiping a kick under on of his legs and broguht his face down onto the bar.

   “You know who’s been followning me?!” I pressed down hard so his head was being crushed into the bar.

   “Jesus bitch calm down!” he snapped. “Batch get her the hell of me!”

   “Nah man Imma leave her to her business,” Batch chuckled. “Ain’t no one gonna try stop her from doin’ anything,”

Suddenly the door was blown in. All the people in the bar stood up and started shouting. I stepped back from Nicky and did as the others had done and took up a defensive stance.

   “Y/n Y/l/n!” someone called fromt eh group of people in the doorway that looked a lot like a S.W.A.T team. “We need you to come with us!”

   “The hell she does!” batch shouted, grabbing his baseball bat from behind the bar.

   “Batch it’s okay,” I said calmly.

   “Looks I don’t need to turn you in anyhow,” Nicky sneered. “They’re coming of they’re own accord,”

   “Man shut the fuck up,” I turned fast and punch him in the throat.

There was a few cheers from the bar goers and some warning calls from the strange people in the doorway while Nicky stumbled back choking and gasping.

   “Shoot her,” one of the S.W.A.T members called.

   “What the fuck,” Batch breathed. “Listens asshats, you can’t just come up in my bar and start threatening my regulars,”

There was a soft pop! and a sharp pinch in the side of my neck.

My bision started blurring and the last thing I remember was falling to the ground and hearing the dogs in the back room barking loudly.

   “I know she’s a wild card but did you have to sedate her?” a stern male voice spoke.

I opened my eyes but immediately regretted the action when the bright white LED lights felt like someone poured acid direcly onto my retinas.

I squeezed my eyes shut straight away and tried to focus on the people speaking.

   “Hey I didn’t do anything!” a female voice responded. “I was in the alley with Barton! Tony never tells us anything properly it’s not my fault that we brought her in like this,”

   “I know,” the first voice replied. “But i’m still confused as to why Tony hired a recon teamto go with you two anyway. Together you’re like an entire force I didn’t see a need for it. And you guys didn’t end up doing anything anyway,”

I groaned as I pulled my arm up to cover my eyes and foudn I couldn’t.

I begrudgingly opened my eyes again and saw leather straps around my wrists and ankles, and a strap over my chest like a hazardous mental patient.

   “Hey,” the male voice drew my attention to the two people in the doorway of the small metal room I was in. “She’s awake,”

The man was tall, and ripped. Like holy crap what were they feeding him? His face contradicted his body. His body was huge and tough and terrifying but he had a cleanly shaven angular face with birght blue eyes, topped with short dirty blond hair. He was dressed plainly in a pair of dark blue jeans and a grey t-shirt that must’ve been 3 sizes too small.

The woman by his side was stunning yet intimidating. Her hourglass figure was in a skin tight black combat suit and her vigrant red curls hung around her small pixie-like face.

They stepped into the room and I panicked.

I broke through the bindings on my ankles and flipped my legs over my head and pulled, snapping the strap across my chest at the buckle on the side. I flipped back over and slipped my legs undermyself and got into a crouched position from which I stood,on hand slipped out of the restrains and the other I tore through the leather with my teeth.

I jumped down from the shitty metal cot they had me on and took a defensive stance in the far corner of the room.

   “Damn,” the redhead mused. “I couldn’t have done it better myself… Well maybe a little,”

   “Shut it Nat,” the man sighed. Then he held up his hands before him to show he wasn’t a threaty. “It’s alright Y/n. You’re safe,”

   “I don’t think she belives you,” ‘Nat’ said monotonously. “Not after the way she woke up. I mean- I would be freaked out and untrusting too,”

   “Y/n, please,” he spoke softly, ignoring the woman. “My name’s Steve,”

The woman chuckled and crossed her arms over her chest.

   “Welcome to the Avengers Compound,”

Arrow redemption arc: they make black siren a lesbian. She kills oliver at the end of season 6 after she steals his girl and runs off with her new bi girlfriend felicity smoak to join sara’s crew in lot. Thea in now in charge of the star city’s vigilanties along with diggle and curtis. Roy is black too. The end.

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How about a scenario with iida tenya falling in love with a vigilante who couldn't become a hero because they're quirkless?

He is a pro hero in this. I like to imagine he loosens up a bit when he gets older. I hope u like it.

Iida was doing his usual patrols that night, he got this shift every week. He made his way on top of the building where he usually saw you, and sure enough you were sitting on the edge of the roof again.

“Are you causing trouble again?”, he asked as he sat next to you.

“I tend to avoid it when you’re on sift, but the second you’re out of duty, I’m gonna go roam the streets.”

“I appreciate your consideration, but can I ask you something?”

“You just did, but go ahead.”

“Why didn’t you become a hero?”, he asked.

Should you tell him? Would he understand? Would he try to make you stop?

“I couldn’t. I’m quirkless.”, you stated bluntly.

Iida didn’t really know what he should tell you. He had no idea you were quirkless, since the only times he ever saw you were here, on this rooftop. You were always just gazing over the city. Watching over it, quietly.


You understood his reaction. Not many people knew what to say to a quirkless person. It was like some kind of a disability in this super powered world. You were a rarity, an

“Now that I know that, I actually admire you even more. Don’t get me wrong, all this vigilanti stuff is still reckless and stupid, but I think it’s great that you have found a way to realize your dream.”

You were dumbfounded. You had no idea he admired you. You could feel your cheeks heat up a bit, and you knew you were blushing.

“Aaah, thanks… Oh you should probably go, your sift is ending.”, you changed the subject quickly.

“Oh, yes I should. See you around.”

“Yeah.”, you muttered.

That promise gave both of you something to look forward to.

I had a dream where Joker was attained by the police or a bountyhunter up against some brick wall and the guy who has him is a bit too handsy so Batman swoops in and shields Joker with his cape and stuff and it was supercute so I thought I would share it with you guys. Like I just shut my eyes then and for once it worked and I could continue on with the dream.

Originally posted by batsysjoker

Just imagine, Joker there and Batman coming in with his cape and shielding him even though he’s supposed to be all aloof and vigilanty. 

i dont know.

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Gen Tim and Damian huh? Hm. Dick is hurt on his beat as a cop, Bruce is out of country on business, Jason is also out of town, Alfred is with Bruce, and the girls are taking care of vigilanti business. So Tim and Damian are waiting for news at the hospital by themselves. Tim accepted this possibility when Dick first started, Damian was only prepared as far as their nightwork. Tim comforts Damian and helps him come to terms, and Damian puts a hand on Tim's shoulder when Damian finds him crying

Tim shoved through the door to the OR’s waiting room violently, only capable of sparing a vague hope that no one was on the other side. He half-ran down the hallway and into the waiting room, wondering if he should try to page Dr. Thompkins first, or call someone, anyone; maybe the commissioner or someone on the force. But he skidded to a stop once he reached the waiting room, because a very familiar eleven-year-old was sitting all alone in one of the uncomfortable plastic chairs, sneakered feet dangling. In fact, he was entirely in civvies; lightly mud-splattered jeans and a slightly-too-large t-shirt. His black hair was mussed and windswept, and his expression was vacant and lost.

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Can I request a dick x reader imagine where they are dating and are both vigilanties idk If I spelled that right and thy are both in the middle of beating some goons while reader tells dick she’s expecting idk if it makes sense 😭 I’m sorry 😰

No, no, no… you’re FINE- don’t worry. I totally understand <3 and honestly I love this request SO SO much! Like is loving and wanting Dick to be a dad a kink or fetish or something bc if it is then I totally have it! I think this idea is wonderful and I’ll most certainly do it! <3 thank you for requesting something!

Book 4: Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots

Trailer impressions. 1. 2. 3. GO!

  • Honora is a cutie! I’m glad she doesn’t just look like a older, sexy Azula like the fans were predicting.
  • “Korra is the reason the New Air Nation exists!” Oh… I guess the acolytes never counted…
  • Toph’s gonna make an appearance. I’m, uh. Well, I’m not looking forward too it. I’m worries that she’ll either be too understated like Katara, or too over stated like Iroh. I’m assuming that Sokka and Suki are skeleton dust, considering we know so little about them.
  • The new air nation are comprised of steampunk jedi. God that’s weird. It totally goes against what the old air nation, but hey. The society did basically get a hard reset, so let’s see how it turns out

  • Kuvira confirmed for bad guy. I’m not at all suprised. I do hope her motivations are interesting at least. It’s hard to tell what exactly she’s doing in this trailer (besided posing ominously). Please don’t be another Unalaq…
  • Korra’s haircuting scene looks super  similar to that of Zuko’s, just as I predicted.
  • I do worry how they’ll handle her recovery. The timeskip needs to happen early to give us time to reintroduce and develop the main cast. But we also need time to show Korra’s recovery before she start adventureing.

  • I hope they time skip doesn’t take place over one scene. Like, cut to black: “Three years later.” It’d be cool if Korra just does her forest adventure, vigilanty thing, mets Tophs and reunites only to see how much things have changed.
  • Speaking of change, Korra’s new design caught me a little off guard. I wasn’t expecting the green! In fact, I’m a little suprised this  season didn’t turn out to be about the fire nation. I like Korra’s look tho. She really looks like some sort of wild child.

  • Asami looks a LOT older now. There’s something… maternal about her design. It’s cool to see she kept the equalist glove after all this time. Here clothes look really warm to me tho. I’ve always liked the idea of Asami getting a haircut, but I’m really digging her pony tail. She looks a little more like her mother. I hope she gets a little more agency this season.
  • Mako, heh heh heh. Well, it took me a while to notice Mako was even in the trailer. He kinda looks a little generic now. He definitely blends with the background characters more than he used to. I think it’s the uniform. It looks too Japanese-school-boy for it’s own good. I like his hair tho, even if it does make me think Prince Eric from the Little Mer– oh god there’s going to be a new wave of mermako fanart isn’t there?…
  • Bolin looks really good in all that green, but… Well, Bolin makes me a little nervous in this trailer. If you look at the Kuvira cap above, you’ll notice he’s dressed the same as her high ranking officers. Is he an antagonist this season? And why is he even in the metal clan? Was he recruited for his lavabending? Did he marry into the Beifong family? Or maybe he’s just a spy??? Also, he apparently can pilot a mecha tank and will fight Zhu Li, also part of the metal clan with Varrick. Why??? Good lord I hope they handle this well @_@
  • Speaking of mecha tanks, they look a little…

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A human had been searching around after he had heard of a visitor from the stars, but didn't have any luck finding them


Nico was stargazing, longing to go home soon, but she had to finish her mission first. She sighed and began to play with the colorful star dust she had some control over, creating what looked like a dragon, letting it fly along the sky as she tried to clear her mind.