Would Rami Malek Ever Wear His Mr. Robot Hoodie IRL His Stylist Weighs In

It seems that every tech genius has a uniform, even fictional ones. Following in the zipper tracks of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Mr. Robot’s cyber vigilante Elliot Alderson is rarely seen without his simple black hoodie. And as it turns out, the look was actually inspired by something from star Rami Malek’s closet.

“It’s based on his own hoodie and they just replicated it for the show,” Malek’s stylist Ilaria Urbinati tells InStyle. But if you’ve been following the actor’s off-screen style lately, there’s been much more Dior, Valentino, and Calvin Klein than say, American Apparel, on the rack. “I would still put Rami in a hoodie if the event was casual enough,” says Urbinati. “Then again, I can think of 100 more fun, casual outfits we could do instead.”

Fun is the perfect way to describe Malek’s recent red carpet rotation, which has ranged from eclectic printed shirts by Sandro to head-to-toe blue by Strong Suit Clothing. Pretty much the exact opposite of his moody character. “His personal style is really adventurous, so I just try to hone that for the red carpet,” says Urbinati. “The funny story is that before I ever dressed him, I was watching Mr. Robot and said to my husband, ‘Now’s that is a Dior guy if I’ve ever seen one.’ A week later, I got the call about working with him and one of the first looks that we did together was Dior at the Golden Globes. We really got each other right away.”

Still, Urbinati follows a few guidelines when mixing and matching. “When we do a bold printed shirt, I stick to a simpler solid suit,” she says. “And with a bright suit, I keep the rest of the look really clean. If we want to mix prints, then I like to stay in the same color family. It’s about balance.” At a Mr. Robot event last month, Malek wore a crisp Valentino suit  with a striped shirt and white Kurt Geiger sneakers—a look that Urbinati says explains his style in a nutshell. “It’s a vibrant suit color, with unexpected accessories and a striped T-shirt to keep everything young and effortless,” she says.

And just like his Mr. Robot wardrobe, Malek is hands-on in the selection process. “Our fittings are the best—we are like two kids in a candy store,” says Urbinati. “Afterwards, we end up hanging out forever, shooting the sh*t, and watching random You Tube videos.” And though the two are usually on the same page style-wise, the actor likes to surprise her from time to time. “Before an event, sometimes he goes rogue and will switch up the shoes at the last minute,” she says. “I’ll get this text like, ‘Don’t be mad at me, but …’ Even though it’s fun, I know he takes it seriously and will always make me proud on the carpet.”

Burning Scars (Part 2)

Request: Can you do a sequel to “Burning Scars”? I absolutely loved it! 😍✌🏻️💎

Requested by: anon

Word Count: 1277

Your soulmate was a superhero. It was like you were in some kind of comic book story. You were honestly joking when you humored the idea but apparently fate found it ironic to heed your wishes. Then again, you weren’t even aware that it was even a wish.

Once you got over the shock that your soulmate was some kind of speeding vigilante, you had further embarrassed yourself by asking if he was always fast.

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What if Reaper really isn't the only dead man around? What if Jack really is dead and 76 is just his masked animated corpse running around with some special machinery, parts and programs keep the 'vigilante' running? Maybe something Mercy did before or after she messed around with Reye's corpse?

dude man i’d be all over that shit

Like Gabe is sure that he saw Jack die when the base went up. He’s sure that he saw a corpse. But then how the hell is Jack running around pulling his whole 76 deal?

He corners 76 and gets the mask off and sees Jack, but it’s all wrong. They eyes are dead and glassy, the skin pale and waxy. He’s far too cold to be alive. Gabe feels for a pulse, almost convinced that he somehow killed Jack in the scuffle that lead them here, but Jack is looking right at him and there’s recognition there. But there’s no pulse.

Jack can’t feel a thing, trapped as a walking cadaver and going about righting the wrongs done to him and others. Gabe is horrified, because no matter how fucked up his own body is now, at least he can still feel, find some enjoyment in things.

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I've wanted to read some good angst for a while and so a friend linked to the McCree & Genji post of yours and I legit cried. Holy shit your writing is amazing but now I need some sickly sweet HCs of McCree and S/O for times McCree expresses how much he loves S/O, or maybe moments when he may think "Wow I'm so in love with them" ITS CHEESY BUT I NEED TO RECOVER FROM THAT ANGST

HERE TAKE THIS FLUFF. It’ll make the angst hurt less, this ended up really cute – I’m pleased. Please thank your friend for recommending us to you, you guys are really the motivation for this blog so it’s all thanks to you.

Moments like these seldom passed for men such as Jesse McCree - between mercenary, military and vigilante work there were so few slow mornings. Mornings spent on a soft couch in a quiet apartment where the sun pours in with a cup of coffee in his hand and his significant other leaning against the kitchen counter, in nothing but their underwear, which caused McCree to grin whenever he looked over at them, coffee in on hand, morning paper in the other. It was something that he had never imagined; domesticity with someone who he… 

Eyes flickering back over to the kitchen, a genuine smile spread across his face, a chance to see the person he loved doing something so mundane – he paused and the thought hit him like a freight train, he loved them. Underwear, hair a mess, humming to themselves with his too strong coffee that’s filled with cream and sugar, and he loved every part of them – even the parts that kicked him every night when they fell asleep next to each other.

Getting up from his perch on the sofa, coffee now forgotten on the table in front of him he made his way to the kitchen and wrapped his arms around them, lips pressing into the crook of their neck. He heard them laugh, “Good morning, cowboy. Is there something I can help you with?” Continuing to kiss up their neck he hears the coffee cup and newspaper end up on the kitchen counter and they turn around in his arms, wrapping their arms around his neck in turn and press a kiss to his lips.

Breathless when he pulls away he can’t help but smile and press another quick kiss to their lips, “I love you.”

Their smile is brighter than the sun that’s continued to spill into the living room as they respond, “I love you too, Jesse.”


I am 119-year-old vampire from Dublin City. And I’m currently on the run from a group of vampire-hunting religious vigilantes who keep tracking me down somehow. I’m a right-handed Sagittarius. I love Chinese food. I’ve never seen the Pacific Ocean. And I think that “The Big Lebowski’s” overrated.

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SA mentioned S5 being the end of a chapter. I know he's talking about the show as whole but what if on the Olicity front it means we end the dating chapter & begin the married one. Between LL'S last words & bringing on new vigilantes it seems like this is the season Oliver finally learns to stop going it alone & includes people which is the biggest issue in the break up. And since the season is starting as angstcity stands to reason that it will end in a happier place. Olicity's future is bright

That is a completely logical speculation that tqkes in the whole picture. Gold star and complete agreement from me. 😊

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campaign against the racism, islamophobia and mistreatment of refugees by police officers and vigilante groups in Bulgaria. Bulgarians mass migrate to Western European countries and for the melt part get treated with civility and respect. It's time Bulgarians in Bulgaria offered that to migrants, ethnic minorities & people of other religions in their country. It's awful PF are in coalition with GERB & are free to sprout their racist islamophobic bullshit.

I don’t follow the news closely but here it is as i see it.

Bulgarian politicians would sell their parents cheaply for a few months in power, they sold out the industry in the country, so they would unite with whomever to stay in power.

I believe we receive subsidies from the EU to meet the immigrants needs but the government offers them misery and hunger. These people are unemployed and don’t have their basic needs satisfied. So the part of them who can’t get to Western Europe are stuck here. People who live near the camps are afraid of theft, rape or clashes as they see what happens in Germany.

Many refugees are being tricked by local cheaters who promise them to take them to a better place for a good sum of money and leave them in the middle of Sofia with no clue what to do.

Bulgarian politicians mistreat their own citizens, what to say about the refugees?



matthew murdock suffered a terrible accident after saving a man’s life from an oncoming truck. after the accident, he finds out he has ‘super powers’ or at least super smell, touch & hearing. he just lost the sight part. it doesn’t take long for matt to give in to the urge to be the VERY best at everything: school, working out, making his dad proud, & of course, making time for his best friend foggy. he hides everything from his dad, training in secret with a local man named stick. it isn’t until his father is murdered on his first day of college that he dons the OUTFIT. telling foggy his secret they launch a social media account, following the vigilante’s path from orphan to hero, all while earning his law degree. of course, there’s a lot at risk: jail time; being targeted; and losing their sleep… but neither boy wants Hell’s Kitchen to go down with a good fight. CUE: Foggy Nelson, social media extraordinaire & Matt Murdock, local Daredevil. (crdt *)

Overwatch Lore Masterpost

Need to catch up on Overwatch’s plot? Here’s everything Blizzard has given us so far.








I am 119-year-old vampire from Dublin City. And I’m currently on the run from a group of vampire-hunting religious vigilantes who keep tracking me down somehow. What else? I’m a right-handed Sagittarius. I love Chinese food. I’ve never seen the Pacific Ocean. And I think that “The Big Lebowski’s” overrated.

Vigilante Alejandra Au

Alejandra was a young fourteen year old when Soldier:76 saved her from Los Muertos, and instilled in her the desire to do something to change the world. She rushed home and grabbed the poster, hanging it on her bedroom wall. Every night she stared at it, and, every night she put up a bullseye and practiced how to throw a knife.

Alejandra knew her mother would not approve, but she needed to do something to help change the world. To make it a better and safer place. For humans and Omnics alike. She didn’t grow up in the world her mother did. She believed in equality for everyone, no matter if they’re Omnic or human.

It was a few months from Alejandra’s fifteenth birthday when her mother found out about her night practices. By now Alejandra had made herself a homemade dummy to practice on. She realized that knife throwing was not going to be a reliable tactic up close. So she struggled to teach herself hand to hand combat, tossing in a knife there sometimes.

When her mother found out what her daughter was doing at night, she threw everything away. The dummy, the bullseye, and the knives her daughter scrounged to buy. Yes, she wanted her daughter to have hope that the world could get better. She wanted her to care, maybe change the future in a safe job; but not like that! Not enough to put her life in danger.

They screamed at each other. Hurtful and bond shattering things were flung out of each of their mouths. Alejandra ran. She grabbed her knives from the trash and just left. Shouting at her mother that she was going to prove she could make a difference. That she was wrong, and Alejandra could defend herself.

Alejandra came back hours later with a black eye and bruises forming everywhere. Despite the pain she was in, a huge smile found itself on her face. As her mother hugged her tightly and ran to grab ice, she proudly told her she defended someone. She, young Alejandra, stopped a Los Muertos gang member from hurting a helpless Omnic. She saved someone.

Her mother looked down at her daughter with a worn and tired smile. So proud of her daughter, but yet, deeply terrified of what could happen. She knows she can not stop Alejandra. To try would cause her daughter to act out in more dangerous ways. She just fears that one day Alejandra may walk out and never come back, or come back someone entirely different.

On her fifteenth birthday, Alejandra’s mother signed her up for self defense lessons. Telling her, if she was going to go out and help people she needed to help herself. Barely scraped together knife skills weren’t going to cut it. They went together sometimes. Sometimes they didn’t.

She was seventeen when it all came crashing down. In front of her was her whole world burning down to ash. The only sound reaching her ears was the crackling of wood. No screams or pleas for help. Just the sound of her world ending.

Alejandra tried to run inside, to save the only person she had in her life. A strong firm arm stopped her. It held her as she sobbed and screamed; if only to break the silence that was everywhere.

Another empty casket buried, and with it, the name Alejandra.

LadyNoir July 21-Vigilante AU

I actually thought I would have trouble with this one (and I did for a bit) but it turned out to be more fun than I expected. Too bad I don’t have enough muse else I’d make this into a series/longer story XD Ignore that, Beta requested more so who knows what’ll happen XD

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Day 8, Day 9, Day 10, Day 11, Day 12, Day 13, Day 14, Day 15, Day 16, Day 17, Day 18, Day 19, Day 20

Day 21: Vigilante AU


A slim figure ran though the alleyways of Paris, the lights and sounds of police cruisers chasing her. Her boots splashed though puddles as she raced away in the light drizzle of rain, doing everything she could to escape her pursuers. She made to turn right, hoping to run across the open street quickly when a hand reached out of the darkness and pulled her left. The young woman gasped as the man pushed against the wall, hiding her form from the flashing lights as they raced by.

“Hello, My Lady~” His familiar voice whispered, breath warm in her ear.

She grinned and pulled the scarf covering her mouth down, “Hello, Chat. Thanks for the save.”

“Anytime. Busy night?”

“Mm-hmm, stopped a few robberies and break-ins. Sadly didn’t get away in time before the police caught sigh of me during the last one.”

“Well then, let’s get you to safety.”

She giggled as he pulled away and pulled her toward another alley, leading the way to a fire escape. Once reaching the roof, the blonde stepped back, reading himself, before making a run and jumping to another roof, rolling as he landed and adjusting the fake cat ears on his head. His partner rolled her blue eyes behind her spotted mask before making her own jump. The two smirked at each other before continuing their journey across the rooftops, falling into the familiar pattern of making it a game, up until a large spotlight shown on them.

“Ladybug and Chat Noir! You are under arrest for obstructing Paris’ justice system! Please put your hands up!”

As their eyes adjusted, Chat noticed his partner making their usual escape gestures. Smirking he turned back toward the edge of the roof and shouted down to the police, “Sorry, Officers! No can do! Paris needs us!”

Then he and Ladybug ran and jumped off the opposite side of the roof, their honed parkour skills easily allowing them to easily make their way to the ground. Once on their feet, Chat took the lead and quickly lead them to where a familiar motorcycle sat hidden. He tossed Ladybug a red helmet, fitting his custom made one on, as they listened to the police make hurry to try and catch them. Chat hit the ignition and they peeled out of the alleyway, starting another chase across the city though the rain.

Eventually they lost the police and Chat drove them to their hideout under Paris. Chat parked his motorcycle as Ladybug got off and took her helmet off, shaking her dark hair out. She tossed it to him before unzipping her spotted hoodie and hanging up to dry out.

“Did you find anything tonight?” She asked, as he came over, his own black and green hoodie already unzipped.

He shook his head, “Sorry, no…Father was in his study all night. I couldn’t search it.”

“Hey…It’s okay.” She said, walking over and pushing his black mask up, “We’ll figure things out and remember what I told you. If..If your dad is Hawkmoth, you’ll always have a home with me, alright?”

His green eyes went glossy for a moment before he nodded with a watery smile, “Yeah. I know.” He hugged her tightly, “Thank you.”

“Of course.” She hugged him back, “I love you. Now come on,” She quickly kissed his cheek, “Let’s see if Alya’s got a report up about us yet and rest while the heat dies down.”

His smile then was more genuine, “You got yourself a deal.”


This one was action packed! XD Hope you liked it! Stay tuned!

character aesthetics: proinsias cassidy

I’m a 119-year-old vampire from Dublin city, and I’m currently on the run from a group of vampire-hunting, religious vigilantes who keep tracking me down somehow. What else? I’m a right handed Sagittarius, I love Chinese food, I’ve never seen the pacific ocean, and I think that the Big Lebowski is overrated.